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I do 13 May 2022: While shazia is talking and explaining as to how she wasnt able to come ton ight, on the phone, she hears a knock on the door. She cancels the phone. nazia comes in with food, while shazia vents out her anger at her for pretending to be simple.

Shaia asks her not to think that she wont go down the guilt trip. nazia tells her that she didnt mean to kill her but she didnt even try to save her. Shazia is shocked to hear this. Nazia says that she juist wants her to eat. but she forcibly throws nazia out. she lands into ahil’s arms, who is in a rage at shazia’s behaviour. He asks her whats wrong with her, and why is she angry at her all the time. Before he can finish, shazia slams the door on his face. ahil maintains his calm somehow, and tries to stop her from crying and consoles her.

After having worked in the kitchen, sanam is about to walk out, when she collides into rehaan. rehaamn asks if she is going somewhere. she says that its very essential for her to check on dilshad, after the operation to monitor her recovery and her medicine dosage too. He finds her coughing and sneezing bad. Rehaan is surprised that its too late, and finds that she has fever, and asks her to rest. rehaan says that if she doesnt mind, he would go and see her if she’s okay and give her the dessert too. She is surprised and thankful too.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Dilshad is wondering why sanam didnt come. She hears a doorbell and finds rehaan standing there, and recognises him, when she remembers sanam mentioning him. she instantly greets him and gets him inside. rehaan gives her desserts and asks her to take care of herself and take her meds on time. dilshad says that she’s okay and compliments him on his good nature. rehaan says that good people find others also good, like sanam. he excuses himself citing that its getting late. He leaves. dilshad turns around, wondering that sanam is very fortunate that she is working in such a nice person’s place.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The next morning, the alarms ringing wakes up sanam with a start, and she picks up the phone, and ahil says that he can call her at anytime. Sanam asks what does he want and he pretends not to notice. sanam finally asks what does he want, adding a Sir, and he complies. ahil starts giving a specific and long list of what he wants for breakfast, and gives her just 30 minutes to prepare it. sanam is shocked, but he slams the phone shut. she vents out her frustration at him and his appetite. She gets to working instantly.

later, when ahil comes down and doesnt find his breakfast on the table, he is about to scream in anger, when he finds sanam coming in with the tray of food. he sits down while she serves it all out. He starts eating while she waits. He notices the sewai, and asks who told her to make this. she replies that she made it out of her wish. He begins to eating it, and having had the first spoonful, he remembers having the same by tanveer’s hands, and the memory of how she had got him to promise that she wont ever be replaced by anyone else. He puts down the spoon and rushes from there. sanam is surprised to find him like that. He asks her why she made this. She asks whats wrong with it. Sanam says that she just felt like it. Ahil asks how can she even think of making it and serving it to him, and that she shouldnt ever make it again. She says that she doesnt know whats her mistake.

ahil says that he cant explain nor can she understand. He gets emotional, while composing himself, he gives her the order to prepare a lunch for his foreign clients. He leaves, while she is boggled. He turns around and finds her saying that she made such good dessert but he doesnt like anything at all, and that she would eat it later. he softens and leaves.

Sanam begins to working in the kitchen, after she finds the copy of the recipe. She goes to take some items from the fridge, and in the meanwhile, azhar’s parents steal away everything from the plate, when sanam is distracted. sanam is shocked to find stuff disappearing. Outside, azhar’s parents are very happy to find food. sanam is forgetful and doesnt really remember how to deal with the owen. while she is trying to figure it out, shazia comes in for water. Shazia finds sanam, grappling with confusion in the kitchen, while she is confused whether they should use steelware or plastic containers. Sahzia intentionbally tells her to use steel containers, thinking that now she would teach her a lesson. sanam complies, and gets to putting steelware in the owen.

