Anupamaa update Monday 18 April 2022

Anupamaa 18 April 2022: The Episode starts with Vanraj asking Anupama not to say sorry. He says I have to tolerate everything, you know everything has a limit, be it rubber or relations, it breaks when pulled much, I m scared that I may stop coming home one day. She cries. Its morning, Jhilmil asks Anupama why did she throw the trophy in the bin. Anupama says I m rectifying the mistake, take it away. Mama ji comes and says give it to me. Anupama greets him. He blesses her.

He says you know I have a habit to forget. She says Bapu ji has sent you. He says yes, I have come to taunt Didi. He says I have won, but what, I will show it to Didi, she will be proud. She says no. He says Jija ji told me that you have won this trophy, congrats, I will go now. She says you are not going, but coming. He says I remember. She laughs. Jhilmil takes the trophy and says I will take it home and bring it later. Anupama looks at the trophies, won by Vanraj. Anupama says I will bring the snacks. Samar plays music and dances. Paritosh works out. Vanraj says very good, sun is the good source for vitamin D. He jokes on Samar.

Samar teases Paritosh about Kinjal. Paritosh asks how did you hear it. Samar laughs. Paritosh says respect your elder brother. Samar says like you respect mum, you don’t insult her. Paritosh says I give her card on every mothers day. Samar says you ignore her always, you feel guilty. They argue. Samar says I wish you supported mum yesterday. He goes. Anupama comes and tries to open a jar. Paritosh helps her. She smiles. He hugs her. She asks what happened. He says thanks for arranging my cupboard. She says Mama ji has come, get ready, he will be back from temple. Samar says yes. Paritosh says no.

Mama ji jokes on Baa. Baa asks Anupama to make Dahi wada, none can make it better than her. Anupama looks at her. Baa says I mean, none can make it better than me. Anupama says I have learnt it from you. Baa says Vanraj will forgive you. Anupama says I wish this happens. She says mum and Bhavesh are also coming today. Baa says they stay nearby, you go and meet them, you know the price of milk and sugar, your Maayka people will come and have tea. Mama ji taunts Baa. Anupama says I will make Dahi wada tomorrow. Baa says fine, feed them the morning dhokla. Vanraj comes and greets Mama. Mama praises him. Samar and Paritosh greet him. Vanraj laughs talking to Mama. He sees Anupama. Vanraj likes the dhokla a lot.

He says this is the best dhokla in the world. Samar says then she should have put that stall. Vanraj asks him to study LLB and become a lawyer. He says I never stopped you from dance, understand the difference between hobby and career.Paritosh says I told him. Samar says no one wants to know the problem of middle child, I m an artist. Vanraj says you will be unemployed. Samar asks why don’t you encourage me, you hate me. Vanraj says I hate your career decision, you won’t understand it now. He goes. Samar cries. Anupama worries. Pakhi’s school principal calls Vanraj. He says Pakhi’s mother is busy, you can tell me, what…. He goes to Anupama. He says principal called. Pakhi says I didn’t do anything. Vanraj says she has offered a job to Anupama. They get surprised. Anupama says maybe its wrong. Vanraj wants Anupama to give cooking classes. Pakhi says no, everyone was teasing me, my social life will be ruined. Samar says you are so selfish.

Paritosh says mummy can’t do this, I m stopping her from embarrassment. Mama says let her do, its matter of two hours, we will manage the work, I will cook and you wash the utensils. Baa says no. Samar says people don’t have any empathy. Vanraj asks them to stop it. He asks Anupama does she want to do the job or not. Samar says yes. Vanraj asks can you balance between job and house. He asks her to say it quickly, he is getting late.She recalls his words and says I can’t do it. She goes. Mama ji signs Samar that he will talk to Anupama. Kavya comes to Vanraj and greets him. She says meeting is ready, we shall have a short date. Vanraj asks what, are we teenagers. She says we can become teenagers, we have to keep relationship young. She sets a table and gets coffee. He smiles. Anupama’s family comes home. Baa dances. Anupama’s mum smiles. Baa taunts them. Mama ji treats them well.

Anupama comes and meets her family. She hugs her mum. Baa says they are meeting like they didn’t meet since long. Diku says since two months. Anupama says everything is fine. Kavya says date ready. Vanraj says I m looking at you, you know, every moment spent with you in special, because you make it special. She smiles. He says I have to call Pakhi’s principal, she had offered a job to Anupama, but Anupama refused for the cooking classes. Kavya asks why. Vanraj says there is a big difference in job and cooking class, she can’t do it. She says she proved that she can do it, I don’t hate her, I have seen her efforts in fun fair, why did you stop her. He says she refused, Pakhi doesn’t want her to go to school. Kavya says no, if you are supportive to your daughter, sister and colleague, why do you become a typical indian man when it comes to your wife.

