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I do 18 January 2022: The doctor checks her and asks if she’s under any stress, as that would have caused the fainting spell. He prescribes some tests, and asks dilshad not to take any stress, and let her son take care of her. Dilshad is happy to have her plan working, of pretending to be sick. As they take care of dilshad together, asad and zoya cross hands.(MITWA MOMENT) Dilshad gets into her acting mode, which she knew would upset asad, when she talks of dying and her last wish. She knows that would emotionally blackmail him. Asad is highly disturbed at such talks, whereas zoya stands speechless, not knwoing what to say

As zoya and asad leave dilshad to rest and come out of the room, they again get into a scuffle as to how they both are responsible for dilshad’s condition. They keep throwing taunts at each other. They think that only they know about each other’s true faces. Zoya says that she knows what kind of an insensitive man he is. He says that come what may, he would tell dilshad that he wont get married, as he cant lie to her, by having a fake marriage. This upsets zoya(MITWA). He says that he would be firm in his stance, and tell dilshad everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As the clock strikes at ten, razia is surprised remembering badi bi’s words. She finally sees badi bi talking and giving something to humaira. As humaira happily comes out, razia asks what is she carrying. Humaira tells her that these are heirlooms, that badi bi has given to her as her blessing for the marriage.

Razia is asked by bi, that what is she searching for, as there’s no bomb in it. Razia is irritatede, and says that she knows she’s upto something. badi bi says that she’s already placed the bet, and keeps razia thinking, as to what it is. She tries to mock razia about the trap that she has laid. She leaves, leaving razia disgusted and boggled.

In her room, razia finds a box, containing hair. she is shocked and picks it up, remembering badi bi’s words. Badi bi, in the kitchen, is confronted by razia, along with the hair, and asks what she means by this, and who is it for. Badi bi gives an indirect answer, saying that its for her, saying that she might not need it now, but maybe in the near future. she says that on the name of black magic, she had cut shirin’s hair, and that she’s thinking, that she should get humaira. She says that she would understand at 5 in the evening. Razia is irritated. Badi bi asks her to patiently wait. Razia is about to go, but turns around, and doesnt say anything. Badi bi, however is determined of her plan.

Razia is sleeping, and when she turns around, her hair is revealed to have flour stuck on them. Razia is wondering what has happened to her hair. Humaira cuts off razia’s hair, and razia is distraught to see this. She is scared that she would go bald. Just then badi bi, comes in with an apt song about the hair, and show her the time, which is 5′o’clock, and razia remembers badi bi’s warning.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
As they are all happily and dreamily set for engagement, zoya asks him to think again, as this time its happening for real. (TUM HI HO, in the background) Finally asad puts the ring in zoya’s finger, while zoya is emotional, and asad too is overwhelmed. evereyone is happy except for tanveer. They get into a romantic lock. Tanveer thinks that the ring, that she had taken out yesterday, is again on her finger, and wonders what to do so that she can permanently get rid of zoya, who despite her several attempts, keeps coming into their life.

Razia is dismayed at the condition of her haair, and is reminded of the wig that she had been given by badi bi. She looks around for the wig, in the dustbin, when badi bi comes in front her, dangling the dust clad wig in front of her. While razia wants the wig, badi bi tries to torture her, saying that she wont give it to her, and make fun of heer in front of haseena, and takes pleasure in seeing razia’s torment.

Razia begs on badi bi’s feet, and asks her to give. Badi bi puts the wig on razia. Haseena when she sees razia like this, is shcoked, and asks what happened to her. razia is speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya mocks asad for having put the ring, after he said he wont zoya accuses him of stealing her ideas.

She asks if the ring is suiting her.(MITWA MOMENT). He hesitatingly says yes, and looks away, and zoya is happy and amused.

In her room, zoya thinks of asad’s statements in his relative’s wedding, and the way he hugged her, in the bathroom, after saving her. she looks at the ring and thinks that she always thought, she would marry on hr terms, but this engagement wasnt her descision, but destiny’s. She thinks that she doesnt feel it wrong.

Both zoya and asad ask tanveer, lying on the bed, as to why they werent told about her condition. Zoya says that she hopes whoever is repsonsible for this, would know. Tanveer is scared thinking, that it feels like they know that she’s pregnant. But zoya relieves her saying that had she told, they wouldnt have made fish fry. But asad says that its not for the fish, but for the stress that she’s taking. Asad shocks tanveer when he says that he has called for the doctor to come and check up on her and tell whats wrong with her.

Tanveer thinks that she would have to do something to prevent the doctor from knowing. As the doctor approaches her, she pretends to shout loudly, leading them to think that she’s had an anxiety attack, and the doctor decides to come later. Tanveer, thinks that somehow she is saved from the trouble, when lying in asad’s arms. Asad asks what happened to her.

