I do update Saturday 16 April 2022

I do 16 April 2022: Farhan and Haseena come back home. Haseena says they dumped Nikhat in a lake. Sameera is worried that her family will asks for her. Najma rings the beel. Haseena goes to open the door. Sameera hides behind the couch. Najma comes and sees the state of the house and is curious. While Najma bends down. Farhan notices Nikhat’s earring and somehow kicks it away. Najma is walking to her room and spoyts a dupatta there. She asks them whose is it. Farhan-Haseena are tense.

Nazma finds a dupatta and she asks whose dupatta is that. Farhan and Haseena get worried. Haseena somehow manages to take Nazma away from there, and Nazma fails to see Sameera.

Zoya is going crazy over finding next clue. Asad explains her that Tanveer knows how badly Zoya is in her father’s search and she’s taking advantage of that. She doesn’t want them to be together despite getting married. Zoya calms down and says who knows her father could be around her and they are not able to see it. Mamu listens to that and gets emotional. Asad takes Zoya with him.

Next morning, Asad is changing his shirt. Zoya wakes up and smiles looking at him. Asad says it’s not good to stare at people when they are changing. Zoya says a sharyi:

after all cheez apni hai, koi parai nahi.
Asad says what has happened to today’s girls, what Zoya’s husband would think when he finds that out. Zoya says he will think all that when he gets free from his work. He’s a bore type and doesn’t know how to live a life. They get close. Asad asks her what more she knows about her husband and runs after her. They fall on the bed. Dilshad enters and they get up straight away. Dilshad says she came to say that breakfast is ready, but she should have just sent it to their room. Zoya says they were just coming down. After Dilshad leaves, Zoya tells Asad he should have been careful about whether door was locked or no.

They come down and are surprised to see Tanveer doing some preparations. Tanveer goes to them and says new bahu has come to this house so she has to welcome her. Zoya says there’s no need for that as her ‘dua’ isn’t going away from them. She asks how she found out about Agra. Tanveer teases them and says whether they like it or not, her ‘dua’ are always with them. Dilshad comes and Tanveer tells her about Walima function. She says it’s usually after suhagraat and Asad-Zoya have spent two nights together already. Dilshad says she told Tanveer not to do anything, but she still did it and she is not wrong about Walima. Asad and Zoya ask if its possible to do this function after couple of days.

Tanveer again teases them asking whether they didn’t celebrate their suhagraat yet. She calls them very shy bride and groom. Dilshad asks them to go with her. Tanveer smiles.

Dilshad asks them what’s going on. She had promised Rashid about doing Walima after returning from Agra. Asad says he’s getting late and leaves. He gestures Zoya to handle Dilshad’s questions. Dilshad asks Zoya if she has anything to say. Zoya says she also has to go. Dilshad stops her and says first step is marriage, next is suhagraat, and third is baby. She doesn’t want any delay in third step. Zoya says ok puphi. Dilshad tells her to call ammi or mum from now. Zoya says ok ammi and hugs her.

Haider brings Humaira somewhere and looks her with a bad sight. After that he leaves the car. Humaira opens her eyes and searches for Haider. She comes out of the car and is shocked to see her house.

Zoya is sleeping. Someone comes in and puts another piece of photo on a table there and then makes noise and runs away. Zoya goes to see who it was, but no luck. She comes back and finds the piece. She thinks it’s Tanveer who’s doing all this and goes to talk to her, but she sees Tanveer working in the hall. She says it can’t be her then. Mamu looks at Zoya and says to himself that he can’t tell anything to Zoya, but allah will surely bring them together one day.

Dilshad asks Nazma about Nikhat. Nikhat says she’s fine, she just has some weakness. Dilshad suggests for another doctor, but Nazma says her current doctor is good. Asad comes and asks for the doctor’s name. Nazma lies, but Asad catches it and asks her to say the truth. Nikhat was about to say, but Haseena and Farhan come there on last moment and say Nikhat is fine.

Humaira finds Haider and gets mad at him asking why he brought her to her house again. Haider says he knows how much she loves her parents and can’t live without them. Humaira says but her parents don’t love her and asks him to run away from there again. Haider says he will take her with him, but not like this. He will take her with her parents permission. He asks if she has faith in him. Humaira says more than herself and hugs him. Mamu sees it. Haider smiles looking at Mamu.

Haider and Humera stop in their tracks as Gaffur walks up to them ..! Seeing Humera all nervous.. he hugs her ..! Humera breaksdown in his arms..! Haider smirks at Gaffur..! Humera apologizes and seeks forgiveness..! She says.. she knows.. by disappearing she caused embarassment for Gaffur ..but she had no option … dinno what to do..! Humera says.. dun tell anything to Haider.. if am with u ..its coz of him! Haider says… come on Sasurji .. after honeymoon ..need house to live..! Dun try to instigate her against me.. she is nuts about me… ‘Dewangi hidayatein nahi manti’ …! Humera says i know u dun like Haider.. but u know ..that u dun have any reason for that..! Humera requests Gaffur to look from her side.. n says that. ..all my happiness is from Haider..! Haider says to Gaffur.. that ur daughter is very innocent.. the man she is linking her life with .is poisoning her relations …! World is cruel .. u ruined mine n i will ruin hers..! Haider says.. its all in ur hands Gaffur…! Decide .. with whom n how do u wanna see ur daughters life be ruined? Before the world or before u..! Haider says decide n let me know ..! Gaffur says.. my happiness is in ur happiness..!

