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I do 2 April 2022: The police are taking Zoya away, Dilshad is worried and goes to call Asad, while goiing her dupatta gets stick to the rope, to which the bundle is tied. She tugs at it and the bundle opens, the papers fall at Zoya’ s feet. She yells for Dilshad and says we found the original papers. Razia is shocked.

Najma is annoyed that he hide such a big thing from Nikhat. Nikhat asks her to take it easy. Najma looks at the picture and remembers seeing Sameera somewhere.

Zoya shows the police the papers. Gauffer-Razia are tense. Razia still tries to blame Zoya, but the police says will you let us do our work? Razia shuts up.

Nikhat is dragging Najma to Haseena to tell her about Sameera. Najma is trying to tell Haseena, but Haseena twists the talk around. Haseena blames Nikhat about her mental health. Najma thinks she made a mistake. Haseena comments about Nikhat, Najma takes Nikhat away.

Police tells Razia that these papers are real and original. Razia is shocked. Dilshad-Zoya-Badi Bi are very happy. Police says that we cant arrest you, he asks someone to open her handcuffs. Razia and Gauffer are leaving. Zoya stops Razia from leaving and asks her to make chai for Badi Bi within 5 minutes. Razia glares and walks away. Badi Bi-Dilshad-Zoya hug.

Haider drops Humz at her college trip. Humz asks Haider to leave after she meets her friends. Haider is confused with her. Humz fakes a sprain. Haider comes rushing. Haider carries her. Humz is thinking about her plan.

Imran asks Najma whether she will tell the good news, or should he. Everyone is happy at the fact that Najma is pregnant. Najma-Nikhat hug, Haseena has an evil plan to separate the sisters.

Razia asks a servant what Gauffer is doing. Zoya hears this comes up to her. Zoya taunts Razia. (Its so funny, must watch it). Zoya tells Razia, now you are playing this with me and mind you I’ve never known the meaning of losing.

Mmau and razia are tensed about whats hapening with them, how did zoya find the papers, and even if they found, so what, they wont accept defeat. mamu asks how long would this go.

Mamu says that now they have recahed here, and are close to rashid and everything is over now. He takes it as God’s sign and thinks that they should bow down now, and compromise and end this dirty game. Razia is shocked that he would let them stay here. He says that he cant take it anymore, as rashid’s life is already spoiled, and now its time to ponder over mistakes and look back in the past, and compromise with God’s will. Razia is all the more shocked, when that same frame person’s arrival is announced by wajid, the servant.

Razia stops mamu before going, and asks whats happening with him. he says that he would find his daughter and get her back. Razia is shocked, as he levaes, and wonders whats happening. She says that she is having to listen to everyone, and wonders if there’s weight in mamu’s words. she thinks that mamu may have aged, and wants to rectify his mistakes, but doesnt understand that it would reveal all secrets, and the two families would be one, mamu would get his daughter and asad his father, but what about her, as she would be headed to the guillotines, as she had murdered Zoya’s mother. she is scared and thinks that she cant let this secret be revealed at any cost.

The frame person instructs the sketch artist to make a picture of that girl, while mamu asks him to be very cautious and delicate regarding every detail. razia snekas in and sees stealthily, remembering how zoya was searching for her father, and similarly now her father is searching for her. she thinks that if the correct picture is drwan, and mamu recognises it as zoya, then what would happen.

raza, while carrying tea, wonders that she shouldnt let this pic be complete, and decides to first see how it looks like, if it even looks like zoya. she offers it to mamu, but he declines for tea. as he steps aside, razia is shocked that it looks like

He says that he would go after the pic is completed.

Razia is shocked to hear that He is very happy that mamu would be very happy, and decides o go after him to give it to him. razia is shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Outdoor Location
All are tending to humaira, when she has a sprain on her leg, and is unable to move. Haider comes and offers her tea, when humaira says that she’s sad because she wont be able to complete her project. haider picks her up, and says that he would carry her wherever she wants to go. she has an evil plan. she takes him to a location, and then after having done her work there, she asks to be taken somewhere else. He picks up and takes her. But his foot slips, and she falls on him, on the ground. They share an awkward romantic embrace. They both compose themselves, and asks if she’s sure tht she’s okay. She says yes. Then they move onto a different location.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia goes onto find a pencil to edit the pic, but not finding it, she goes down to get it. While going down, Razia overhears from the balcony, that mamu knows that the sketch is with her and moves on to go to her room. razia is scared and wonders where to hide the pic, scared that mamu might see her and the pic. Finally mamu enters and razia is tensed. He says that he wants to see the sketch.

Razia says that she has it, but first he should eat something as he hasne eaten anything all day. He says that he isnt hungry bt wants to see the sketch. Razia, seeing no other option, picks up the sheet and gives it to Mamu.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu is tensed to look at the sketch given by Razia. But because it had been altered by razia, he isnt able to recognise it to be zoya’s. Just then, the servant comes and tell them that rashid is awake and trying to talk. both are worried.

