I do update Monday 12 September 2022

I do 12 September 2022: Firecrakers bursting as all wish each other Chand Mubarak. All hug each other. Sanam hugs Shaad. Shaad asks Sanam to wish Ahil and she goes to Ahil and wishes him and hugs him. BG – Junoon. Ahil feels touched. Sanam-2 watches the hug from a corner and glares. Ahil declares that on Eid, Nawabs have a ritual, Rangat-e-Eid. This party will be illuminate with light of love, of happiness, of brightness. Sanam-2 well its fun to eclipse celebrations. No matter if you din wish me on Eid, will give you an Eidi tomorrow and ruin your party.

Fake Shaad shown asking one of the injured bodyguards about Shashi Kapoors whereabouts and he dials a number. Shashi Kapoor asks if HE is here. Fake Shaad says with a huge blast. Shashi Kapoor says wow was worried for you. Fake Shaad says .. Murtuza ki itni fikar, well i din face any issues but ur men did whom i killed. Shashi Kapoor says why. Murtuza says habit. Some people shed blood accidentally, some habitually. Shashi Kapoor says din call you here to kill people. Murtuza says know that, from tomorrow will do as told but today will do as i want. Shashi Kapoor asks him to come home but he says came here at your behest but will meet you at my behest. He cuts the call.

Shashi Kapoor fumes that when rats come out of their hiding places, they may get caught. Cant take risks. If anyone finds him will be in big trouble. She asks Saif to find Murtuza and stop him. Shashi Kapoors men call her and tells her that he came, destroyed all like a storm. Shashi Kapoor asks her men to tail Murtuza and keep her updated.Gazala asks the mehendi ladies to put mehendi on her hand. The guests compliment Sanam-2 about the party and Sanam-2 says not yet, a special guest is arriving soon and it will take the party to another level. The mehendi lady asks Gazala name of her hubby and Gazala starts to describe some model person. Latif says Khalu doesnt look like that. Gazala says .. well want her to find someone handsome for me.

Shaad asks Sanam where they are going. Sanam says stayed here for you but you have no time for me. Shaad says do what you want, buy what you want. Sanam insists. The bangle seller asks Shaad to choose for Sanam. Shaad thinks that Ahil should be the one choosing. He tells Sanam he is not interested. He walks away and Sanam watches sadly.Murtuza is wandering thru the streets and notices a fruit vendor selling banana. He takes a banana and the vendor asks him to pay first. Murtuza puts gun in the vendors mouth and says dont like being interrupted while eating. He keeps eating bananas as the vendor shakes in fear. Shashi Kapoors man comes there and asks vendor about Murtuza and the vendor points to the direction of the mansion.

Murtuza arrive at the mansion and notices its decorated. He says.. Wallah . Jashn. Shashi Kapoors man informs her about Murtuza reaching Ahil’s Rangat-e-Eid celebrations.Party starts at Ahil’s Rangat-e-Eid celebrations. Sayantani Ghosh is shown dancing on ‘Chitiyan Kalaian’. Sanam-2 watches the performance with a smile. Sanam watches as well. Just as the performance ends, Murtuza reaches there. Sanam-2 is walking towards the door but someone stops her on the way. A few guests notices Murtuza and greet him on Eid as Shaad. Murtuza says.. again Chand-Mubarak.

Sanam-2 tries to excuse herself but the ladies insists on her to join the dance. Murtuza enters the mansion just as Sanam-2 is busy talking to the ladies. Sanam-2 turns to face the door but misses noticing Murtuza. He notices other beautiful ladies (Sanam and Nazia) and thinks.. wow love beautiful women. He walks towards them. Sanam-2 steps out of the mansion. Saif comes there and they both worry about Shaad-Murtuza meeting each other at the party.

Shaad-Murtuza shown walking side by side and missing each other. Murtuza notices food and turns away from Sanam-Nazia. Saif asks Sanam-2 how they will figure who is real Shaad. Sanam-2 says real Shaad is wearing White Kurta. Shaad comes there decked up in golden kurta. Sanam-2 calls out to Shaad thinking he is Murtuza.Sanam-2 self thought, finally realized what Allah feels after making his world. What a great creation of mine, wanna kiss the makers hand. Sanam-2 says who will say you are not Shaad. Shaad asks what. Sanam-2 asks changed clothes. Shaad says yes. Why so surprised. Sanam-2 says you look very different.

Shaad says dunno what ur saying, havent changed. Sanam-2 says soon you will. Shaad asks what. Sanam-2 says..this country is such. You will change soon. Shaad says both India-Pak share same soil, they smell the same. He walks off. Sanam-2 wonders where is Murtuza.Saif is searching for Murtaza who is enjoying the delicious food. Saif looks toward him, but someone comes in between. Sanam-2 comes to Saif and asks if he found Murtaza. He says no. Just then Sanam-2 spots him going somewhere and they follow. Saif shouts at him where he was. Murtaza takes out his gun and points it at him. He asks him if he’s waiting for his death? Sanam-2 comes forward to help Saif, but Murtaza pulls her to him and gets cozy. She asks him to leave her and pulls herself back. Saif’s phone rings.

Murtaza asks him to pick up. It’s Shashi. She asks him if they found him. He says yes and he has kept him on gunpoint. Shashi asks him to give phone to Sanam-2. She explains to Sanam-2 if someone else sees him, then will be a big problem. Sanam-2 asks her to come there. Shashi says she’s a mayor, she can’t come. She says to control dogs, you need bones, and to control Murtaza, you need girls. She asks Sanam-2 to handle him somehow for one night. Sanam-2 gets cozy with him now and he takes the gun down. Saif doesn’t like seeing that.Sanam is looking for Shaad. Shaad notices it and wonders where Ahil is. He needs to be here right now.