Meanwhile, in his room, Ahil talks to tanveer, that time heals the physical wounds, but the y never fade away, and when they come again, it pains a lot, telling her how he missed her today due to the sewai. He apologises for calling untimely and asks her to take care of herself, and cancels the phone. He gets a call from rehaan after that, and knows that the delegates are coming and tells him that the food is ready for them. He thinks about going to check on the food.

In the kitchen, sanam is busy with her preparations, thinking that she needs just another 15 minutes. latif comes in, overdressed and asks sanam to adjust her saree, and she complies. after she leaves, sanam notices sparks in the owen. She is shocked. Sensing something wrong, sanam opens the oven door, and a gush of fire spreads out, she retreats in shock, and falls in ahil’s arms. he shuts the owen down and extinguishes the fire. Sanam is in shock still. he turns around to sanam and says that he cant believe what she was just doing.

Ahil tells sanam frantically as to why and how can she be so careless, as she would have burnt this place down completely, by her brash behaviour, and they would all have died. While he is angry, he notices that her hands are burnt down. He gets emotional and asks how this happened. she says that she can take care of herself and starts searching for turmeric. ahil takes her insistently and places here hand under cool running water. Ahil remaks that she cant take care of herself, and is ahead to fulfill the challenge. sanam is in a world of pain, while ahil tends to her. He throws the ointment to her, to apply on the hands.

sanam is unable to and is fidgeting. ahil notices it, and comes to her and takes it from her hands. He places ointment on her scalded hands, while she watches him as he does so. He watches her as she breathes a sigh of relief.

Location: Ahil’s haveli
Ahil tells sanam that she failed in the second task too. nazia and latif come in asking how come this happened and how. sanam says that this was just an accident while she was making food. Ahil says that she was mistaken, and that this isnt an accident. He asks why didnt she ask anyone, if she didnt knew how to operate the oven. sanam finds shazia staring at her from hiding, and she remains shut, while shazia is scared that she might open her mouth. ahil is angry when sanam tells that she didnt ask anyone. Shazia is surprised.

saanam asks him not to worry, as dilshad had told her to make anything super quick so that thge guests dont go hungry. ahil says that this isnt her dhaba, and that he would have to order from outside. he leaves angrily, saying that she.lost the second task too. Sanam is distraught.

Later, she begins to excitedly work in the kitchen. Ahil attends to his clients and to make them comfortable, he cater to their palate serving them foreign cuisine. But he is shocked as he finds sanam coming in with her own interpretation of the cuisine and serving it along with the pudina chutney. He asks sanam to take it back, while they start trying sanam’s food. he is increasingly tensed and angry at sanam, while his clients taste Sanam’s “world famous” Pudina chutney. they ask about it, having liked it, and sanam tells them about the good effects of Pudina chutney, and then excitedly begins to serve them the rest of the food, while ahil watches tensedly. Rehaan is amused.

As they dig in with knife and forks, she asks them to use hands instead, in her weak english. rehaan is amused, while ahil is angry and frustrated too. sanam notices this and asks ahil if he would like to eat, or isnt hungry. ahil gives her a terse look.

later, ahil reprimands her for making such cheap food. sanam says that the clients made such good compliments. Ahil says that did so out of courtesy. Ahil tells her that she neglected sanam says that he wanted his clients to be happy, and what else does he want. he shuts her up and walks ahead, beginning top break the bottle. while she is protesting vehemently, he breaks the bottle. He leaves, while she vents out her frustration at him.

Later, latif tries to give her meds, but sanam refuses. latif begins to show her dance in order to distract sanam and get her in a good mood. sanam tries hard to stop smiling, while amused and feeling light and cheerful. hearing a knock, they stop the music, rehaan tells her that ahil would work late in the office and somebody has to go to take care of him. sanam says that she would go despite her illness, as she would have to fulfill the promise and motive for which she is here. latif and rehaan hear intently.