Dilshad asks rashid to tell them what happened that night. zoya too assumes the same when rashid begins to respond. Rashid remembers talking to asad, and also overhearing razia’s concern about that stranger who knows about their secret, of the murder that rashid didnt commit and the fire for which he actually was innocent. He confronts them, ans they are shocked. He is shocked to find that mamau too is in this, and was silent for 17 years. rashid resolves to tell the truth.

He leaves, while they try to stop him. they go after him, while he accidentally drops those papers. While rashid was giving asad that message, he remembers having fallen down due to a push given by raZia. Zoya says that they know it wasnt an accident. Zoya and dilshad frantically try to ask rashid to give one indication, if he didnt fall, but was thrown from the balcony, that day and was pushed instead of an accident. He manages to nod his head in a yes.

All are shocked. zoya then goes onto ask who did this to him. He is about to speak, when his eyes fall on the door. he barely is able to pick his hand and starts pointing to a person. as dilshad, zoya and badi bi all look towards that person, they are shocked to find Mamu and razia standing in the doorway, who are equally shocked at this. Both, mamu and razia are confronted by zoya and dilshad, who ask them about it. razia fumbles and says that they all have gone mad. zoya reprimands that now they know the truth, which rashid himself told them, that it wasnt an accident, but a push by her.

Razia is shocked and asks that he cant even speak. zoya says that he can listen and understand and point that razia is the culprit just like he did. Razia asks her what is she trying to imply, and how is she so sure. Dilshad assures that its razia. She says that neither he nor they are fools not to get this, as all conspiracies always end upto her only. razia asks mamu’s help to clarify as they have all gone nuts. zoya asks her to only clarify then about the truth. Both are tensed. Zpya says tht their silence says all, as to who’s right and who’s wrong. razia says that a talk can have ten meanings, but her silence has 100, and asks her not to jump to conclusions.

Razia tells zoya that she is unlucky for this family, as thw day that the day that she has stepped in this house, she has brought nothing but bad luck to the people, and asks her to leave before it turns the family and this house into ruins. All are tensed, while zoya is hurt. Badi bi asks what did she just say. as razia is about to speak, badi bi shuts her with a slap, shocking and knosking the wits out of razia, and shocking everyone else. Badi bi tells her to understand that zoya is the bahu, and this house’s respect, and if she taints her name any which way, she wont tolerate it. she says that razia should have been thrown out long back, but they didnt thinking about mamu. razia says that this house is hers too. bado bi says that only papers dont prove the rights, but respect for the elders, and love for the younger. She says that razia cant hndle this, hence its good that she stays within her limits, which would be good for her and the family too. All are tensed, while razia is numb. Mamu doesnt speak too, and leaves. All calm down badi bi, while razia is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
While setting up the dinner for everyone, nikhat finds the chapattis burnt. She goes to the kitchen to make new ones. After she is gone, haseena comes and replaces them with good rotis. Meanwhile, everyone sits down to eat, and nazma calls nikhat, and she answers that she would just ome. haseena comes in asking whats nikhat doing now. Nazma asks if they can start. haseena says tht they can as she needs extra care now for the baby. As nikhat comes back, with fresh rotis, while all are confused why she made a second batch, she is surprised to see that the rotis are actually all good now. all are again tensed for her, while she is baffled how is this possible. Farhan asks how are these okay then. Haseena smirks. farhan asks her to let be, as it must have been some misunderstanding, and asks her to come and join them. she its down, stll confused, while haseena is amused. She mentions that its ood that she saw burnt rotis and not some ghost. She asks everyone to start.

Scene 3:
Location: Outdoor location
A bonfire is going on, with guitar playing and singing and stuff. One of the students starts strumming the guitar, while humaira and haider have an eye contact. humaira starts singing along with him, surprising haider. she pretends to be shy and romantic in front of haider. Haider is affected by this gesture. All start clapping and applauding her for this. haider excuses himself to leave, but humaira asks him to stay the night. She arranges an extra tent from her teacher and is easily granted one for haider. She instructs haider a certain camp and asks him to retire. As haider moves on, humaira look at him venomously, remembering his kiss.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu reprimands razia that finally the day has arrived that led them to their downfall. Razia says that its difficult times, and now they would have to sit down and think silently. He says that not we but she has to think. Razia asks whats he trying to imply, that only she is implicated in this. He says yes. razia asks him not to force her to open her mouth, and if she drowns he wont be able to survive, as in every crime, they have been equal partners. Mamu asks whats to be done now. Razia tells him not to worry. Mamu asks whats she decided, as she shouldnt worsen matters. razia says that in difficult times, difficult steps need to be taken. Razia remembers zoya’s warning to her. razia thinks that this time, zoya would have to lose to her.

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