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I do 16 July 2022: While sanam is soffucating inside the greenhouse, tanveer and gazalla rush madly to save her, along with razaak. She finally falls unconscious on the floor, as the gas begins to take over her nervous system. Tanveer reaches, and hollers at them to open the door of the gas filled chamber. while gazalla and razaak start suffocating and coughin, Tanveer rushes inside and tries to search around for sanam, amidst the smoke, and gazalla asks the person to turn off the gas. Trying to search for sanam, Tanveer herself has a fainting spell, and falls unconscious, beside sanam. gazalla rushes to her, while tanveer gasps for breath. She comes back with water and sprinkles water on her, and she gets conscious.

She berserkedly goes for sanam and tries to get her to come to senses. But she doesnt. she says that she wanted her to die, but she didnt, and now when she wants her to live, sanam isnt responding. Tanveer tells gazalla that she would kill her, if anything happens to sanam. gazalla rushes, and is stunned to find sanam’s wounded hands. She tells this to tanveer, who asks her to focus on getting sanam conscious, as she lies lovingly in tanveer’s lap, for the first time. gazalla informs tanveer that sanam is alive, and she is breathing. tanveer thanks the lord profusely. They take her out in fresh air. Tanveer is tensed wondering if sanam would wake up or not. gazalla asks her not to be, as the lord is with them. tanveer tells that once sanam gains consciosuness, she would give a prayer to the Dargah.

Finally sanam opens her eyes, and gazalla excitedly tells this to tanveer, who is overjoyed too. She goes onto kiss snam, in her excitement, and loves her galore. sanam, just conscious is shocked at this loving treatment.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As sanam comes inside with tanveer and gazalla, she asks why this sudden change of behaviour. Tanveer says that a person cares for her enemy, only when she is helpless and not out of love. She says that had it been her will, sanm would have been dead, but she cant even if she wants to. She says that she cant kill sanam even if she wants. As they find ahil coming in shocked, tanveer pretends to be highly concerned and careful and loving towards sanam, and narrates the entire story of how sanam was unconscious in the greehouse. She says it very empathisingly. Ahil is overwhelmed that she went there just to save sanam. She says that she didnt do it just for sanam, but for him too, as if sanam had died, he would have been very upset, and she can face anything, but his sadness. sanam is upset to find tanveer gaining his trust, who says that he isnt able to believe that tanveer did this for someone, who she doesnt like. tanveer pretends to be modest. sanam is upset.

Scene 3:
Location: Haya’s residence
haya prays to the lord, that there should be one merciful person, who reads that message and tells it to rahat. She tells that this is her only way out, of faiz’s trap, and god knows if she would get this chance to go out again or not.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, rahat thanks the lawyer who got him out on bail. the lawyer says that he maybe out on bail, but he has a strict and stern charge against him, and hence he cant move out. Rahat complies, and wonders how haya might be, and in what conditions. He gets a call, from a girl, who has seen Haya’s message from the washroom, and narrates it to rahat. He is highly thankful, as he gets to know the entire message. He begins to move out.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road and in the dargah
As haya walks with faiz in the dargah, she is highly hopeful as she prays, while faiz smiles oblivious of his plan. Meanwhile, on the road, rahat drives his car frantically, remembering the danger haya is in, and their moments together. Rahat finally arrives, while haya bows down her head just then, and he isnt able to trace her. faiz prays and thanks the lord that finally haya accepted him as her true love. haya prays that she only has place for rahat in her heart, and hopes for mercy to be shown on them. Rahat meanwhile, prays at a distance, pleading to the lord to unite him with haya, and not give punishment to her, for what she didn do, and that he should rather pay for all the mistakes that he did in their relation. haya instinctively feels his presence, but before she can turn around and see him, he bends down, and faiz comes beside her. she leaves with him tensedly.

Scene 6:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil asks sdanam why did she go herself. she says that there was a time when she was the centre of his happiness, but today she gives him nothing but sadness. She says that she knew how much this flower meant to him. Sanam tells ahil that she went to the mursery so that she become the reason for the smile on his happiness, showing him the wilted flower. She apologises that she wasnt able to save it. Ahil leaves angrily. sanam is tensed. She kesp the flower back on the table, and leaves. ahil returns back and eyes the flower, and when latif is about to come and take it away, he stops her, and takes it from her, overwhelmingly. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Seher wonders what Tanveer wants, first trying to kill Sanam and then doing all this to save her. Sanam says maybe she wants to retain her place in Ahils eyes. Seher says she did not need to go that far. She could do this in front of Ahil and make bigger impression. Tanveer tells Azhars parents that she had to save Sanam as if anything happened to her, the property would go to trust. Sanam-2 overhears the convo.

