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I do 28 February 2022: Ayan, humaira and zoya reach a communal marriage ceremony of seven couples, accidentally, unknown that the other is also there where they individually dress up as bride and groom to escape their respective enemies.

Humaira and ayan enter a closed room, where ayan says that its safe for her to be here, while he goes out to get some help. As he is about to leave, humaira says that she’s scared, and doesnt want him to go leaving her. He asks her not to be scared as he would come back, promise. Humaira is pacified with his promise. He hugs her and then leaves, asking her not to move come what may.

The priest announces that they have gathered here for communal marriage of seven couples, for a n oble cause, and thanks the couples and their parents. Meanwhile, ayan is found by vikram and his goons. Ayan manages to flee from there, with them following her. The priest begins with the ceremonies, of calling them one by one. Zoya overhears a girl talking to her mother, of her froom not turning up. She is shocked when she finds that the goons have followed her there. She stealthily drapes the dupatta of that girl, to avoid being seen by them, and sits amongst the brides. The goons are baffled as to where she went. The priest asks the groom to take their positon, while their parents put the sehra on them. One of the managing committee members tells about the diappearance of one groom. ayan overhears this and finds a sehra lying astray.

He stealthily takes the sehra on him, to avoid being seen by vikram and his friends. Vikram goes to the other side. Ayan gets shirin’s disturbed call, and he says that he cant talk right now and would talk later. Shirin is tensed that he looked very tensed, and hassled and he seemed out of breath. She says that she wont go till ayan reaches. rashid asks her not to bother unnecessarily. He tries ayan’s number, but find that he isnt picking up. All are surprised and tensed. Vikram is searching around for ayan, while tanveer’s goons are searching for zoya.

Meanwhile, zoya and ayan, dressed as bride and groom, are unknown that they they are facing each other for marriage. they keep their heads low so as not to be seen. Zoya and ayan sit on the other side of the purdah, to escape from the goons. Vikram to is searching around for ayan.

The priest begins the marriage of the first couple, while ayan and zoya look around tensed, unknown of their fate. The committee member recognise ayan, and are perplexed as to what is he doing here. they decide to call up Mamujaan and inform him of the same. The priest proceeds with the marriage, happy that ayan too is presenting such simplicity by taking part in this, despite being of such a huge family. The priest asks the member to ask the bride’s name. He complies. The priest goes on to the next marriage. The member comes back and says that the girl’s name is zoya.

Asad, nazma and dilshad are very tensed that zoya is not to be seen, and her phone is unreachable. Haseena begins to taunt them if there’s any problem. But dilshad denies anything like that, while asad is tensed. Asad is very angry that she’[s doing this on her marriage day, and that she’s breaking the promise made to him. dilshad asks him to try and find out if she’s in any problem. Asad calls up but sees that the phone is switched off. Zoya too is surprised that the phone is switched and hence asad couldnt contact.

While Rashid calls up ayan, and is angrily reprimanding him, for such an irresponsible behaviour and asks him to get out and come home asap, he doesnt realise that the priest is calling out his name for marriage to zoya, with a meher of 15000Rs. He doesnt pay attention to what the priest is saying, so engrossed is he in explaining to rashid, and while the priest asks if he accepts the marriage, all he hears is rashid screaming into his ears, asking him to come home, he shouts out, YES, which the people gathered there, take as acceptance to his marriage. At that moment, humaira is gripped by a sudden fear for ayan.

Asad too calls up zoya and reprimands her for such a brash behaviour, when she says that she cant say anything right now and would come home and explain everything. While the priest is talking to her about her marriage, she has her concentration on talking to asad, and just like ayan’s ignorance, she too says YES, unknown that its taken as her acceptance to marriage. They both are gripped by a sudden unknwon fear when all people start congratulating each other. zoya and ayan are boggled. Asad is tensed, when he finds the phone disconnected. Zoya and ayan raise their veils. The screen freezes on ayan’s, asad’s and zoya’s tensed faces.

Location: Communal marriage centre and Asad’s and Ayan’s residence
Zoya and ayan both are boggled, when suddenly the crowds start cheering and clapping. Zoya keeps the phone saying that she would talk later. As ayan takes his sehra off, the priest congratulates him, to his amazement. Zoya, too take off her dupatta, and is surprised to see the setting.

