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I do 2 April 2022:In the outdoor camping, humaira changes the sign of haider’s camp number, with another one, from Camp No. 9 to Camp No. 1. After having done so, Humaira remembers the forced kiss by haider and says that for the mistreatment that haider did with her, she would see that

he gets such severe punishment, that he never ever forgets or stops repenting what he did to her. As haider retires off in the night, in the wrong camp, humaira comes behind her and tears off her clothes looking venomously at haider. she drops herself on him, and then starts shouting and pretending to be raped by haider. All have the wrong implication, and they all reprimand him for doing this to humaira, while she sits silently. Haider tries to vehemently deny, and tries to prove

his point, but falls deeper due to huamira’s trap of changing the tent numbers. As haider is boggled, humaira remembers how she had trapped haider and then changed the tent numbers again, swiftly. Haider tries to protest, but humaira’s instructor asks him to get lost rightaway. Haider looks at humaira, who smiles victoriously at him. Her friends thrwo haider out of the cam area, while he is still confused and boggled.

The next morning, humaira is out with her friends for collecting samples, while she asks them to go ahead and ashe takes some readings. She is suddenly aware of someone’s presence and is scared but doesnt find anyone. meanwhile, her friend asks her to come ahead as she would be left out then.

that night, the instructor tells them that their trip is successfully done, and after the others retire off, she asks humaira to retire in the tent, and forget about the incident. humaira gets inside, and says that she may forget the incident, but haider wont ever, and has been repayed such for his oversmartness. Later, while humaira is fast asleep, haider lurks outside her tent and finally opens the door. Humaira is scared, and haider ties her legs and hands and tells her that now he would show her how thw crime is committed, that she falsely accused him of. he takes her forcibly out of the tent, while she tries to scream but is gagged.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya finds razia in the kitchen, mixing something in the milk, and wonders who’s she going to serve this milk. She follows razia as she walks out of the kitchen. She finds that razia has gone to rashid’s room. As razia comes inside, to feed rashid some milk, zoya stops her and says that she saw razia mixing something in the milk, to which razia vehemently denies. Zoya says that she wants to silence rashid forever, so that she isnt implicated of any crime. Zoya tells her to try it herself then first, before giving to him, if razia’s so sure. Razia is tensed, as she fumblingly starts to bring the tumbler closer to her lips. But then, much to her surprise, raZia breaks the glass, in front of zoya. Zoya says that her doubt was correct, as she wants to kill rashid. Razia asks her to prove or else sit silently. She shamelessly walks out of the room, while zoya is highly disturbed.

Zoya tells dilshad that razia is upto something. Dilshad says that she wont be able to do anything, and they would secure rashid’s room by turns, ad asks her to relax while she rests. Dilshad moves to rashid’s room. Zoya finds razia walking out, and goes on to follow her.

Later, zoya finds razia talking to a hooded man, and after having explained him certain things, she gives him a bundle of money, which shocks zoya. The man leaves, while razia too leaves off. Dilshad asks zoya why is she so tensed. zoya again expresses her fear about razia and her plans. dilshad asks her not to be tensed, and says that razia would never attack directly, and she is here to protect rashid. Zoya says that now that her crime is out in the open, razia would try more than anything else to defend herself. Zoya leaves the room, getting an idea, and asks dilshad not to leave the room. A shadow lurks behind of the same man, who razia had paid.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nazma and nikhat are working in the kitchen. as nazma retires, haseena asks nikhat not to make her work in such delicate condition, and in stead offers to make fruit salad for nazma and offers to add condensed milk too. She asks nikhat to take the fruits and sit outside to cut it easily. She complies. Haseena then mixes adhesive in the condensed milk jar to confuse nikhat, and then leaves. niikhat comes back and mixes adhesive, thinking it to be condensed milk. After she leaves, haseena again replaces the adhesive mixed condensed milk, with the normal can and leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While zoya is doing the curtains, razia takes the oppurtunity to send a message to dilshad through her phone, asking her to come down asap. When dilshad comes down, zoya asks her why. dilshad shows her the message confusedly, and zoya after her surprise, understands that this was razia’s trap and is scared for rashid. They both look up. the screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face.

