I do update Sunday 20 February 2022


I do 20 February 2022: Nazma is tensed, when asad comes and patting her on her head, asks why did she go through all of that, when she could have told them. she apologises and hugs him. he asks her not to cry and asks if she’s sure that imran’s a good boy and shall keep her happy. She says yes. Asad says that no descision of his would come in between her and her happiness. Zoya comes in and tells asad, infront of nazma and dilshad that imran called up to ask if they are coming for meeting his parents. Dilshad expresses concern about nikhat and her stance on this. Asad is in a dilemma seeing nazma, who’s equally tensed and thinking about nikhat. Zoya waits for his answer. Asad along with zoya tells dilshad about nikhat’s reaction on the phone, when Asad hopes that .

Scene 5:
imran says that he loves nazma for a long time. He tells her that they are coming here to talk to her, and she can take a descision and imran says that he cant take such a big step without asking her

Scene 5:
While surfing through the newspapers, she accidentally sees the news of the bus accident, and remembers her life before the accident, razia sending her off, and her fight with ayan. she is unaware that ayan and nikhat are seeing her from the door. He asks nikhat to go and get others and keep her happy so that she doesnt remember anything of the past. She leaves. Ayan comes in with a poetry and tries to amuse her, while she remembers their fight. The entire family bursts in wishing her for her birthday, while she is shocked at having remembered everything. she asks all of them to stop, shocking them too. When asked, she asks to be left alone for god’s sake. She runs out, and ayn tries to stop her. She asks him not to come close to her, and stay away. she runs out, while all are shocked.

Zoya comes to asad and thanks him for accepting nazma’s descision. He says that he wants her to be happy but nothing is finalised yet, and he would finalise only after he sees them. zoya says that she knows and now she also needs to move ahead. Zoya says that she wants to fulfill his wish. asad asks her not to insist. But zoya is pretty insistent for telling her his ardent wish, something that happened in school and college. she asks him if he remembered anything.

Before asad said anything, she concocts her own story for him. But asad says that its nothing like that and it was with a teacher. zoya continues his story her way, and he stops her again, saying that actually his teacher thought that due to his serious nature, his teacher thought that he would never find a girl. She asks if he wants her to meet him. He says yes if thats not too much of a problem. Zoya agrees to fulfill his wish and comments that he’s super cute. They enter a romantic eyegaze (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan and nikhat wonder whats upsetting humaira so much, that she doesnt even want to see ayan. Just then shirin comes and hugs nikhat, saying that haseena called and wants to talk after meeting them, for imran’s marriage. nikhat is shocked to hear that. Ayan too says that imran must have put sense in her. They are all very happy.

Ayan finds humaira alone, and comes to her trying to cheer her up, but in vain. He insists her to cut the cake. But she takes off her hand from him. she remembers how he had behaved rudely with her. But ayn doesnt lose hope and still continues to be enthusiastic, but humaira cant forget that ayan had said that he doesnt love her. Ayan tries to get her to cut the cake, but humaira says that when her whole life is spoiled by someone, what is the botheration to spend one birthday alone. Ayan asks why and who is she talking about.

Humaira says that she remembers everything before the accident. ayan asks her to understand, but humaira asks him not to lie, as nothing would ever be the same between them. Ayan tries to confess his new found love for her, but humaira says that she would wish on her birthday by blowing off the candles. humaira says that she doesnt want him to hurt her anymore, and hence wants him to stay away, as whenever she sees him, she is reminded of his hurtful statements to her. She runs away from there, but her pallu is stuck in his sleeve. She wrenches it off aggressively and leaves from there, leaving ayan shocked. Ayan thinks that this may be right and he has hurt her, but now he has started loving her too much.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s teacher’s residence
Asad and zoya go to asad’s teacher, while she is napping. asad croask his throat to wake her up. she asks who they are. zoya identifies herself and asks her to guess asad. She observes him minutely, and then says that he doesnt. he tells his name and roll no. She remembers then, and also calls him AKDU. Zoya is very happy that someone else also thinks of him the same way. The teacher teases asad while amusing zoya and irritating asad. He makes his point that he finally managed to bag a good girl, even though having been very boring in childhood. Zoya says that its a little weird that she actually agreed to marry him.

They both have a hearty laugh while asad is embarassed. Asad asks if she isnt hurt. She says that she isnt as its a compliment when a student proves him wrong. she thanks zoya for making him smile. She hugs both of them.

Scene 4:
Location: Haseena’s, Asad and ayan’s residence
Nazma is very happy and dresses up to meet imran and his parents. Nikhat too dresses up to meet imran and his family. They both are wishing the same thing, that imran returns back to them and everything is all right then. nazma asks dilshad how is she looking. dilshad compliments her profusely, and asks if this relation is very important for her. Shirin, when asks the same question, is answered that nikhat doesnt want to see dreams that have the potential of breaking. shirin asks her not to think like that, as its imran’s love and haseena’s regret that has gotten imran back to her. Nazma too says that imran has promised to go against his family for her. Shirin too says that imran would handle everything, and nikhat wouldnt ever be insulted again. Nikhat is still in doubt. Both shirin and dilshad advise their daughter that imran loves them a lot and this is proof of that.

Shirin also tells nikhat, who’s all dressed up, that an invitation from haseena means that her love finally won, and imran actually loves her a lot. Nikhat blushes. all are happy. Meanwhile, on the other hand, dilshad too tells the same to her daughter, nazma, who’s also dressed up, that the fact that imran has asked them to meet his parents means just one thing, that he loves her very much. Nzma blushes.