A girl dances on Banno song. Sanam-2 and Saif are taking Murtaza away, but when he sees the girl dancing, he joins her and dances wildly. Sanam gets surprised. Murtaza sees Sanam smiling at him and goes to her and kisses her hand. He sees her hands empty and puts bangles in them. Sanam-2 and Saif helplessly look at them from distance. Latif takes Murtaza and Sanam’s photographs. Murtaza takes Sanam on the stage and they start dancing now.Shaad is doing rounds. He sees the bangles and remembers Sanam wanted bangles and he broke her heart. Instead giving her happiness on Eid day, he’s hurting her so much.

Saif notices Shaad coming there. Sanam-2 tells him to go and stop Shaad who is walking towards Murtaza. Saif tries to keep Shaad busy in talks, but fails. He comes to Sanam. Sanam gets surprised and asks when he changes clothes. He says, little while ago. He asks if she’s alright? She laughs and asks if he’s alright. She says leave that and asks him to dance. Murtaza is still dancing, but a girl’s dupatta has covered his face. He removes the dupatta and gets shocked seeing Shaad dancing with Sanam. He says in his mind, it’s Shaad for whom he had to change his handsome face. What’s so special in him? He starts walking towards Shaad. Sanam-2 pulls him in middle and takes him away. She asks him has he gone crazy? He again pulls her and tries to get intimate. She asks him to leave her and pulls herself back.

She asks him does he realize had anyone seen him, then all her effort would have been wasted. She had to go through so many difficulties to make that face and asks him to be in his limits. He gets angry. He smiles and asks her to look up. She asks what’s there and looks up. He hits her on neck and she falls unconscious. He walks away. She gets up after a little while and looks for him.Ahil meets someone and tells him it’s a special day for him tomorrow. He asks him to pray that he gets his love.Murtaza is going to a bar. Ahil sees it. He gets confused what Shaad is doing there.

One more girl performs on song Mera Naam Mary Hai. Other hand, Murtaza asks a waiter for drinks. He asks if he even has money. Murtaza takes out all his weapons and puts on a table. The waiter gets shocked seeing that many guns and knives. Murtaza asks if that much money is enough or he wants more?Ahil goes inside the bar. Sanam-2 sees and gets worried thinking if they two meet, then all her plan would flop. She thinks to do something fast.Ahil spots the new shaad going inside the bar and is shocked, as he follows him. The new bride comes after him, and is tensed when she finds ahil finding shaad in a totally inebriated state. He is about to confront shaad, when the new bride thinks that this shall ruin all plans, turning off the main switch and everything turns black.

When the lights come back on, ahil doesnt find shaad there. just then, the item songs begin, and ahil is apalled to find shaad dancing lustily to the item songs. he finally grabs shaad by the collar and is about to confront him, when the new bride intervenes dressed as a bar girl, and a veil across her mouth, and shaad shifts away. She along with the other girl distracts ahil and engages him, while shaad walks off. Ahil is frustrated. The new bride meanwhile engages ahil in her dance and grooves.

meanwhile, ahil calls up shaad but he gets tensed when his phone isnt picked. shaad meanwhile is about to pick up, when sanam coems from behind, and doesnt let him receive it, saying that she doesnt want to be disturbed when she is with him, and hugs him tight. She says that she is very happy she would be going back to pakistan with him. Sanam thinks that tomorrow they shall start a new, fresh married happy life. Shaad meanwhile thinks that today sanam’s destiny is in his hands, and that now its his turn to shape her fate.

Ahil looks around, The new bride eyes ahil watching them and then refrains from being intimate with him. Instead she takes the plate of peanuts and begins to walk, while ahil too walks in shaad’s drection. she takes it and throws it in ahil’s face and he starts rubbing his eyes, as they burn. Then she again goes back to the new shaad, and then opens a bracket of her heels, to reveal an injection and then in an attempt to get intimate with him, she pierces the injection in his thighs. Much to his shock and horror, he falls unconscious. She eyes him and then carries him from there. Meanwhile ahil too comes out, and looks around, whereas in the vicinity, she hides, when she hears ahil enquiring the grocer and paan shop fellow, about anyone matching hsada’s description. vut he doesnt get any clue.

The new bride meanwhile ducks away when she isnt able to carry him. Ahil turns back and finds shaad on the floor unconscious. He is shocked and picks him up with another person’s help. she thinks that if this shaad is exposed, then her game is ruined. She comes and confronts ahil, accusing him of first giving him pain and then trying to salvage him. He says that he doesnt need to explain to her, and he didnt do anything. She asks him not to pretend to be noble, and if he cared about him, then he wouldnt have been in this condition. She takes shaad away while he stands speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
At home, while the new bride is setting the new shaad in the bed, while he is too drunk, she notices that ahil knocks on shaad’s door. The new bride thinks that if ahil talks to shaad, then he would know that shaad didnt even drink and never went out of the house, and then the game shall end before it even begins. She thinks that she would have to distract ahil. the true shaad gets alert hearing the door knock. But sanam says that she shall see, and when she opens the door, she is boggled, and asks whats the matter. He asks if she is okay. She asks what would happen to her. he says that he thought she would be tsned for shaad. She says that she wants tensed till now, but now is due to him, and asks him not to rudely knock so late.

He tries to talk, but she tells him to take care of himself and his wife, as she is waiting for him. he turns around and finds the new bride staring at him. Sanam shuts the door. ahil looks at her tensedly. the new bride leaces from there. ahil resignedly thinks why the lord is doing this, as they arent coming closer, and shaad is falling apart, and thinks that after coming to this length they and their love cant be defeated. he prays fervently. The screen freezes on his sad face.

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