Zoya and ayan are shokced when they come face to face with each other, and the realisation of their marriage dawns in.
Asad is highly tensed, and dilshad comes and says that they cant wait any longer, and that they should begin

Dilshad asks about the background noises. Asad says that it was too noisy but there was

Asad says that he could have been informed today of all days. All are tensed. hassena

comes in to ask when would the marriage start. She asks them if their daughter in law ran away yet again. dilshad and asad are tensed and surprised. She says that she was just asking. The priest comes and says that they shouldnt delay the ceremony any longer. dilshad asks him to start the function, saying that zoya has gone to the dargah to be blessed. Dilshad leaves with them

The maulwi take hold of a boggled and confused zoya and ayan, and asks the photographer to take picture of the lovely couple. He gives the press byte that
Zoya asks ayan whats this. Ayan says that its all a mistake. They understand that it was an accident. All comes and congratulate ayan. He says that its just an accident.

Zoya says that the

Ayan asks her to relax first. they both ask what the other is doing here. Ayan tells what happened, and how they both ran and came here. They both say that they didnt see the other. They both say that they didnt even understand what happened. They laugh at this funny joke, that they got married. They decide not to take it seriously. Ayan takes her leave to go to humaira, and zoya is surprised that

Zoya remembers tanveer’s warning, and says that she has to go early. Ayan offers to drop, but she asks him to take care of humaira. She hopes that nazma hasnt gotten married yet, and decides to stop it.

Ayan enters the store room, where humaira hugs him tightly. Ayan remembers his marriage, and is shaking in the hands to hug her back. she senses this and is disbelieveing that he’s alright. He informs them that all have gone and they should leave too. She is shocked to notice something. But ayan

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
The marriage rituals start. zoya takes an auto, and wonders what if nazma is already married. As the auto comes to a stop outside the house, nazma, on priest’s instructions, agrees to marry him, shyly. Zoya gets out of the auto and enters hurridely inside, to stop nazma’s marriage. By the thirs btime, nazma agrees to the marriage, zoya comes in out of breath, and finds to her horror that half of the nikah is over. She is distraught. Asad sees zoya. Zoya eyes imran. asad rushes to zoya, in anger and asks where she went, and how tensed they all were. Zoya is speechless. He caresses her and asks calmly where she went. Zoya remembers her horrific day and the wedding to ayan. She hesitates to say, and asad starts losing patience. Dilshad is surprised to see zoya. Haseena and chandbi too notice. all guests see her.

Dilshad too comes and reprimands her for atleast telling them before going. Haseena comes and says that by the time she has returned, much has changed, when she went they were just aquaintances, but now they are related. zoya is surprised.

Dilshad asks her top freshen up, after which the priest shall do their marriage too. zoya finds asad staring angrily at her. she asks dilshad to go and see nazma, and is allowed. She goes to nazma and remembers tanveer’s confessions. Zoya says that if she tells it now, nazma would be broken, and that she would have to tread very carefully. She hugs and congratulates nazma on her marriage. She tunrs around to find asad still in anger.(MITWA) She leaves. Asad thinks that there’s something zoya is hiding. Zoya goes to her room, and remembers the marriage, and hopes that she hasnt done something wrong and cant make up her mind whether to talk to asad or not about this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin is shocked about vikram’s encounter, and asks if they both are fine, when ayan and humaira return. Mamujaan asks why did they go to take gifts, and that they could have sent a servant. razia asks him not to get angry. mamu asks if this happened in the morning, then how did he get so late in coming back with her. He asks ayan if he’s hiding something. Razia asks him to let be, and that they should thank the lord that they both are safe. Rashid says that they are already getting late for the marriage. shirin says that he still botheres about the marriage. She says that noone would go anywhere. She asks ayan to go and rest. mamu is tensed to see him.