Haseena thinks that both rashid and asad want to have a relation with their family. Haseena, in her house, viciously thinks that now would be a huge fun session, when both rashid and asad come with their proposals for the girl of their house, and she would be in a capacity to choose one.

Scene 5:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Rashid reaches with his family at imran’s house. Ayan is asked by nikhat, about humaira. ayan asks her not to worry about him, and asks her about herself. she says that she’s a little nervous, as to what beckons for her. While talking to asad, nikhat remembers that she forgot to calling asad, and tells ayan about asad’s call to her. ayan asks her to call later, along with the happy news. Nikhat asks if it would be so. ayan assures her that it would be a happy news.


Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Haseena comes down and asks them to sit down. rashid asks what has she called them for. she asks them to sit down first, and not behave like strangers. they are served snacks. Haseena says that even if nikhat called off the relation, their relation wont be broken, as she still considers them to be with her till date, and small strifes hapen in each relation. Shirin agrees. Haseena says that she’s happy when her children are happy, and when imran confessed her heart, she felt that she should call them here. nikhat is happy

. she says that she felt that their relation isnt that weak that it breaks off so easily. She is about to apologise but rashid and shirin ask her not to, as its best that old things be forgotten. she thnaks them profusely that she’s been forgiven, and that today he is becoming their samdhi and his daughter would be their bahu, and she would start a new life. Rashid tells haseena that its good that now that she has realsied her mistake, they dont have a problem with Imran’s and Nikhat’s relation. But Haseena stop him saying that she isnt talking about nikhat, but his second daughter, nazma and announces to him the arrival of nazma with her family. Both rashid and asad along with their families are shocked to see each other.

Nazma and nikhat are shocked to see the other. Imran, who has got nazma is shocked to see what trap his mother has laid. rashid asks what kind of a joke is this. haseena presents her relation for imran and nazma, and rashid would still be imran’s father in law, and he has to be present here. They are all shocked. Ayan comes to asad and asks whats happening. Asad eyes imran angrily. Ayan asks rashid to speak up. He asks what joke is this. Haseena says that this is the truth. And one daughter’s relation broke off, and the other joined hands with them. shirin asks her not to be so conniving,and has she asked them to come to be insulted. Haseena retorts that she doesnt, in fact its they who have the ritual of insulting their guests.

Asad asks imran whats happening. Imran says that he doesnt know. He asks haseena too. Chandbi says that rashid’s family is the one creating a drama, and that rashid is the rightful father and hence he was called. Shirin says that she had called them for imran and nikhat’s relation. But haseena clarifies that she had said anothing of the sort. Rashid accuses them of misleading his family, so that they come here and be insulted. Haseena says that nikhat had broken the relation, then why is she being blamed. She asks whats wrong in wanting

Rashid asks if they came here to be insulted. Haseena says that she was being insulted then and today they cant Shirin reprimands her for treating nikhat like this, as a revenge. Shirin walks upto dilshad, and says that these people look for reasons to insult them. asad is about to say

shirin asks rashid not to intervene Asad asks ayan to ask his mother to be quiet But ayan retorts back, saying that he knew everything and still went ahead, and asked if he even thought of nikhat. He says that asad proved that he is nazma’s brother and not nikhat’s. Dilshad stops ayan not to talk like this. Shirin asks her to stop as she isnt right too, as she has always set her eyse on her children’s happiness, and she never thought that she would stoop so low, so as to steal

Shirin asks why is he shouting, to quieten her or prove that he cares more for them today. Haseena smiles evilly. dilshad asks her to think clearly, and tries to explain her stand. But shirin says that dilshas very well knows to betray and thats what she did today. They are shocked. Asad says that nikhat’s and imran’s relation was called off by nikhat and she seemd happy to. ayan asks if he talked about imran and nazma. Asad is speechless. Asad comes to nikhat and tries to explain his stance and how he had tried to tell her but she didnt listen then on the phone. He asks if she lied then. She is quiet. Shirin asks asad if he’s trying to prove her daughter a liar. she says that its true that nikhat called off the relation, but its true that they love each other.

Nazma asks imran to speak up, as its high time. zoya too says that he knows the truth, and he should tell everyone whats in his heart. She asks him to tell. Ayan says that this person is incapable of talking infront of people. Ayan asks that the person who couldnt stand for nikhat, why would he stand for nazma. Imran comes to nazma and says that he loved, he loves and he will always love Nazma. nikhat is distraught to see this. All others are surprised. haseena’s happy at her plan being a success. he says that he knows that his silence has worsened the matter, but today he wants to speak the truth, and that is that he loves nazma. All are tensed to hear that. Nazma is relieved, nikhat is distraught. he comes to nikhat saying that he apologises for hurting her, as he never loved her. He says that he wanted to refuse haseena’s proposal to marry her, but when he saw her, he started respecting her for the person that she is, and got inclined to marry her. he says that he would have never betrayed her if they got married, but she broke off the relation before that.

He says that he knows that she’s angry at him and thats justified but they really arent meant for each other. He goes to nazma and says that he would never betray her, and thats the truth. he says that its on her to take the descision now. Ayan is about to hit imran, saying that if he loved nazma then why did he come to their house, demanding for nikhat’s hand in marriage. All are shocked and try to stop him. Asad stops ayan from getting violent. Ayan says that he wants his answer, asad says that he has already doen that. He says that he knows the importance of a sister’s happiness for a brother. Asad says that relations cant be forcefully enforced. ayanh says that he is in a position to say so, as his sister’s heart isnt broken. Asad tries to comfort ayan, but he flinches his hand away.



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