Anupama’s mum giving the laddoos for Baa. Baa asks which ghee did you use, we just have desi ghee laddoo. Mama eats the laddoo and asks her to teach it to Baa. Nihaal asks what did you make for me. Anupama says I have made dhokla. He asks why not Dahi wada. Baa says Samar just went out. Samar recalls Vanraj’s words. He dances on Jee Karda….. He says I will fulfill my dream, its mum’s dream as well, she couldn’t become a dancer. Kavya asks for a treat. Vanraj says okay, Anupama’s handmade veg pakodas, its your fav. She says but I m not her fav. He says everyone likes you, come with me.Baa talks to Bhavesh and asks his salary. Bhavesh says I want to arrange 50000rs for mum’s knee operation. Baa says don’t get operation done in this age. Nihaal says she isn’t able to walk well. Anupama worries. Her family takes a leave. Baa asks Anupama to give the empty box, else they will come again to take it.

Anupama thinks not to give empty box. She puts some dry fruits in it. She gives money to Nihaal. She asks him to buy a shirt for himself. Anupama’s family leave. Baa and Bapu ji talk on video call. Vanraj and Kavya come home. Paritosh says mum knows dad’s car sound, what a love. Anupama greets Kavya. Vanraj says Kavya cracked a big deal today. Anupama says great, sorry for the fun fair. Kavya says I m sorry, forget it, its a small thing. Anupama smiles and says I will make your fav food today, sit. Baa says make it in desi ghee. Kavya says you proved you are a good cook, you should accept the job offer. Samar smiles. Everyone gets shocked.Kavya says Vanraj told me, I think you should agree, you cook at home also, you can cook there also, you can leave the job anytime you want. Samar says she is right. Kavya says your husband isn’t typical, he has no problem with working women. Vanraj says of course, its your wish. Everyone asks her to agree. Anupama thinks of her mum’s operation. She agrees. She says I will do the job. Kavya wishes her all the best. They shake hands. Vanraj makes a face.

Anupama calls the principal and says its my yes. Principal says congrats, you are the best students, we are started the classes to direct energy of 11 year old students, send me the email id. Anupama says I don’t have it. Principal says ask your children to make the id, so that we can send the appointment letter and salary details. Anupama thanks her. She dances with Samar. She asks him to make her email id. He says I will make id with full name, Anupama Shah. She asks him to add his dad’s name in her name. He asks her to say it once.She says Anupama Vanraj Shah. She gets shy. He laughs and says you are blushing. She says it happens in love. He teases her. She beats him. Kavya asks Vanraj what’s the matter. He says you can stay as my GF or Anupama’s best friend, you decide it. She says you are worried for our good relations, you want me to fight with her, its my life, I decide my equations.

He asks her not to complicate the situations. She says you took me to your house. They argue. He says Anupama can’t become part of our world, just keep your relation with me, don’t try to become Anupama’s best friend. She nods. She gets Anirudh’s call. He asks why is he calling you. She says he is my ex-husband. He asks will he call at 12 o’clock. She asks him to relax.She goes to talk. He gets angry. He says you couldn’t talk in front of me. She says I didn’t check on you and Anupama, I trusted you, when you said you and Anupama have no physical and emotional connection, can’t you trust me, he told me about meeting the lawyer for divorce, if you love me, then learn to trust. He says I will go. She asks him to work on an imp presentation. He smiles.Its morning, Anupama says I have become a teacher. Devika asks her not to repeat sarees. Anupama says I will teach the little kids, I can help my mum and brother now. She smiles. Baa eats snacks. Dolly asks where is Mama ji. Baa says maybe he went to meet someone, why did you spend money. Baa complains about Anupama. Dolly says its fine, I also do a job. Baa says you will go for job, Anupama will also go, who will manage Meenu. Dolly asks her to manage Meenu. Meenu runs to Anupama.

Anupama greets Dolly. Meenu gives her a pen. Anupama thanks her. Dolly says your theplas helped me a lot. Baa says now she won’t make the place.Anupama says I will balance home and job well. Baa calls Bapu ji. Anupama greets him. Samar gets the appointment letter and asks Anupama to sign it. Anupama takes Baa’s blessings. She asks Bapu ji am I doing right. Bapu ji says woman always thinks as a mother, man thinks for himself, a mother always have her family along. Anupama cries happily. She says Meenu, I m signing by your pen, come and see. She signs. Samar dances. Dolly claps. Anupama thinks of her mum. She thinks I got a chance to fulfill a daughter’s responsibility.

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