I do update Tuesday 2 August 2022

I do 2 August 2022: As tanveer is about to leave, she finds ahil having arrived in the building. she gets frustrated and then wonders whats he doing here. She gets an idea and tells nawab that he wanted to tell about ahil, as he was close to telling the truth, and how it ended up her killing rehaan. He tells her that today noone shall save his son ahil, and today he shall die right in front of him. She frees him and takes him to the window, showing him ahil, his son. He gets overwhelmed to see his own son after so many years, and how he used to caress him, and was very affectionate towards him, even though he couldnt ever show it. She taunts him that his son is so tensed for her, wondering whats she doing here, having seen her car. She blackmails him that if he doesnt tell about her daughter, then she shall kill ahil rightaway. when she aims the pistol, ge gets scared and says that her daughter is with his friend, in safe custody and says that he shall give the phone number.

She is relieved. She finally dials that number out in the open. She sends a voice message finally, after she isnt able to get through. she says that she is her mother, and how she had been separated at birth, but now destiny brought her with her again, and asks the girl to call her, once she gets this voicemail, as she wants to meet her. But she is shocked, when she finds ahil calling out to her. He asks whats she doing here. Tanveer pretends to be relieved, saying that she was very scared and hence came here to see him at the doll factory. She hugs him, while he is still baffled. he asks whats there is this factory, and whats the secret that she never wanted him to be here. She continues to make an excuse. But he is sure that there is something, some secret, and talks about suleiman’s letter. tanveer asks him not to believe, and again tries to mislead and misguide him, away from the truth.

She asks him not to be involved in stupid stuff, as she has already lost one son, and she cant afford to lose another. she drags him out, but her legs give away due to broken heel, and starts limping.Meanwhile, Sanam comes and stands in front of nawab. she tells him that ahil feels guilty of having killed him all these years. He expresses his helplessness due to tanveer. She tries to untug him. He says that he is okay, and asks her to go and save ahil as otherwise tanveer shall kill him. She says that she cant leave him like this. Nawab tells sanam to go and tell that he is alive to ahil, when she overwhelmingly tells about her identity, and save him from tanveer. she rushes out. She comes face to face with the new bride, who tries to stop her, but she throws her away, and then leaves. The new bride is shocked to find her head hurt.

In the ground, a voice calls from behind asking them to stop. Ahil turns around and is shocked to find sanam. Tanveer is angry at her problem. He rushes to sanam and asks whats he doing here. She says that tanveer would give him the answer to all the questions, as she had kept her captive. Ahil asks her to stop this nonsense. She says that she knew he wouldnt believe her. She says that the truth is that her mother is such a criminal, with a very long list of crimes, and that this is the woman, who killed her parents, and who kept her away from her twin sister for 20 years. Ahil is shocked to hear this. Tanveer comes and asks how can she kill them, as she never knew them. Ahil tells about how he saw the picture together. She says that it must have been the pic, of her giving gifts. She reminds him how she had told sanam that she doesnt know sanam and ahil.

She blackmails him saying how could he doubt her, and if this is what he shall get for all her sacrifices. she brands her as a liar, and about a twin sister, and instead turns it against sanam asking why she never told him this. sanam says that she wanted to tell, but wanted to get solid evidence, as he worships his mother and wouldnt believe anything against her. Sanam says that she wanted to tell this all along, that the woman who jilted him at the altar was her sister. He remembers the weird behaviour that seher used to have with him around. Ahil connects the dots, and is baffled and boggled. Tanveer asks that sanam should have brought her sister in front of her. Sanam says that he was in a mode of not believeing her then, despite her trying to tell him time and again. sanam and tanveer enter into a argument and counter-arguement, in which ahil finds it baffling who to believe and who not to believe.

Tanveer pretends to be hurt as to how ahil, for whom she sacrificed his whole life, isnt saying anything to sanam, who is falsely accusing her. Sanam says that she used her own sister, to burn ahil’s diary that could have led him to exposing tanveer. The new bride is shocked to see all of them, and thinks that if tanveer places the blame on her, she would lose ahil forever. She decides to leave the place.

Meanwhile, seher finds a log of wood, with nails in it, and tries to set her handcuffs free. She succeeds and then tries to unlatch the door, thats locked from outside. She finally is able to and then rushes out.Tanveer asks sanam why has she called him here. sanam says that she wont say anything, and she just wants him to come inside, to see the truth, the biggest truth of his life, hie father’s truth. Ahil is shocked, and tanveer tries to nullify her agreements. Sanam says that its a lie and that the truth is that his father is alive. She tries to convince ahil otherwise, but sanam asks him to come inside. Sanam tries to drag him inside, while tanveer says that there must be some danger inside. Tanveer meanwhile eyes someone, and says that she feels someone is coming, whose footsteps, she can sense.

