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I do 26 March 2022: At the dinner table, shirin is sitting alone, when razia asks what happened, and is happy to hear that ayan’s letter has come, which says that he has reached London, and would return back soon, after becoming something. but she still finds shirin crying, and asks whay is she still crying.

She says that her son is abroad and alone, and god knows where would hne stay, and who would take care of him, and when would he return and would he, and blames it all on Dilshad. She says that god kn ows when would she get rid of them, or if ever she would. razia asks her not to lose hope and give up, and they wont do this, and shall fight against it. razia says that now they shall have to indirectly deal with it.

Shirin is instigated by razia that they would have to distract from dilshad and break Dilshad’s strength and the weakest link, zoya. shirin is tensed. Razia instigates shirin against zoya, that she invites trouble to the house. She shows her the pics, that show zoya praying in the jeans, and that they would have to take advantage of this. shirin doesnt consider this very big issue. razia says that this small ignition is enough, to take the clothing as an issue, and ruin their image, and tarnish their image so much, that they wont be able to face the society.

Zoya comes to dilshad’s room and asks where is asad. Zoya says that she shouldnt worry, as asad is herr only, but has shifted to the outhouse. She says that asad has decided that he cant leave her, but can leave as far as, possible so that she doezsnt have to stay with these people. Dilshad begins to go to talk to him, while zoya stops her saying that they should give asad time, as its very difficult for him, and he’s doing this only for him.

Dilshad says that she feels sorry for asad, who has suffered ever since childhood, and now also, but says that she couldnt let her love wander away. zoya asks her not to be tensed, as asad is alright and would adjust himself. Dilshad asks zoya what does she feel, if she did the right thing. Zoya says that its absolutely right, as she never retaliated back to their taunts, and it had been enough.

Zoya says that this frustration had to be vented out some day. she says tghat she had to stand up for what she felt right and its good. She says that whatvere she said was right and true, as it came from the heart and hence cant be wrong. Dilshad eyes and hugs zoya tensedly.

zoya teases haider about his big talks that led to nothing, as humaira’s mood is still the same. haider says that onje day humaira would respond, and had promised so that she would love life again, and he would fulfill his promise. zoya again teases him and asks how would he do it. haider presents a list of the things that he needs. zoya says that she would be able to arrange for it.

the next morning, haider and zoya get on to the plan, while zoya arranges for the stuff that they needed. Zoya and haider, after much discord and hassles, finally are able to get haider into plsters to indicate fractures in the hands and legs. she gets into her poetry seeing this:

Agar ho kahi jhooth ka competition, to tum hoge master….
jaise jhoote tum, vaise jhoota tumhara yeh plaster….!!!!

haider teases her about her bad poetry. zoya reprimands him and asks if his idea would work. he is confident. Someone knocks the door, and they arrange everything and zoya hides, while haider goes into sick mode. humaira comes and serves him tea. Haider, seeing that she hasnt noticed, screams to get her attention and succeds at it. she is surprised to see him like this, while zoya watches from a distance.

Humaira asks how this happened as the goons had run away. haider says that they came back with friends, and goes onto relate a false story about the torture he went through, after noone came for him, not even her. she feels sorry, and takes the tea table, while zoya is surprised that its actually working. She serves him tea, and he thanks her.

She is about to leave, when haider starts trembling his other hand, to indicate to humaira that he’s having problems in drinking with the other hand. To his amusement, humaira comes to his rescue and holds the cup for him, while he asks her to come closer to be able to sip. haider says that only one’s own can understand the pain, and asks her to give him tea. She resignedly serves him, while he winks at zoya, that his plan finally worked. He thanks humaira.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
While nikhat is tensed at today’s events, nazma comes and asks if her mother would be anrgy that she supported them in the religious ceremony. Nikhat asks her not to bother for shirin as the circumstances are like that. nazma thanks her. Nikhat asks her not to, and assures that soon everything would be alright. Nazma says that things have overcomplicated, as it isnt easy being the second woman in one’s life.

Nikhat considers her own situation, and asks if a person can love more than two people at the same time. nazma says that she doesnt know, but knows that the thought of sharing your love is painful. nikhat remembers farhan’s affection for sameera and is tensed. nazma asks her what happened. she says that she’s tired and wants to sleep. Bidding her good night, nazma leaves.

Nikhat talks to farhan on the phone, asking him to take his care and asks him to come home soon, hesitatingly. She then goes to the bathroom, to freshen up. Nikhat, while washing her face in the bathroom, again hears anklets approaching towards her, and muffled sounds of a woman crying, as if its coming from the basin sink, and is scared. Asc she closes the running water, the muffled sounds stop. She sticks her face in the basin, to be able to lend an ear to anything that she might hear, and again sounds of crying come. Suddenly she is jolted as she hears a woman scream from under the basin. she is shocked as she finds the silhouette of a person moving past. she is terrified. she comes out of the bathroom, but doesnt find anyone, and starts screaming out as to who’s there, but noone responds.

Nikhat is scared to enter the bathroom, scared for the incident that happened earlier. But then she cautiously enters again, and tries to hear the sounds that she had noticed earlier, by going close to the sink, and hesitatingly lending an ear inside it.

