I do update Friday 8 April 2022

I do 8 April 2022: Mamu is nervously taking a stroll in the garden remembering tanveer’s deal, and razia’s intentions to kill zoya. haider comes in asking why’s he tensed. He says that he can understand that the person whose daughter is going to be ruined, would be tensed.

mamu asks what nonsense is he talking. haider says that its reality, and tells about humaira not wanting for him to leave. He starst taunting him that his girl has fallen head over heels in love with him, and is longing for him to not leave her and the house. mamu shouts back at her. Haider says that he has proof, and shows him a pic of the day when they spent the night together. mamu gets tensed, while he starts teasing him that he never knew that they got so close, and they were about to get so close, that he would have been embarassed. Mamu is in a rage.

Haider taunts him saying that he could have done anything, but he didnt, even though it was very difficult, but he cant control it any longer, and neither would he be able to, as he is going to jail. He says that he’s thinking that he would take her to a hotel room, and enjoy with her. Mamau gets into a rage. Mamu reprimands haider for playing and toying with humaira’s feelings and asks what has his daughter done to him, that he’s taking his revenge like this. He venomously says that he doesnt have a problem with her, but with her father. mamu is shocked as haider confronts him. He asks mamau, that 17 years back, he was connected to the doll factory and its fire.

mamu is shocked that he knows about it. Mamu asks haider who is he, and how is he connected to the doll factory. Haider says that there is a connection and he knows very well,t hat he and razia set it afire, and not only was a dead body burnt, but his parents life too was ruined, as that factory belonged to his parents. mamu looks at him with regret and shock. haider gets emotional as he goes onto tell how his father died of bankruptcy caused due to the loss of the factory, and he was responsible for it, as he saw and heard them talking outside the factory.

he says that he hasnt forgotten nor would let him forget. mamu is regretful. Haider says that he has died several times in these 17 years, and now he would slowly, seeing his daughter die several times, as he wants to see how he would be tortured in the jail, knowing that his daughter’s life is being ruined outside. Mamu is shocked and tensed. Haider says that all of his family would die, even when they survive, just due to him. Haider leaves, while mamau is regretful of his crimes.

He collapses on the bench, lamenting that he didnt know that he would have to pay the price of his crimes like this, that one of his daughter’s life is about to be ruined, and the other daughter is too far away from him, and what can be a bitter punishment for a father. He gets determined, that whatever may happen to him, but he wont let humaira’s life be spoiled.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu nervously paces to his room, saying that he wont let humaira’s life be spoiled, and that he would stop haider from spoiling humaira, at any cost. His pagdi falls down and zoya notices it. she picks it up and is tensed. He enters his room, and says that he cant go to jail. Razia says that she too was saying this. He asks what has she thought then and has a conversation with Razia.

Razia says that all of it, rashid, dilshad and asad linked to one particular person, and if she dies, then this whole case is shut down, and they would die of that torment. She says that to put this entire matter to rest, they should kill Zoya. He is shocked and worried too. Finally mamu makes up his mind and says that she can kill zoya. razia smiles victoriously.

She tells him that she has to make some important calls, and excuses herself from the room. He apologises to zoya in his mind, saying that he has to kill zoya, as he has to save humaira, and if he doesnt kill her, then he would land in jail, and be unable to help humaira. He is shocked, when zoya comes in with his turban, saying that it had fallen outside. He asks where and why is she doing the favour. She says that she respects him, even if he is her enemy, he is her daughter’s age. He thanks her for the respect, calling her as his daughter. zoya is tensed and walks out, while he stands shocked too. before leaving, she casts a glance at him and walks out, nervously. He turns to the door, and is tensed for the descision that he has taken.

The party begins and all come down dressed, greeting guests. Dilshad and zoya mingle amongst the guests. Razia eyes them tensedly. Razia is applauded that its a wonderful party. she vengefully eyes zoya. nazma enters and dilshad is very happy to see her. they hug each other.

Dilshad says that she has grown a lot, as her daughter is now becoming a mother. asad too comes and hugs her. Imran smiles from a distance. they congratulate. Zoya goes onto her impromptu poetry…..

Phupi ki aankhon mein aa gaya hai, 2 litre water….
Emotions ka ketchup leke aa gayi hai tamatar…..

Zoya excitedly talks how much she is awaiting nazma’s child, and suggests the name of veggies for the child. asad asks about nikhat from nazma. All are tensed, as they ask about haseena and nikhat. chandbi tells them that they cant take nikhat everywhere as she has gone mad. all are shocked and asad asks what does she mean. She says that she doesnt listen to anyone, as farhan had to go outside, and says that if he wont, then she too wont go, and haseena stayed back for her care.

They are tensed. Nazma asks about rashid, and in the meanwhile, rashid comes with badi bi in the wheelchair. nazma gets emotional and takes his blessings, as he complies with shivering hands, with a smile on his face. Chandbi congratulates rashid for his son, taking over the business, and that it was time for mamu to retire. she finds razia staring at her, and she excuses herself to meet her. razia lashes out at her for enjoying whats happening.

Chandbi asks her not to mind and lightens up the mood. Razia eyes the happy family together around zoya, and thinks that they dont know that happiness doesnt last long, and theirs is also just for the night, and after that, there’s a lifetime of sadness and grief, and she promises them that.

Meanwhile, the guests are made to enter, after going through a metallic check, and the hired killer, is able to deceive the security and walk in. He eyes the crowd for his target. He stealthily lurks behind a pillar. Razia sees that a person, the hired killer, dressed in a coat, takes out the revolver camouflaged in the flowers and aims at zoya. razia gives him the go ahead. she goes to him and says that he just has half an hour to finish his work. he complies and sets his watch accordingly.