They both turn and are shocked to find seher standing there. tanveer is relieved to have distracted him. While ahil confronts tanveer and sanam, seher too comes and stands beside them. Seher tells tanveer that the criminal always a loose trail behind. She says that she came with naked feet, then how did she hear her footsteps and her arrival. tanveer is at a loss for an answer. She says that the truth is that tanveer didnt hear her coming, but saw her coming. tanveer is shocked. the screen freezes on ahil’s and tanveer’s shocked faces, one of having known the truth, and the other of having the truth revealed in front of others.

Tanveer is too stunned, while seher goes on a rant as to how they all tried to tell him the truth, but he didnt believe anyone. Seher then identifies herself, and then explains the entire story, everything right from the beginning. tanveer asks him not to fall prey to the sisters’ trick, and are using rehaan’s death as a bait. She expresses to be hurt, but ahil says that he loves rehaan but he loves her more, and he wont believe anyone. Tanveer is relieved and thanks him. sanam asks him to come inside, to see his father, but he says that he shall only listen to tanveer. He asks tanveer that he believed everything she said, but what about what he saw, and tells about the broken heel that he saw even before she claimed that she arrived, after hearing from latif that she is here. He asks how the heel came here, and tanveer is stunned. He says that he is hurt, that the person who he considered a goddess, is lying to him, and that he is going inside with sanam, and for the first time, he shall pray that his father isnt alive, as if he is, that means sanam told the entire truth.

tanveer is shocked and tensed. Sanam and seher are relieved and take him inside, while tanveer stands. She then calls out to him, saying that he might believe his wife more, then she shall herself take him there.As they go inside, tanveer pushes him inside, and ahil is shocked. He is unable to believe what she just did. Tanveer locks ahil inside, and herself too, while sanam and seher are left outside. Ahil finally comes to see tanveer’s true identity, as she aims the pistol, and asks him to stand exactly where he is, or else she shall fire. He is emotionally distraught at his mother’s, his idol’s betrayal. Ahil is shocked, and says that she could have asked for anything, and he would have happily given anything to her, at one order of hers. she is frustrated and irritated.

Outside sanam is extremely tensed for ahil, but seher asks her to compose herself and find a way out. They find a broken phone, and decide to call the police but find that it isnt working. Seher says that they know this, but not tanveer. They come up with a plan. Inside, a voice calls out to him as his son, and begging tanveer to let him go for god’s sake. Hearing this, ahil turns around, shocked to see his father alive. they both emotionally eye each other. He understands his mother’s entire betrayal. Tanveer is frustrated. Ahil and nawab catch up on old times, when he apologises for the way he spoiled his son’s life, by giving him a monster of a mother. Ahil asks who is she. He reminds how she used to take care of him. Nawab says that it was just her greed, and she didnt even spare her own son. tanveer says that she neednt explain her love to rehaan.

She tries to take amusement at the plight that both the father and the son are tied up. They both beg to die first, as tanveer is amused. She happily comments on the love between them. Seher screams from outside, that she has called the police from outside from her phone. tanveer says that this would be repeated, as just like the mother died, the daughter shall die too. she decides to take care of sanam first, before getting back to them. She leaves the room, and goes out, with the pistol, locking the room. Tanveer says that sanam and seher tried to befool her, and she wont spare them. She locks the room, and then goes ahead threatening them that they shall meet death today. Inside, ahil laments at their ill fate, while the nawab says that he isnt at fault, and noone knows or identifies the true side.

He again profusely apologises for the harsh treatment that he gave him since childhood. He says that he shall save him even by dying. Ahil asks him not to speak so, as the lord would show them a way.Meanwhile, tanveer threatens them that they wont be alive for long. she asks them to come out themselves. seher and sanam stealthily move around, signalling each other, and they try to distract tanveer’s attention by throwing things around. she fires a blind shot, scaring ahil and nawab. ahil starts screaming for sanam if she is okay, and is extremely tensed for her and tries to set himself free from the bondages. Tanveer is irritated, as she keeps pointing the gun haywire, from wherever the sound comes. They are able to throw the gun away from her hand, distracting her a little. But she regains her composure, irritated and frustrated with seher, more than sanam. She gets to finding them yet again.

