Can you see me update Sunday 27 March 2022

Can you see me 27 March 2022: Aarav takes Suchi to jail. Suchi imagines Mansi telling she killed Pihu, and Suchi cannot do anything. Suchi angrily slaps her and strangulates her neck shouting why did she kill her pihu. She comes out of imagination when Aarav asks her to go in and feed Mansi. Suchi does. Aarav asks her to apologize. Suchi apologizes and thinks she is doing it for Pihu.At home, Mansi asks Babli why Aarav is troubling Suchi so much, why don’t he return her clothes, Babli knos that her daughter is wrong and need punishment.

Babli gets angry and warns to be in her limits and act as tenant. Aarav returns with Suchi. Suman asks Suchi why did she apologize Mansi, what will didi feel when she will hear about it. Suchi says she did it with a reason.Suchi asks Aarav to tell where her goods are and snatches his phone. Someone calls and says he is scrap merchant and sold all his goods. Suchi asks where is her doll. He says it is already torn and converted into pillow. Suchi reminisces Krish telling if doll is destroyed, Pihu is also destroyed. She asks to tell shop address. and reaches there to find sweet shop in its place. After sometime, Suchi murmurs a plan in Guglule’s ears. Gulgue goes to Aarav and warns him not to trouble his sister, else… Aarav asks what will he do.

Gulgule throws juice on hi and runs. Aarav runs behind him. Suchi silently picks Aarav’s mobile and calls scrap merchant who says he lied for money and asks how much she will give. She says 2, 4, 10,000.

He tells her new address, Suchi rushes to meet scrap merchant. Arav tries to stop her, but she leaves in her scootie. Aarav follows her in his car. She reaches scrap merchant area and rushes via narrow lanes to his shop. He takes her in and she asks where is the doll.

He asks what is in that doll that she is so desperate for it. She says it is her grandma’s last gift and is her lucky charm. Scrap merchant takes her to mattress maker’s shop who says he already sold it to a recycling company. She holds his collar and shouts that doll is her life. He says his nephew Jagga knows recycling company address, calls Jagga, but his phone is not reachable, says he cannot do anything more than t hat.

Suchi walks shattered thinking how will she save Pihu now. Gopal walks behind her and says she did so much and proved her motherhood. People do Krishna/Gopal’s idol’s pooja and pandit asks her to take aarti. She asks why should she take aarti, what did Gopal give till now, Gopal never listens to anyone’s prayers. Gopal comes and stands next to his idol. Suchi continues what wrong did her Pihu do to her that she is in so much trouble, he can take her life, but save Pihu.

At recycling factory, workers add cotton material for recycling and doll is the same box. They pick doll to throw it in recycling machine when Gopal switches off power with his magic. Suchi holds her hand on lamp and says she will not remove it until Pihu returns safely. Anandita drams of Pihu being in trouble in a dark factory. She calls Suchi and says she saw a bad dreams and wants Suchi to distribute sweets and toys to orphanage children. Suchi asks what dream did she see. Anandita says Pihu is in a dark factory in trouble.

Suchi walks tensed when she clashes with a man and his phone falls down. She picks phone and apologizes man. Man walks chatting that he is Jagga and his phone was off sometime ago. She rushes to him and showing doll pic asks where did he sell this doll. He says recycling company and tells her address. She says it is far away, can he take her there. He asks if she is mad and walks away. Suchi runs while doll is picked for recycling..

Suchi runs on road to reach recycling factory. She stops vehicles, but no one stops. Finally, a car stops and gets in. It is Aarav’s car and he asks to get out of his car. She pleads it is a question of someone’s life. Aarav drives car, and Suchi stops him near recycling factory. He asks where is hospital here, what is happening. She says she cannot tell and runs into factory. Factory owner stops her and says she cannot go in.

She shows Mishti doll’s pic and says her doll is here. Owner says this is not a doll shop and warns to go home. Suchi pushes him and tries to run in. Guards surround her. She beats guard. Gopal comes and comments when it is a question of child’s safety, mother can become kaali maa and destroy evils. She beats watchmen. Aarav joins her and asks what is happening. Power comes back. Worker starts recycling machine and picks mishit doll and puts it in recycling machine. Suchi runs in and puts her hand in recycling machine.

Hand gets injured and she shouts. Worker shouts madam’s hand is stuck, stop machine. Gopal does leela/magic and Suchi removes doll and he hand unmarked. Owner says it is a miracle. Aarav holds her and runs out escaping from watchmen and owner.

Aarav applies bandage on Suchi’s hand and asks if she has gone mad, if she needed doll, he would have bought lakhs of dolls for her. Suchi kisses doll and says she has another work, Arav can handle watchmen and owner standing behind. Owner calls Aarav Salman Khan and asks if he will pay his losses or should he call police.

Suchi returns home and shows Anandita’s prepared laddoos to Pihu in doll and asks to come out and have laddoos. She goes out and when she returns sees Pihu on bed. Gopal does leela and plays flute. Pihu runs and hugs Suchi. They both pamper each other emotionally. Drama continues.


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