Gaffur says.. just want u to stay in front of my eyes.. n only that matters for me! Humera hugs Gaffur..! Haider ;smirks.. ! Gaffur self thot.. dunno how to tell u Humera …

Dilshad says.. was so worried about Nikhat.. and everytime i asked Najma.. she was stammering! She says glad to know she is recovering! Haseena says.. sure.. will like it.. if u come! Haseena says.. as such ur Nikhats step mom but love her so much..! Farhaan says… she is unwell .. wont rest if u come..! She wanted to see the AsYa wedding at Taj ..but! Haseena says.. i too wanted to go to.. all went in flight ..! Asad says u should have come! Haseena says.. wanted to come .. but these days searching for home…! Asad asks why? Haseena says.. Najma is in family way and Farhaan has moved on in life.. so want to have one more house..! Farhaan says.. actually .. that way Nikhat will feel better..!

Asad offers their old home to them..! Najma is shocked..! Haseena-Farhaan are delighted ..! Asad goes to get keys .. n Dilshad goes to get snacks! Najma says.. we need to tell all to Asad.. was quiet for wedding but not anymore.. will tell him all ..! Haseena-Farhaan shocked..!

Part 2

Zoya is pacing in her room n says why do i feel as if i have met this person .. n interacted with him ..all this feels so strange..! She is holding a pic in pieces..! Humera comes n Zoya asks how r u? Where were u? Humera asks what do u think? U will ask me questions and i will answer? She walks off n Zoya stops her n asks why so bitter? Atleast wish me? Humera says.. why? U have all that u need..! Zoya says dun have all … mukammal jahan to kisi ko nahi milta..! Zoya shows the piece of pic to Humera… asks her if she recognizes the person ?? Humera puts the pieces together and says .. here with time.. color of lovers change.. so how will i say anything with these pieces ?? She returns the pieces to Zoya and walks off..! Zoya wonders what to do? Who is doing this to me? Is this Tanvirs handywork? For people its pieces of a pic but this is my life..!

Haseena says.. it does not look nice .. to delve in the details of our personal life with others? Najma says.. this is Nikhats family too .. was quiet for AsYa wedding.. n now will tell him all ..! Farhaan says Nikhat is my wife.. dun want anything getting leaked …! Najma falls quiet..!

Asad comes and Dilshad offers sweet to all and Najma sulks..!

Humera says.. every moment when u r with me Haider feel like every moment is magical .. feel like dancing.. ! Haider says not interested to see a non dancer dance .. n if i do.. will see the awards show where RanDeep are dancing!

Haseena says.. mara hua pati ..sava lakh ka hota hai.. aur ye to mar kar zinda rehne wali patni to crores ki hai..! Najma asks Haseena to keep her updated about Nikhat! Haseena says.. wherever she is ..she is fine.. dun worry.. focus on ur baby..! The duo walk off..! Najma rues that.. doesnt look like Farhaan even cares for Nikhat..! She prays for Nikhats safety..! Suddenly a servant is walking n trips.. a paper falls out about inmates of a mental institution .. n guesses Nikhat is back..seeing the uniform..!

Tanvir says.. saved 2000 + Rupees… n u buy expensive stuff…! Razia says.. Gaffur brought a sauten but so trashy …! She says.. dun indulge in all this penny pinching .. but those who live off streets.. need to do all the saving..! Razia says.. when i want will get u kicked out of this home! Tanvir says… from today all ur unnecessary expenses.. stop … ur hubby retired n may have to pack up from here too! Razia tells Tanvir to watch her words or she will cut her tounge..! Servant says… dhobi has come .. n Tanvir steps out of kitchen..!

Zoya keeps the pieces of pic on kitchen counter to see Tanvirs reaction to it..!

Part 3

Tanvir comes in the kitchen n notices the pics… ! Zoya is recording her reaction ..! She wonders what it is? She shouts on Razia for not cleaning things properly ..!Zoya tells Asad that Tanvir doesnt know about these pics..she din react! Asad says.. Tanvir is very smart..u cant fool her..! Zoya wonders who is doing all this ? Asad says.. yep ..wonder who.. someone who is watching us but doesnt wanna come in front of us..! Zoya is confused..!

Asad gives Zoya Haider’s gift. He says it slipped his mind so he forgot but now he is giving it to her. Zoya shayri memory hai weak aapki, and you are not that clever, mujhe mera gift toh mil gaya better late than never’ Zoya makes Asad say “Wah! Wah!” She loves the doll and it is very pretty. Asad says it is perfect gift as it suits her mental age; Zoya sees doll and feels a connection.

