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I do 2 January 2022: On the other Zoya is in the bus. She’s sleeping and last night’s scenes coming in front of her eyes. She wonders if Mr. Khan really said that. Bus has an accident.

Everyone is very badly injured, but Zoya seems to be alright compare to others. She is in a disbelief and has tears in her eyes.

Rashid’s lawyer tells him that today’s hearing got postponed. Rashid says whats the point.. I still didn’t get bail. Lawyer says, Asad’s lawyer was able to convince judge to give new date. Hearing will take place after 3 days now.. and we can try to make our case strong… but for now.. you will have to stay in the custody. Lawyer leaves and Rashid then sees Asad’s mother there. Before she approaches to him, Shirin comes in the way. She hugs him. Rashid keeps looking at Asad’s mother. Asad’s mother gets sad and she leaves.

Asad rushes to the accident scene. Zoya thinks that he came there for her. Asad runs toward her. Zoya forwards her hands seeing him running, but Asad passes by and goes to someone else. Zoya is shocked.

She turns around and sees him hugging some other girl.

Sad song “Do Pal” from movie Veer Zaara plays in the background while Zoya stares at Asad hugging some other girl and remembers their past moments.

Asad is hugging Tanvi [new entry] and asks if she is ok? Zoya watches shocked! Asad says that he heard her scream on the phone and was scared n dabs her head..! Zoya is in tears watching them..and leaves the place. wiping her tears! Asad takes the girl to his car..! Asad gives her water and while walking notices Zoyas ipad! He screams.. Zoya.. and starts to run in search of her..! He runs and suddenly collides with Zoya n finds her unconscious and holds her n screams! In teh car on the way back..AsYa steal glances at each other..! The girl keeps smiling at Asad n Zoya cries a bit more..!

Ayan is taking off his tshirt n Humera walks in screaming Nuzhat. n turns away..! She notices fingermarks on his neck n asks what is the matter? Ayan says..fell from the bike. .hiding.. Asad slapping him …on the road! Humera gives him some ice.. but he refuses..! She insists n he relents..! Duo steal glances at each other..! Ayan says that he thought Humera is upset with him! Humera says..she was.. but she is a human.. she cant look away seeing him hurt! She gives him the ice pack n walks off..!

Shireen comes in Ayans room and breaksdown! Ayan asks the matter? Shireen asks Ayan to get Rasheed home soon .or the cops will kill him ! She says that Rasheed is being tortured in prison.. so save him! She breaksdown in his arms..! Ayan assures he will! Dilshad tells the girl [Asads childhood frien] that she has to stay at her place.. why being so formal? She says that when she had shifted out in childhood. she had cried. .why repeat past! Dilshad and Najma ask her to stay on! Najma asks her what she is doing? Tanvir says that she is designer of salwar suits..! Dilshad tells Zoya that Tanvir is close to Asad and they were inseparable ! Asad comes to the dining table and sits and Zoya walks off..! Asad tells Dilshad that Doc had come and asked if she is taking meds regularly? Dilshad tells him that there is no need to tell her.. she will talk to the Doc directly! Dilshad gets up and leaves the table..!

Asad comes in Zoyas room ..finding her treating herself! Asad suggsets to call the doc..She says no! She hurts herself n Asad says..if she does not treat herself.. it will get septic! Zoya cries and says that she does not need anyone..n she can take care of herself..! Asad telsl Zoya that he dinno she was on that bus too n he saw the ipad n was scared for her..! Zoya turns to look at him..! AsYa eyelock….!

Tanvir comes and calls out to Asad and says .hope din disturb.. ! Asad says not at all! She compliments Asad about the house..! She recollects childhood moments..! Tanvi says sorry to Zoya for not knowing her..! Asad introes.. them and says.. Tanvi is his childhood friend n Zoya is Dilshads distant relatives daughter ..staying for a while..! The girls greet each other.. n shake hands..! Tanvi says hope Jammy doesnt trouble her.. n Asad glares..! Tanvi says..she used to call Asad .. JAmmy since childhood! She tells Asad that she needs to talk to him…! Asad says.. coming..n leaves with her..! Zoya looks on..!

