I do update Sunday 11 September 2022

I do 11 September 2022: While shaad tries on his sherwani, a button falls off, and sanam immediately comes to his rescue, cursing the quality of the cloth, and then saying that she shall fix it rightaway. he says that he knows how to do it. she says that she knows that, but as long as he is home, its her wifely duty to take care of such chores, and insist on doing it. She says that he has been an ideal husband so far, and now its her turn to reciprocate. She does it, while shaad is still uncomfortable. She says that she is happy to do such duties for him, and then finishes it, and tears off the thread with her lips, causing a lip stain on his sherwani. She says that being his wife, she shall always be there for him, anytime, anywhere for anything.

She leaves. He sits down tensed and emotional thinking,t hats not true, as tomorrow, at the iftar, she shall be told the truth by him, that he isnt her husband, and then she wont be there for him at all. He says that he shall leave tomorrow, forever, leaving sanam safely with her true love, ahil, but would take back memories of the time that they spent, as she has become his heartbeat now, and he cant distance himself from that. he gets sad thinking about it.In her room, sanam is packing a package, when she thinks that this is the perfect solution, and that the thoughts that she is having about ahil arent just wrong, but a sin, as she is betarying shaad and their marriage someway or the other, and decides that tonight she shall sort everything out, and move onto her happy life with shaad, and prove herself to be an ideal wife.

In the kitchen, gazalla and latif praise sanam galore, about her cooking, as she prepares the iftar. gazalla almost spills the truth, about how her pudina chutney was loved, but then manages to give an excuse somehow. then she asks what ahil likes, and latif and gazalla enlighten her about the same.At the dining table, all sit down, except the new bride, for the roza breaking. Ahil comments that everything is to his liking. Gazalla tells that jannat prepared it for him. he eyes her overwhelmingly, while she too looks at him. She tells ahil that she wants to say something and then adds that very rarely, people turn from, strangers, into friends, and then stay for an extended visit together, and hence this is her way of thanking him for his hospitality and concern that he has shown over them. He smiles. then she turns to shaad, saying that he has always been the ideal husband, and that she wants to give him a gift in return. Shaad is boggled.

sanam gives shaad a package, and ahil too gets curious. Shaad asks whats this, and sanam asks him to open it himself. he does and finds tickets. gazalla and latif asks whats this. shaad says that they are two tickets to Pakistan, for tonight. Ahil is thoroughly shocked. sanam eyes him tensedly, and then turns away her gaze. she tells shaad that she thought that she doesnt have any recollection of her past life, and hence wants her new life to begin with happiness, and nothing is more than him, for her happiness, and hence their first eid after marriage should be in Pakistan, and hence as a surprise, she got the tickets booked. Shaad is tensed, as he looks at ahil, who is boggled and distraught himself. She says that they shall celebrate eid together in their house.

Gazalla and latif immediately rush to the new bride’s den, where all of her black magic and voodoo works, and finds her in a dazed state,lying on the floor. they tell her that she is going, and elaborate everything. She nauseatingly wakes up somehow, muttering that she cant go, as this cant happen. they are boggled that she isnt happy for this, as this is what she wanted, and the lord gave this to her today. She speaks in puzzles, saying that she is managing the undefeatable in the pious month of ramzaan, and sanam is runing it completely.

In their room, shaad tries to tell sanam, that this seems rude to depart at such short notice. She asks how can he like to stay in a stranger’s house for so long. He says that ahil is their friend, and hence asks her to reconsider. She says that he always asked her if she was uncomfortable here, and didnt like it. Sanam tells shaad that she does feel uncomfortable here due to ahil, and that a person should always listen to their heart and her heart feels that as long as they are here in his house, amidst his presence, they cant stay happily together, and she doesnt want to live in that stress, and hence is leaving for her house. shaad is tensed, and says that ahil isnt that bad. she says that its not a question whether ahil is bad or not, its just that she doesnt want to be in his presence anymore. he says that he understands. he asks her to stay back one more day, and that this seems undignified.

she asks if he hasnt had enough, and what more difference would one day make, as her opinion wouldnt change about ahil. She asks if ahil is pressurising him, and he ridicules it. She asks if its shashi, and then says that that wait would be in vain too. she frustratedly says that she is leaving tonight and thats final, and he can come later, whenever he feels like.In ahil’s room, he stands tensed, when shaad comes and says that sanam refuses to budge. Ahil tells that she is very adamant, and once she decides on something, she doesnt let it go.