Ayan too is restless in his room. He calls up zoya and asks about her and the situation. Zoya expresses her doubts and scares about so many people being there, seeing her getting marrid to him. Ayan tells zoya that it was an accident, and that they dont need to tell anyone anything, especially asad. He says that it would cause unnecessary pain and complications. Zoya too agrees. She is asked to enjoy her marriage and marry happily. Nuzrat comes in asking what has he done, surprising him. He is ignorant that the priest and the committee members have come to congratulate them of ayan’s gesture. rashid asks them if they are sure it was their ayan. Ayan and nuzrat come down and he is surprised to see them. Ayan stands speechless, while humaira too sees all this from a distance.

Location: Ayan’s residence
The priest and the committee members come to mamujaan and inform him of ayan’s prticipation in the communal marriage. Mamu refuses to believe, but the priest asks ayan to tell them everything. Ayan is confused and speechless, and all his family members are tensed and angry too. Ayan is speechless as the priest tells mamujaan as to what has been done by him, as a grand gesture. Mamu says that asad may have done so, and he isnt the son of the family. Rashid is shocked at that, while humaira is stunned to silenece.

Rashid asks whats the matter, taking him in the room. Ayan tries to clarify, but rashid asks whats the matter. Ayan says that it was a game of destiny. mamu says that he cant blamne destiny for this. In his room, ayan tries

to clarify that he didnt intend to get married. Mamu says that he doesnt want to know of his intentions, but just wants to confirm if he got married or no. Having been cornered, ayan says yes, and gets a tight slap from mamujaan shocking him and the entire family too. mamu asks how many times is he going to insult them, or break his daughter’s heart. Rashid asks him to calm down. Ayan is asked by razia who’s the girl, and he answers that its zoya. all are stunned to hear this. Shirin is shoced that zoya, asad’s would be wife is married to ayan. Rashid doesnt seem to believe this.

rashid comes down and tries to explain to the priest that this all is a mistake and misunderstanding, and not a marriage, well thought of. The priest tells that they both said yes, shocking them completely. All are tensed. The priest says that if theirs is considered invalid, then all else also, as sall happened together. the members lament as to how they were planning to also rejoice this grand gesture by their family.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad asks zoya whats she hiding. But zoya denies anything like that. asad says that he reads her completely. zoya is in an emotional state. He says that her eyes cant lie to him. Zoya is about to say something, but she stops remembering ayan’s warning. She stays silent. She manages to say that she had gone, for nazma’s and she had doubts about imran. asad asks what did she find out. Zoya is aboutn to say Imran and tanveer, but then remembers nazma’s smiling face and stops. asad asks what does she mean. She is in tears. Asad asks her to say anything thats bothering her, as he wont get angry. Zoya is about to start talking.

Haseena gets someone’s call and is shocked and screams out, but assures everyone that its all right. She is very excited about this new piece of gossip. Chandbi is called and haseena tells that they have to go somewhere. She also takes farhan, and asks him to come along. Haseena goes to dilshad and says that since asad and zoya’s marriage would take after sometime, she was hinking of going to ayan’s house. dilshad asks if everything’s okay. She says yes and hastily leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence.
Ayana nd his family are shocked to see haseena at their doorstep, disbeli8eving that what she heard was actually true. shirin takes her aside, and says that no marriage happened, and its all a mistake. Haseena sys that she heard the priest saying so too. The priest too agrees on that and adds that this would be a disrespect to his repute of standing by his descision. haseena says that they would be disrespected too, as they are related too now, and After imran’s and nazma’s marriage, they cant be with someone who betrayed their family. Rashid asks whats she thinking about. Haseena taunts the family that ayan married someone who was to be his sister in law. She says how would dilshad bear this. shirin tries to clarify and asks to be given a chance to explain. rashid asks how can she be so judgemental. Haseena taunts them that everything is crystal clear. she says that she has decided that she is calling off this relation of Nikhat and farhan right this minute. All are shocked but farhan asks her to reconsider. haseena taunts that nikhat isnt destined to be in their family. They leave, thinking that now they would spend a lot for gettingt nikhat married to farhan. Nikhat goes in the room and locks herself. all are tensed and ask her to open the door but she doesnt budge.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
asad gets ayan’s tensed call, and asks what happened. as ayan explains everything, zoya is shocked that he might tell what she didnt. Asaed is tensed to hear what ayan says. Ayan tells that nikhat has slit her wrists, and says that he’s responsible for this. mamu places the call to the doctor. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face who doesnt know what ayan told asad.

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