Part 2

Tanvi says.. she could figure seeing the tension between him n Dilshad that something is wrong! She says that she din feel right to discuss this matter in front of Zoya..! Asad says.. Zoya knows it all and has helped them a lot! Tanvi asks why then was he so tense in her presence? IF something is unsaid.. undone? Asad says he is upset on Zoya .. about RAsheed.. n her trying to help Dilshad.. by blocking him! Tanvi says that what if Rasheed is innocent? And why is he not searching for the toy? Asad says that the toy is lost..and nothing can be done! Tanvi says that she prays that for Dilshads sake.. Asad gets the doll back soon enouf! Tanvi holds Asads hands in hers n reassures him! Asad nods..! The servant in the house watches shocked..! Zoya comes and asks her what she is doing? She says..cleaning .. but seems Asad is busy..! Zoya watches Asad-Tanvi holding hands and breaksdown again..!


Feroz laufs on Ayan and says that his anger is something that rises n sinks on his head.. ! He says..that Ayan cant do anything on his own..! Why not call his bro Asad..but he cant as Asad has gotten Rasheed locked up! Feroz suggests to apply third degree on Rasheed! Ayan warns him ..not to do so or else! Feroz says that no rich guy stays in jail for 6 days..but his dad is.. ! Feroz tells Ayan that he has 2 days.. do what he can.. coz once Asad gives his statement..nothing can get Rasheed out..!

Part 3

Asad comes in his room at night and finds Ayan there.. in tears..! Ayan tells Asad that Rasheed has to be in jail for 2 more days..! Asad says that coz the stupid girl din let him reach court or he did been sentenced today itself..! He tells Ayan that its tough ..but he should be strong for his mom n sis! He tells Ayan that Rasheed will definitely get punished! Ayan tells Asad that Rasheed si being tortured ..by Firoz.. ! He tells Asad that Shireen has seen too and says that.. Rasheed wont survive the torture..! He asks Asad if he wont do anything? Asad says that he came here so that he can tell Asad not to give his statement? Asad says..he is doing what is right..! Ayan says.. he is just taking revenge from Rasheed..! He tells Asad that he doesnt wanna talk to him anymore..! He tells Asad that he is no longer the bro he knew.. ! If Rasheed did wrong.. Asad is doing wrong too..! He says that since childhood. he never let anyone come between them… he was always Bhai jaan. but today Asad proved that they are step brothers.. STEP!

Ayan calls asad sautela
Asad in tears turns to him ayan closes window and leaves

Shireen decide to plead dilshad
Ayan says asad will not listen to yer
He remembers zo telling about gudiya and decide to find it
Rasia hears this worried

Asad sad tanu comes with guitar asks him to play and come out of his dard
asad plays zindagi ki

Tanu asks him to smile and he sings
Dilshad comes
Tanu Calls truce between them asad hugs dilshad and cries
Zo watches teary eyed the 4 hug

Zo turn to leave tanu holds her makes her join them
Asya eyelock

Rasia calls billo tells her to find gudiya soon

Tanu next day tells dilshad that she liked her kheer
Asad Comes for breakfast
Zo tanu set the table
Tanu says she remembers his choice

Zo says this reminds her of rahul dravid
Tanu says asad loves jam
Tanu asks where is jam
Najma says he stopped for health reasons
Asad serves bread to tanu
Zo waits if he will serve herbut no
tanu ougs asadgives water
Zo too coughs asad not bothered najma gives water
Asad leaves with tanu zoya is hurt

Zoya spying following asad tanu
They keep discussing childhood and shayari,Zo says she loves shayari and starts a silly one. Asad irritated says her shayaris are silly and they wre speaking of serious shayari whichbshe can’t understand

Billo says gas got over
Tanu offers help zoya says she will do
Dilshad asks how she knows when she stayed in usa
Zo says she will use ipad
Tanu says she speaks so sweet
Asad says she speaks over

Zo spills in kitchen
Tanu offers help
zo says she is cleanliness freak
Tanu says she too as she learnt from jammy

Zo says she dhanged fylinder and leaving with najma
So says dilshad loves me a lot and najma yer best buddy
Asad comes but doesnt react
Dilshad going to doc
Tanu tells jamjy to go with dilshad
Asad asks if she will stay alone
Tanu says she has work

Asad offers to drop
Tanu gets call says meeting cahcelled
Billo searching for gudiya
Billo comes to tanu room who gets doubt on ye4
Rasia asks Billo to find doll somehow.

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