In tghe lobby, humaira wonders where’s haider and searches around for him. He lurks behind her stealthily and scares her. she turns around to be startled to find haider standing behind her. He asks who is she searching for. She starts fumbling, and haider says that she looks more beautiful when she lies. She starts to shy and he tases her at that too. mamu watches them from the balcony, and angrily remembers haider’s warning.

Meanwhile, people ask asad about his plans now. asad happily eyes zoya and says that the announcement tonight would change things and asks them to be patient for another half an hour. dilshad finds zoya tensed and asks her what happened. She says that she just remembered her parenst and excuses herself to be composed. Razia eyes her going and thinks that once zoya dies, they would be so helpless, that they wouldnt be hard to handle. The killer follows zoya as she walks upto her room, mingling with the guests, while the killer eyes his chance. she enters her room, and the killer follows after her, but she closes the door behi8nd him and he is unable to enter. Meanwhile, mamu walks in the lobby tensed for humaira and the crime that he has to commit due to that. The killer hides behind a pillar.

As zoya takes out and hears to the tune of the dollpiece, mamu is shocked to hear it too in the lobby. he starts progressing towards the sound source. He and zoya are oblivious that the shooter, has taken his aim at zoya, from an open window, who is emotionally eyeing the dollpiece.

The killer takes his shot while nazma walks in and sees zoya getting emotional with that dollpiece. Zoya relates to her the story of her father and the dollpiece. They both leave, for the party. mamu wonders if it was his hallucination. Razia comes asking where is he, as he has to be downstairs, for picture being taken with asad. Mamu says that he doesnt want to. razia is tensed and says that he would have to come, and that he cant spoil everything like this.

Downstairs at the press conference, asad apologises to the media that mamau couldnt come here for the picture shot, as is expected of the man at his age, where he seeks divinity rather than materialistic things. Befopre they wrap it up, razia comes in hastily and apologises for

being a little late for the photo shoot, and he has come finally. mamu complies by giving a pic beside asad. Zya is meanwhile, holding the dollpiece getting emotional about her father. asad thanks the media and asks them to enjoy the party. After the wrap, mamu too leaves tensed. razia is tensed at that. the guests tell to asad that there should be music and dancing too at the party. Asad excuses himself for a minute.

The lights go down, and when zoya goes to check on the lights, he finds asad dancing and also involving her as she smiles. they both dance romantically, while others enjoy. razia eyes the killer and asks him to go ahead and finish the task. the killer tries to take his shot at her, but is unable to, due to the dancing. They finally finsh the dance sequence.

As mamu enters his room, tensed and worried, he is shocked to find tanveer sitting there, with the sketch that she wanted to show him, which is actually the sketch that zoya had made to search her, but doesnt name her in front of mamu. He asks where did he get it. tanveer asks him to talk straight, as she knows about his daughter and the music box too. he is startled. She tells him that today also, she has the music box clutched tightly to her heart, in this party itself. mamu urgently asks who is it.

Tanveer says that she would say, but he would have to fulfill the bet first, that she had talked about. mamu gets worried. tanveer gives him some legal papers to sign, and he does so resignedly, just to know the identity of his daughter. Tanveer smiles evilly at that. mamu takes her out to the balcony, at the same time, that zoya clutches at the music box. As the party continues, tanveer tells mamu, who’s standing in the balcony, that zoya is his daughter, showing her with the dollpiece. He is shocked to know that its zoya, and remembers giving it to her, when she was young.

he is overwhelmed with this realisation, remembers all the times that they crossed paths, but were in oblivion about their relationship. He remembers his angreement to kill zoya. He sees razia eyeing zoya venomously, and the killer aiming at zoya. He is distraught and goes downstairs and to meet zoya. just then, someone comes n the way, and the killer misses his shot. Meanwhile, mamu quickly tries to rush to her defence.

The lights go off, and asad is in the spotlight saying that its time for the announcement, and that he would do it with zoya only, but the spotlight is unable to spot her. Asad orders the lights to be switched on, and when they return, zoya is nowhere to be found. Mamu is tensed too. razia is happy that her plan has worked and she has been able to get rid of Zoya. asad is tensed as to where she went. After much searching, Dilshad asks nazma if she found zoya. She denies.

Nuzrat too comes down from her room, and says that she is nowhere to be found. All are tensed and worried for zoya. Chandbi teases them that its a drama house, all are angereed at her statements. Asad eyes her and she shuts up. razia lashes back at her, for talking like this. Asad rushes to search for her outside. mamu is severely tensed. asad rushes outside, all the while trying her phone, until his feel lands on an earring, and then he hears the sound of a van passing the main gate. He rushes after her. haider comes with his car and together they follow the criminals.

In her room, Razia asks them to finish the work properly, and asks about zoya’s phone. the killer says that zoya’s phone is with him. Razia tells him to break the sim and throw off the phone. she tells him that he would get the rest of the payment after the work, and he should do the job, so that her dead body isnt found too. She cancels the phone. razia says that the torture that she went through to search for her father, the same torment her family would go through for zoya, and just like she couldnt find out about her father, they wouldnt be able to find out about her. mamu comes in asking whwre have they taken zoya. she asks him to relax as the work would be skillfully done, and they wouldnt be implicated. Mamau asks razia to tell the hired goons, not to kill zoya. She frustratedly asks why, as he himself ordered it, and now he is telling not to. She tells him that its very difficult to take away life and that she has toiled hard, and she wont let it go to waste. He again says that they cant kill her. she asks why. he blurts out saying that she is his daughter. razia is shocked.

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