Zoya realises that rashid is alone and hurries up, while dilshad stands stunned. She sees a man inside, by rashid’s bed, but before she can catch him, he runs off the window. Dilshad comes and sees and is shocked. As badi bi, razia and mamu enter, zoya reprimands razia for this. razia feigns innocence, but zoya shows him the blanket that the criminal left. razia asks if this can be hers even. Zoya says that one day she would have proof against her. Razia asks her to talk that day then. All are tensed and dilshad is shocked. zoya is speechless. mamu leaves, and razia too, but she is happy that zoya couldnt prove anything.

Zoya is sure that razia sent that man. dilshad too agrees. Badi bi thanks the lord and zoya for this. They ask zoya to rest, but zoya asks them to be alert as razia can do anything. Zoya leaves. Badi bi says that noone can do anything without proof against razia, but still they have to stay alert. both are tensed.

Zoya overhears razia reprimanding the person, on the phone, that he couldnt do a simple thing, and asks him to come meet at the same place, where this story started and that this time there shouldnt be any mistake. Razia leaves. Zoya gets razia’s message and wonders where are they meeting. Zoya decides to follow razia and catch her redhanded. She is sure that wherever razia goes,v she would follow, as she would find out where it began. As zoya leaves, razia comes out, thinking that the bird is trapped now, and that the war has continued long enough and has to end now, at the same place where the story started.

Scene 2:
Location: Outdoor Location
Haider carries humaira into a barn, and throws her on the haystack. haider takes off his shirt and says that today he would commit the crime for which she falsely accused him. He tries to impose himself on her, but she runs off, desperately trying a place to hide. haider begins to search for her. Syhe is super shocked. haider comes up from behind and catcahes her and then again pulls her on the floor, and begins to progress towards her. she asks him to forgive for her humungous mistake and promises never to do it again. she asks him not to spoil her life and let her go.

haider eyes her tensedly. Hev asks her if she understands whats disrespect, and he can take revenge if he wants to, but he has some standards and wont stoop as low as she did. He asks her to understand the gravity of the crime that she accused her of, and says that for her it was just a word, but it tarnished his reputation forever. He bangs his hand against the wall, while she runs off from there.

Scene 3:
Location: The doll factory
Razia comes to the doll factory, and is happy that zoya is obliviously following her, unknown to the trap that she has laid. Zoya begins to search for razia, who in hiding, calls up someone saying that the trap has been laid, and the bird is trapped too, and asks them to start their work. The hired goons enter while zoya is nervously going around the place, stealthily. As zoya, by fate lands in the doll factory, and is instinctively aware of someone’s presence behind her, she turns around to find those goons fastly progressing towards her. She gets scared. razis smiles evilly, finding zoya trapped. The hired criminals slash her wrist with a knife, while razia remembers how she had killed zoya’s mother and Zoya falls down. before they can slash her again, she dusts sand on their fecaes, and runs to hide, while they desperately search for her.

razia is tensed to see this. they finally find her, behind a carton, but she throws it at them, as they come to approach her. but she too falls unconscious after that. the goons come there too. razia says that this wasnt enough fun and that this time yet again, she would have to finish the task. The goons leave. Razia takes a can of petrol and sprinkles it around zoya, in a circle. She says that regrettably, zoya’s wish to meet her father couldnt be fulfilled, but she shouldnt be tensed, as she would soon meet her dead mother. she says that history repeats itself, and today she saw it too. she says that 17 years back, she killed her mother, and today its her turn.

she says that she may have treid hard to destroy razia, but those who keep that intention, are destroyed themselves, just like she is going to be today. razia lights up fire around her just like she had done with zoya’s mother, through rashid. razia asks zoya to wish her mother from razia’s side and leaves. zoya laysb unconscious in the circle of fire. razia leaves the doll factory, before glancing at her one last time. zoya remembers in her unconscious state, about that dream of hers, when asad’s voice calls out to her and she gets awake. Asad comes at the last minute to save zoya, crossing all hurdles, and braving the fire, while she too in her semi conscious state is surprised to see him and then drifts off into unconscious, after having recognised him. He jumps into the fire circle and picks her up in his arms. The screen freezes on Asad’s angry face.

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