Location: Haseena’s residence
Before nikhat can hear anything, she is scared by the sound of nazma walking in, who is shocked to see nikhat so terrified. she asks nikhat what was she looking at. nikhat tells what she heard. nazma is surprised. she lends an ear and cant hear anything. but nikhat insists that she heard a woman’s screams, and that maybe its the water. Nazma leaves, but nikhat says that the thing isnt just that, and she also tells that she saw a shadow tioo. nazma is surprised and asks who was it.

Nikhat says that it disappeared before she could see. nazma says that she’s talking as if she’s seen a ghost. Nazma asks her to calm down, as she must have gotten scared as she’s alone without farhan in this room. After she leaves, nikhat too walks

out. But she doesnt notice, that water starts gurgling itself in the basin spookily.
Meanwhile, while nikhat is sleeping, someone is shown to be approaching her, and after a certain while, she findd herself being strangulated by her own dupatta, around her neck. she wakes up, short of breath, and finds noone there. she is however shocked to find that her dupatta has been torn at certain places.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Dilshad holds rashid’s hands, and gives him a sponge bath, while he sits stunned. shirin is shocked and asks what is she doing. Dilshad doesnt respond. shirin asks her to leave. Dilshad says that she’s giving a sponge bath. shirin says that she can see that but she’s here for that. She tries to take the bowl off, but dilshad says that she can do it too, as she is rashid’s wife also. she tells shirin that if she really wants to help, she can get meds for her. shirin is distraught, and leaves in a trance. dilshad is tensed and guilty too.

Zoya discusses haider and their plans with asad. Zoya is surprised that asad didnt tell her that he’s going out of station. Zoya says that she knows that he doesnt want to stay with them, but this isnt how he has to deal with things, first stay in the outhouse, and then move out of the city citing business. asad says that he doesnt know how to face them. Zoya says that he should stay back for her and dilshad. asad says that he doesnt want to go, but if he stays problems would arise. zoya asks him not to stay mad at himself so much and that everything would work out. Asad asks her to take care of herself and dilshad and leaves. Zoya bids him goodbye.

Razia gets zoya’s pics morphed on a body lotion ad, with a model wearing skimpy clothes. She evilly tries to taint zoya’s image with it. she says that if nothing else, this would ruin dilshad and destroy her faith forever.

Humaira gets haider’s desperate call, asking her to come urgently to his room. she goes and asks him whats the matter. Hev says that he has a terrible itch, and wants her to scratch. Haider tries to emotionally blackmail huamira, into tickling him, as he faced the goons for her. She goes onto scratch his itch at the back, irritatingly while he is amused and deliberately laughs out loud, to irritate her further. he asks her to use hands, and thats the final coffin in her irritation. she begins to walk out, but haider asks her to drape out the blanket over him. she frustratedly does so. haider asks her again, as she is about to go, and when she replies curtly, he says that he would manage himself. she asks him to suit himself and leaves. haider is thoroughly amused at his plan.

haider is brought to the dinner table, by a servant. He smiles at humaira, but she’s busy in her work. He awkwardly tries to get his food, but huamira sees that he’s having great difficulty in eating. Haider gets into a sob story mode, and asks nuzrat if she would help him eat. she is surprised but agrees. humaira sends nuzart to give food to dilshad, and she herself would tend to him. After nuzrat leaves, haider accuses her of jealousy. she says that he should leave nuzrat alone, as she’s still a child and doesnt know his true self. Before he can answer, she stuffs food in his mouth and silences him.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Zoya’s pamphlets are being circulated in the streets. While asad is going on the road, someone coming from the opp side, throws away the same ad pamphlet, that has zoya’s morphed pic on it. He throws it away and it falls on asad’s windshield. While driving, his eyes graze at the ad, and he is shocked. But before he can see anything, he is distracted by a phone call, while the ad changes sides due to the force of the wind. He drives continuously.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While, mamujaan and the priest are talking amongst themselves, zoya comes dressed in jeans, and goes on to leave. the priest and other members discuss amongst themselves, identifying that girl to be the same one. the members reprimand mamujaan that they let this girl do this, from a family that boasts of mannerisms. Mamujaan asks what did that girl do, and what are they talking about. The priest and others show him the pamphlet with zoya’s morphed pic, and he is shocked and embarassed. They taunt mamujaan, that he’s advising the world around when his own family is doing this. they take his leave. He is in a rage at the pic, and crushes it completely.

Zoya is reprimanded by razia and mamu, for the picture. zoya says that this pic isnt hers, and goes onto say that she too can do tbhis, on the computer, as morphing is very easy. Razia shows her the pic and asks her how they cant believe that this isnt zoya, as ofcourse its her pic. Zoya says that she didnt do modelling and even if she does, she wont hide it. mamu says that she’s shameless but a liar too. She tries to argue and protest her innocence but razia silences her. zoya is shocked. Razia asks her not to srgue baselessly, as his image is at stake and he cant live with this kind of indecency and hence its better that they move out. Zoya says that she wont hear anything, just because they are going on, and this isnt her. dilshad interrupts her and says that this is because they dont want to hear anything, and they see and believ only what they want to. She says that right now, they want to see her out of this house. Dilshad insists that this isnt zoya, and even if this is, then whats so big a mistake, that they want her to be thrown out of the house, like this. mamu says that this is a crime for them, and they cant let a girl of their house do this. He says that they wont let the image be tarnished, because of an outsider. dilshad says that if their image is so weak, that it can fall by a false pic, then the foundation of that image is verfy weak. All are shocked.

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