Seher intentionally starts stomping her foot in a direction, to lead tanveer there and then leaves. But tanveer sees her leaving and smiles evilly. seher tries to escape through another route, she is confronted with tanveer who has a pistol aimed at her. The screen freezes on her face.Tanveer aims the pistol at her, while she is scared. meanwhile, ahil and the nawab break free from the bondages finally, and then rushes out to the door. Sanam from the other end, is relieved that ahil is alive. he asks her to open the door anyhow, relieved that she is safe. She asks him not to be scared as she is opening the door.

Meanwhile, tanveer pulls the trigger, and seher feels the heat and falls on the floor. she thinks that with her done, now its her sister’s turn. She turns around to find sanam trying to open the door, and pulls the trigger at her too. but sanam evades, and a hole in the door is drilled through the pistol. They try to break it open. Sanam rushes out, and finds herself trapped in the factory. as she turns around, she again finds tanveer aiming the pistol at her, saying that she has evaded enough and tortured her enough. She says that even god wants the daughters of her greatest enemy, are destined to be killed by her. She tells merilessly how she killed seher, and that now its her turn, and she shall die a worse death than her own mother. sanam is emotionally distraught. She stands stunned, as tanveer gets ready to pull the trigger.

but before that, a stone comes and the gun falls away from her hands, and she is shocked. sanam turns in the direction, and finds seher standing there. Sanam picks the gun. seher asks tanveer how is she shocked, to see her alive, after her attempt at having killed her. she says that she was saved by the power of truth, that overpowered her lies and hatred. she tells how she woke up, after having collapsed on the floor, and finding that the bullet went through the taveez that was there around her neck. tanveer goes and pushes seher, and she falls on the fllor. while seher recovers, sanam screams at tanveer. the sisters recall their promise made to dilshad. Sanam begins to progress towards tanveer. She stands in front of her, and slaps her tight across her face, saying that she has talen advantage of her and her helplessness enough, as she is neither helpless nor weak, and asks tanveer to stop it now.

Sanam wrenches her hand, as tanveer winces in pain. sanam recalls all the torture that she had put ahil and sanam through. She lets go of her hand, and tanveer crushes her head against the wall, causing an injury. sanam then recalls what she did to rehaan, while tanveer asks her continuously to let her go. Seher is shocked to see such ferocity in seher. Sanam grabs tanveer by the hand, asking even if she realises how many lives she ruined and spoiled, as she recounts the massacre that she did with her and ahil’s family. she continues to pelt tanveer with one wound after the other, while she gags for breath. seher gets emotional seeing such an outburst from sanam.

She is shocked, to see sanam standing in front of tanveer, with the pistol for the first time, aimed at tanveer, saying that she would free her from her life today, so that she cant ruin anyone’s life ever again, and she would have to pay for her sins, by dying today. Ahil comes in the middle, and begs sanam to save her. sanam keeps protesting, while ahil tries to emotionally and physically overpower her. He says that he doesnt want sanam to turn bad to kill bad. Tanveer gets up frustrated. Seher and the nawab are tensed. Sanam is shocked, as ahil says that even if she never thought like that, but she is his mother after all, and that he doesnt want her to stain her hands with someone else’s blood. sanam bursts into uncontrollable tears having an emotional outburst.

Nawab asks tanveer to thank the lord, that she got saved due to ahil today, or else he had just one hope to see her die. tanveer is frustrated. Ahil composes her in his arms, while she is crying.Ahil, nawab along with seher and sanam, walk out, oblivious that tanveer creeps from behind, with ahil and sanam eyeing each other emotionally. tanveer stealthily comes and sets the cannon ball to fire, aiming it at the four of them, thinking that till she is alive, she would win and sanam would lose, and this shall be her biggest and the most deadly victory so far. But she is boggled, to find the cannon ball changing its direction, and moving away from its aim. She is shocked to see zoya’s apparition standing before her, with an aura around her, of bright light. Zoya says that she never did and shall never understand that one day evil shall definitely be over. tanveer is stunned.

they both see ahil caressing sanam. The apparition vanishes, and tanveer scaringly eyes the cannon ball burning alight. Finally, the cannon ball sets off, and explodes the building on which it was aimed, shattering the whole factory. ahil, sanam and seher too feel the impact, which causes tanveer’s head too to hit against the cannon machine. As ahil, seher, the Nawab and sanam turn around, they are shocked, to find tanveer on the floor, with a massive head injury. Ahil screams out for his mother, while tanveer winces in pain, as blood gushes out from the head. sanam and seher watch in shock, as tanveer clutches at her head. The screen freezes on tanveer’s face.

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