Tanveer concocts up a story, of how her mother died due to a wrong diagnosis, and since then, she’s always scared of doctors. Zoya reminds her how she had not reacted like this, when she had gone to get the swelling in her ankle treated. and she had easily gotten her check up done, and not made a fuss then.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
tanveer makes up an excuse, but zoya cuts her again, saying that nothing like that happened in the hospital. Asad asks her to stop investigating, as he believes tanveer’s story. But zoya doesnt seem convinced. Tanveer again goes into a tantrum, so that asad drags zoya out of the room, for tanveer to rest. Tanveer is relieved but distraught.

Asad says that she shouldnt interfere in everything, just because he is saying so. Asad and zoya say that they wont be subjected to each other’s opinion, and simple say yes to everything that they say. Dilshad is amused to see them fight and crib at each other.

Asad is about to say that she doesnt know why they are talking about this, as they arent really getting married, but stops himself, when he finds dilshad seeing them., Dilshad all the more tells them, that they are already behaving like husband and wife, when they are just engaged. Asad is getting irritated at this. Asad intentionally takes dilshad to the room, to put her to rest, while casting back glances to zoya.

As dilshad sleeps on the bed, she asks about tanveer, who asad tells is resting, and so should she. Dilshad says that zoya feels so own to her, that she feels like she already has a right on her, and hence didnt ask for her or her sister and brother in law’s permission, for the engagement. she says that she thinks that now she should talk to them. Asad is very upset and tensed. But he says that zoya should herself say this to them, lest they feel bad. Dilshad agrees to him, and putting down the phone, she lovingly caresses asad, saying that he’s already so concerned for his in-laws. As asad bids her goodbye, she asks him to tell zoya to call up her sister. asad agrees and leaves.

Zoya asks what would she tell dilshad about telling her sister. Asad says that he should lie to dilshad, that her sister is very sick, and would come next week. Zoya taunts him for lying at his convenience. She says that she would do this for his sake. Asad says that when dilshad gets better, he would tell her everything. Zoya is surprised. He reminds her about the next ritual, hearing which zoya is shocked. Asad says that they dont have any other way out, but to paticipate in this. Zoya says that she is the bride, and hence he shouldnt shy. Asad says that he doesnt want to live it as a lie, zoya taunts him again, for his stance. Zoya says that when the ritual is happening, even if for fake, she should get a gift for her. He says that he wont get her anything. Tanveer is listening to everything.

She says that he shouldnt be a spoilsport, as sometimes even the lie said with heart, becomes the truth. (MITWA MOMENT) They again get into a scuffle, as to whose idea was this after all. Asad says that they would go through the ritual, and once she gets better, she would be told about his disinterestedness. Zoya aagin teases him saying, that he can do whatever he feels like, but he shouldnt forget to get a gift for him. Asad leaves.

zoya is suspiious of someone’s presence. Tanveer instantly runs away from there. As zoya comes inside tanveer’s room, she finds tanveer sleeping, and thinks that, it couldnt haave been her snooping on their conversation.

When zoya comes outside, nazma says that the doctor said that, they would hav to get a blood test done for taanveer, to determine whats the cause for her stress. Zoya assures nazma that she would take a sample of tanveer’s blood, and she wont even know about it.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
razia is very angry at badi bi. But humaira comes in and says that she shouldnt be this angry, as it all done now. Humaira says that she shouldnt have worn the wig if she didnt know, due to which they had to feel insulted. Razia is shocked, that her own daughter is talking to her like that. Humaira asks her not to misunderstand, as she doesnt want her scene to be made, as thats exactly what haseena would do tomorrow. Humaira goes out, as razia goes after her, she is confronted by badi bi, who asks her to embrace herself for this, as this would be easier compared to what would happen to her. She says that within ten days, she would throw her out of the house, by her own daughter, humaira. She taunts her saying that she would go with her, to leave her to the orphanage. Aftr she goes, razia thinks tht she wont even wait for ten days, as she would act tonight only.

Badi bi mixes here dose of medicine in the glass of water, and goes to the bathroom to freshen up. razia sees this, and comes inside, and pours the whole bottle into the water, after reading the prescribed dose of two spoonfuls. As she finds badi bi comeing out of the bathroom, she leaves in haste. When badi bi comes back and drinks it, raazia smilingly bids goodbye to her from a distance, as she finds badi bi, feeling dizzy and nauseous. Badi bi lies on the bed, holding her head, and dozes off.

Next day, when razia wakes up, she is happy that badi bi is gone forever. But she is shocked to see badi bi, sitting in front of her. Badi bi tells her how she evaded her plan of killing her, saying that she’s always ahead of what she thinks. The flashback, shows badi bi having seen razia, mixing the drink, and then didnt drink it. razia smirks at hr casualness. badi gives her tea, at which razia is shocked, but badi bi relieves her saying that she hasnt mixed anything, as that would be too easy a death for her, and she would see that razia dies torturously. badi bi, says that the childish act of trying to kill her, would get her punishment, and that too in the form of a slap by humaira. razia is shocked. Razia, starts smiling, but badi bi is very determiuned that it would happen, before the day ends. As badi bi leaves,

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