A lockdown love story update Sunday 20 February 2022

A Lockdown love story 20 February 2022: Sonia tells Shashikant that she didn’t record amma/Nutan and Bua/Sheetal’s conversation, but when she saw Dhruv bhaiya and Sonam bhabhi fighting and situation is blowing out of control, she had to this; she didn’t want to expose amma and bua, but Sonam bhabhi is so good, so got adjusted to our family so well. Shashikant says she did right, even he doesn’t want Nutan and Sheetal to be insulted, but Sheetal is habituated to interfere in other’s issue, this time she is helping Nutan; he will do something.

Subhadra praises Sonam for reacting differently than her usual character and changed fight into friendship, but this is not right. Sonam says Bua’s intention was not to hurt her seriously, she handles situation similarly with her friends. Subhadra says she has to face similar situation daily. Sonam says she will handle it and says she wants her and Nutan’s bond strong like Subhadra and her mother-in-laws. Subhadra says she didn’t know when her daughter grew up. Sonam jokes that she is 5.5 feet now, but her mother never noticed her. Subhadra laughs.

Family sits for breakfast. Sonam joins them. Bua pulls chair for her and makes her sit, then adjusts plate for her. Everyone look surprised. Bua nervously says Sonam is hurt, so she is helping her. Batasha brings dosa and serves to everyone. Shashikant, Nutan, Dheeraj, Bua, and Dhruv’s friends start eating with hands. Tanu asks where is fork, she can’t eat without it. Dhruv’s friend says dosa should be eaten by hand. Pratham says even he needs fork. Shashikant asks Ankita to bring forks for them. Ankita brings 4 forks saying she got it during marriage, but 2 are missing. Dheeraj says he broke one while using it as screwdriver. Nutan she is using another mud scraper for plants. Sonam tries to eat dosa. Dhruv stops her and says she is hurt, so he will feed her. He feeds her dosa smiling at her. Sonam also enjoys dosa. Nutan gets angry seeing that and walks to her room.

Shashikant follows Nutan and asks what happened to her. Nutan shouts if he didn’t see how shamelessly Dhruv was feeding Sonam in front of everyone, they have lost their shame. Shashikant asks what is wrong in it, even they feed each other. Nutan says they do it in their room between walls and not express their love openly. Shashikant warns her to stop her drama and showing her and Bua’s confession video warns her to either express her true intentions to everyone by showing this video or become good and feed dosa to Sonam. He returns to his seat. Dhruv says he will go and bring amma. He stops Dhruv and says she is coming. Nutan returns and asking Dhruv to get up from his seat takes his seat and says when there are other family members present, even they should get a chance to express their love. She feeds dosa to Sonam. Everyone get happy seeing this. Dhruv says he always dreamt of amma feeding Sonam.

Subhadra says she will feed Dhruv. Dhruv says he even dreamt of both mothers feeding each other’s children and its coming true. Bua sits shocked seeing all this.While enjoying breakfast, Tanu says they should try mom’s paneer Chinese preparation, its very special. Dheeraj says both moms prepare great paneer dishes. Shashikant asks Subhadra to show her culinary skills here. Nutan yells she hates Chinese dishes as they got corona because of China. Dheeraj asks where did she hear this from. Nutan angrily asks Shashikant what taste he wants to change.Dhruv changes Sonam’s bandage and asks how was mummy’s pampering today. She asks his mummy or her mummy and starts commentary. He drapes bandage around her mouth and laughs that is looking like mummy. Their nok jhok starts. She covers him with clothes. Sonia walks in and laughs seeing that. Dhruv and Sonam get engrasped into each other’s eyes. Serial’s title track plays in the background…

Shashikant gets romantic with Nutan and says he is very happy with her today and will buy whatever jewelry or clothes she likes after lockdown. She says she doesn’t need anything, he blackmailed her with video; if video had been out, Sheetal Bua would have been in trouble, she just saved this family’s dignity and is worried for her family and not like him; she hates Sonam and will never accept her as bahu. Shashikant warns her to mend her ways and don’t try to break Sonam and Dhruv’s bonding, he can go to any extent for this family’s dignity, etc. Bua walks in. He warns even her to stop brainwashing Nutan, else he will not spare even her and walks away. Bua asks Nutan what happened to bhaiya. Nutan says her bhaiya came to know that she crosslegged Sonam and made her fall. Bua gets tensed and says that is why he is angry. She brainwashes Nutan to take control in her hands for the betterment of this house and not bother about bhaiya, she should somehow make sure that Sonam and her family leave this house after lockdown. Nutan agrees.

Shashikant is busy getting head masage from Batasa when Subhadra walks in and says she needs to talk regarding Nutan. Shashikant sends Batasa away. Subhadra says she knows he convinced Nutan to pamper Sonam today, but she wants Nutan to accept Sonam by heart. Shashikant says he knows Pratham doesn’t like Dhruv, even he wants Pratham to accept Dhruv by heart. He says we both know that children’s happiness is important, so we are trying our best for this marriage, he will manage Nutan and she need not worry.

Dhruv enjoys cigarette on terrace. Sonam walks to him. He hides cigarette and controls smoke in his mouth. She senses smell and hits his stomach, he blows out smoke and says he was craving for cig, so he had a few puffs. Sonam asks if she should inform his parents about his cravings. He requests not to. She jokes that his amma came. He nervously blabbers that Bablu left cig. She laughs. He says after marriage, they both will be one, so he will take all her good hobbies and share his bad hobbies; she should cig with him now. She calls amma. Dhruv gets afraid and says no. She laughs.

Nutan angrily walks into kitchen. Ankita asks her what to prepare today. Nutan yells that they are servants and have to serve 25 people daily. Ankita says she doesn’t mind cooking. Nutan continues yelling. Pratham hears their conversation and in lieu of picking water bottle says he knows Nutan doesn’t like Sonam and is pointing that she doesn’t know to cook, he will order food from outside hereon. Nutan starts arguing. She reminisces Bua’s words and changing bottle cork says bottle and cork are like husband and wife, both should match, else they won’t fit; similarly Dhruv and Sonam don’t match, so he should take Sonam back home.

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