Shaad tells ahil that he cant be defeated in front of her whim. Ahil looks up and is tensed. Shaad meanwhile continues. He says that the injection is coming tomorrow, and she would have to be stopped anyhow. They both realise that sanam is looking at them. the screen freezes on ahil’s tensed face.Sanam asks which injection they are talking about, and ahil and shaad are left speechless, as they eye her tensedly. Shaad makes an excuse, that ahil told those shall help, for the back pains. she cuts him short. While shaad is talking to ahil, sanam springs up, surprising them. She asks shaad if he has made his plans to come along, as she has decided and isnt changing her decision, as she has her bags packed already. just then, the new bride comes with gazalla and l;atif, and tells sanam that she has celebrated ramzaan for the first time comepletely here, and should celebrate eid too, and that this is her maternal place in a sort, as they got married here only.

sanam again says that she cant take their hospitality anymore, and wants to celebrate the first eid there only. Shaad asks her to reconsider for the last time, as its a matter of one day only. But she asks him not to start it over again, as her mind is made. Ahil gets frustrated. Ahil asks her if she wants to go, and if she does, then she can. She eyes him angrily, and shaad tries to talk, but she turns away angrily. sanam walks away from them in a huff, while both of them eye her. Shaad remembers his promise, but ahil asks him to go after sanam, while shaad is tensed. Ahil says that he wants his love to be near him, but he wants his love to be safe first and foremost. meanwhile, while walking, sanam gets to know from a call, that all flights to pakistan have been cancelled, on account of weather turbulence.

she is shocked and angry too. she turns around to look at both the men, while they are boggled. shaad gets ahead and goes to sanam, while ahil sees them. sanm tells shaad the same, and he feels that its a sign from the lord, that she should celebrate eid here. the new bride is happy. Shaad asks her to agree, while ahil watches her with tearful eyes. She looks at shaad and then at ahil, and finally complies, relieving everyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence and on the road
In her secret den, shashi asks the new bride why didnt she let them go, as that would have made their job easier. the new bride says that she wants to play adangerous game, as she doesnt ahil as a beggar. Shashi asks her to drop the suspense, and tell her. the new bride reveals a facial mud cast, on which she draws some lines and patterns. shashi stands boggled. Meanwhile, the box containing Murtaza arrives, and much to his team members surprise, a hand breaks open the box. the new bride tells shashi that since she couldnt change shaad’s opinions, then why not change shaad altogether. shashi is thoroughly confused. meanwhile, murtaza comes out of the box, and it comes as a surprise, that the face bears a striking resemblance to shaad, holding a rifle in his hand, and killing all the people. meanwhile, murtaza, the actual person talks to someone on the phone, that he loved this trait.

It is shown that the new bride’s black magic on the facial mud cast made all the difference. the new bride explains that this move shall kill two birds with one stone, first they shall get rid of shaad, and ahil shall also lose his trust on him. shashi smiles.All wait anxiously for the moon to appear, while ahl has eyes only for sanam. Finally, the moon appears, and everyone wishes the other a happy sighting. they all pray, and shaad and ahil hug, while sanam watches. he tells ahil that eid brings happiness, but this eid, he shall get his sanam back. Ahil compliments him galore for his sacrifice and noble nature, and wishes all the best for him, from the core of his heart.

Sanam thinks that if a person is good, he finds everyone good, and thinks that shaad doesnt know that the person he is hugging, is responsible for the distance between them. she thinks whatss past is past, but nothing or noone shall come in their way now, and she shall definitely consummate the marriage now. She eyes shaad determinedly. Sanam too wishes Ahil, and they both finally awakwardly hug.

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