FB Gafur telling a lady take our daughter away only that way all can be happy because if she does not then no one will be happy. The little girl has doll in her hand girl continuously crying saying she don’t wanna go. Gafur wishes he had stopped Zoya as she was close to him even after going far but now she is so close but still far. Zoya says “I think I know this doll,

have played with it, it is mine and am seeing it after many years.” Haider says “I had this doll from years with me but I don’t know why I felt like giving it to you. Feel that if my chutki would be alive she would be like you; I feel that you are the only one who has the right to the doll.” Gafur says I have no rights over you but wish before I die you come to know the truth n once call me abbu and I can ask forgiveness.”
Najma sad watching album has fbs about the dupatta at QM. She thinks Haseena n Farhaan acting weird change topic when I mention Nikhat. She prays she is fine wants to meet Nikhat.

AsYa room,
Mr. Khan working Zoya places doll beside; Zoya sees him work goes to him but seeing Asad engrossed in work she is about to leave but he takes her hand and pulls her on his lap. “If you look at me like this How will I work?” Zoya complains he is workaholic no time for wife; Asad shuts the lappy and gets a good hubby compliment from wifey; she kiss on forehead Asad puts forth left cheek then right cheek aims for the right target “Mitwa ishq pe zor nahi” Ruakwat ke liye khed hai knock at the door. “PIZZA!!!” “WHAT?” Zoya on bed Asad looking at her. Taunt one on one
Asad have pizza
Zoya no pizza can wait
Asad no no have
Zoya yeah pizza can wait
Asad says no no eat your pizza don’t make it wait we can talk later
Zoya says I love you more n more for these things
Asad OCD making an appearance par wifey ke saamne OCD ka zor nahi chalta
Zoya eating and talking…
Asad gone to sleep; she keeps pizza box away wipes hands with the blanket
Hugs asad
“Phir kya hua agar waste ho gayi humari ek aur night
Agar aap ho saath toh my future is bright”
Kisses Asad and sleeps hugging him.

Part 2
Najma searches for the number of the mental institute. She calls and asks about Nikhat. She gets to know that no patient by the name of Nikaht is there. Najma tells that they have admitted her there and gets a reply that maybe she is at some other branch. She asks for help in finding Nikhat making an excuse that she is a relative and has forgotten the dupatta at her house. She gets a reply that it is difficult but can find Nikhat with the help of the mark of the laundry. Najma is hopeful, she decides to get the dupatta and then plan other things.

In Gazia room Raiza is getting ready. {Bomb man she looks} She sees Humaira and calls her. Gives her a jewelry box and asks her to wear the contents as her Sadia khala is coming from Australia and that she should not think less of them. Humaira refuses and says she is going out. Razia points out that she is going with Haider. Gazia both share a tensed look. Razia tells her to get some poison for her parents. She says that if Humaira continues her actions and humiliates her parents it is better that they consume poison. Humaira brings up Asad and Zoya living under the same roof before their nikaah but no one said anything to Zoya. Razia says I am talking about you and I do not need to think about Zoya. Humara says Zoya and I are the same both are modern girls so why different rules for us. Just because she is not your daughter. Gafur says “Zoya humaari beti… Razia cuts Gafur words saying that if someone jumps in the well will you too? Razia orders Humaira to go get ready. Humaira leaves. Razia tells Gafur to see the way Humaria is speaking and she says one rotten fish spoils the entire lake. Says your Zoya has thrown out of the window the tehzeeb of this house.

Part 3
Haseena in Dilshaad room at KV Chikni chameli’ and her greedy heights. Dorr bell rings and she sees Najma at the door. She is not happy to see her there. Najma makes an excuse that she has come to take her things. Haseena thinks why is Najma coming to take her things. She wonders if there is something fishy.

Razia comes out of her room all decked up and sees Tanveer. Tanveer shocked looking at her jewelry. Asks Razia for jewelry as guests are coming. She says if she does not wear good thing then guests will say Siddique’s vault open only for one wife. Razia says they will say something only when they see her. She asks her to stay away. Taunts her that Tanveer will look beautiful in the jewelry but in her dreams. Tanveer’s mood spoils. Razia says I will never share the jewelry with you. Tanveer says that if you can share your husband with me then why not the jewelry will she fight with the masoom sauten Tanveer. Tanveer says I will take them from your vault. Razia says I have the keys Tanveer says she will get not one but all keys. {Main key Gafur toh she has}

Najma looking for dupatta Haseena asks about Valeema Najma says it has postponed. She then is asked about her God Bharai but she is still looking for the dupatta and does not answer to Haseena. She finds the dupatta. Haseena comes to the room and Najma hides the dupatta. Haseena again asks why she did not answer Najma makes an excuse that the volume of the tv was high, Haseena once again asks about God Bharai. Najma leaves Haseena says Asad is right when you lie your cheeks become red. Something is definitely up.

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