Seher wonders what to do now and how to deal with Tanveer. Sanam wonders same thing. She rues that Tanveer once again regained her image before Ahil, she beat us out. Seher says i wanna find out the reason. Sanam-2 walks in and says i know the reason.Tanveer says even if i din kill Sanam, i know how to throw her out of Ahils life. I know she wants to regain her place in Ahils life, i know Ahil. .he may act tough but his heart is soft. Need to throw her out. Azhars mom asks what Tanveer wants to do. Tanveer says think how Ahil reacted to Sanams injury how will he react if his mom is hurt. She says will hurt myself and make Ahil hate Sanam. Tanveer says ..jeet uski hoti hai jo apni majburi ko takat bana sake.

Sanam swears that she will reveal Tanveer real face before Ahil and will put her life at stake. Faiz tells Haya he had great fun at the dargah as first time he came to dargah with his love, till now he could only ask for his love from Allah. Rahat is looking for Faiz-Haya. He rues that he got delayed. Faiz points bangle shop to Haya and offers to buy for her but she refuses. Faiz says fine, wait here, will get car to leave. Rahat-Haya are near to each other but cant see each other. Haya prays that just one time please take me to Rahat. She starts screaming THIEF. All ask the matter. Rahat overhears the voice of Haya and runs towards the commotion.

Faiz comes and tells that nothings wrong just misunderstanding. He leads Haya away. Rahat spots them and runs after them but Faiz-Haya leave. Haya apologizes to Faiz for forgetting. She wonders if Rahat saw her or not. She prays for a miracle. Rahat is following Faiz-Haya. But suddenly Faiz over runs a car whose driver gets hurt. Rahta runs to the injured persons car.Next day morning, Tanveer hears of swabbing outside her room and resolves to teach Sanam a lesson and get her thrown out of the house. Seher is swabbing the floor and Tanveer opens the door and says.. what kind of cleaning is this, floor is all wet. Seher says.. am Sanam. Tanveer deliberately falls and hurts herself and screams.

Part 2

Azhars parents rush to her screaming and ask the matter. Tanveer says nothing happened, you all just scream. They keep screaming. Ahil overhears and rushes to her. He asks what happened. Azhars mom says Sanam spilled soap water on the floor and Tanveer slipped. She doesnt even come down. Ahil turns and sees Sanam is down. Latif says Sanam was with me. Tanveer says but i overheard her. She rues that i am getting old. Ahil chides Azhars parents. He helps take her to the room. Sanam watches the drama quietly. Tanveer chides Azhars parents for not noticing that Sanam moves from upstairs to the kitchen. Azhars mom asks ur sure u heard Sanam. Tanveer says am blind not deaf, heard it was Sanams voice. Tanveer sends Azhars parents to keep an eye on Sanam.

Ahil takes out some papers and screams as he cant find what he wants. He calls out to Latif. Sanam comes with flowers. She notices the papers and Ahil explains about the papers he wants. Sanam gives to him. She says ur old habit, u dun see whats in front of u when ur busy. She gives Ahil flowers to hold. Ahil watches her mesmerised.Azhars parents watch and crib that… if Sanam keeps decorating Ahils room and life like this with flowers, our life will be filled with thorns. Tanveer says you better go decorate the house with these flowers as well.

Part 3

Azhars parents wonder that Tanveer always pricks like a thorn in everyones life then what will she do with all these flowers.They watch as Tanveer comes in the hall and sniffs a flower and starts sneezing. Azhars parents are scared. Tanveer smirks. Tanveer screams asking who brought these flowers, ur trying to kill me with these flowers. Sanam comes and asks the matter. Tanveer asks i saved u and ur doing all this with me. Ahil arrives home right then. Tanveer says Sanam is trying to kill me. Tanveer says.. Sanam brought these flowers, all know i am allergic to these. Azhars parents say yes we saw Sanam bring these flowers. Sanam says i dinno about this allery of urs, no one told me, not even Ahil. Azhars dad says u always take advantage of Ahil. Ahil fumes on them. Asks them what they were doing. Tanveer blames Sanam. Ahil says am here, will give u meds. Azhars parents sulk. Sanam wonders what Tanveer is trying to do.



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