Later, sanam is stuck outside, in the balcony, while ahil is working on his laptop, with music earphones plugged in. hence he is unable

Scene 2:
Location: In the jail
tanveer’s sister and her husband go to meet Tanveer in the jail, saying that due to sanam, nazia’s life was saved. She tells about nazia’s overdose, and how sanam saved her. tanveer is tensed. tanveer thinks that ahil didnt tell her about sanam, the new cook, and that this is the first time, ahil had forgotten to tell her this. She asks about her background. They tell that they dont know. tanveer says that she doesnt care about her upbringing, but is hurt as to why ahil hid this. He says that he didnt hide, but must have forgotten. Tanveer tells them that they shouldnt forget, thart she must know everything about this girl.

Tanveer, in her cell wonders who this girl, sanam is. She thinks that she would have to find out the entire history about this girl. they leave. Tanveer is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Asma, in her car, finds her in laws’ walking on the road and stops the car. she greets them and asks how are they here. he blurts out that he came to meet here. she asks who were they meeting here. He makes up some philanthropic excuse, and asma compliments them. they make an excuse that their money is finished, and they are unable to give meds to the old age people. Asma gives them a bundle of notes and they are super pleased.

Scene 4:
Location: Munisa’s haveli
Munisa is happy to hear that sanam got happily placed in bhopal, when dilshad tells her. Munisa requests her to make breakfast for her husband, and also check on him, as to why he didnt come and is so late. dilshad resignedly complies. as her husband comes flirting in, dilshad is uncomfortable. Dilshad is completely uncomfortable with his blatant romance and flirting. munisa tells about dilshad’s condition, and also how haya is going to be here. he lustily smiles happy at the prospect. Dilshad says that its only a matter of some days, and then she would be out. But he tells her that she can stay as long as she wants. She tells him that haya is 22 years old only, and starts talking about her innocently, while evil ideas begin to crop in his head, and he starts teasing also that sister in law is half wife only. Dilshad is surprised.

scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s office
Sanam takes care of ahil in the office, while ahil evidently finds that she is unwell, while working with his employees. He asks him employee to leave the papers to check in the night, and inform the watchman too that he shall be working late. While she is about to doze off, ahil orders for coffee. in her sleepy state, she accidentally spills the coffee on his hand and his documents too. He gets super angry while she apologises proufsely citing her sickness, but he takes her by the hand, and shuts her out in the balconyof his office. Ahil leaves frustratedly to get new copies of the documents. Meanwhile, the watchman comes in and finding noone in the office, he locks the door of the balcony, and walks off. ahil comes in with headphones and is unable to hear when she asks for the door to be opened. she resignedly sits down, while continuing to glance at ahil so that he seesd her once. She is sick and doses off with her head on the windshield. Later, sanam is stuck outside, in the balcony, while ahil is working on his laptop, with music earphones plugged in. hence he is unable to hear sanam’s frnatic plea, as it begins to pour cats and dogs outside, and she is drenched in the rain, and shivering in cold.

Ahil is ignorant of the fact that sanam is outside, getting dreched in the rain, and shivering in the cold. Finally, after putting off the headphones, he is shocked to find sanam outside in the rain. Ahil hurriedly rushes in to open the door, guilt ridden and surprised, while a drenched sanam faces him with consternation and then falls unconscious and hugs him and collapses in his arms. He takes her and gets her inside, in his arms. He tries to take her outside, but the watchman had locked thd door. he goes inside and then places her on the sofa only, and then calls up rehaan, but finds that his battery is dead.

he rushes to sanam’s side, and then lights up a candle, for some light, after the power cut drowns the room in darkness. he eyes sanam, in the flickering romantic light of the canmdle, as she breathes heavily. concerned, he takes off his coat and then drapes it over her, while she is in a daze. He finds that she sleeps on his shoulders, and tries to take her off, but she collapses again, and he is uncomfortable with the situation he is placed in. He tries once again, but in vain, as she draws in even closer to him, getting warmth, in her unconscious state. Finding no other option, he lets her relax, and cups her around the shoulders.

He takes off the hair from over her face pushing it back. Finally he doses off too.later, they both wake up alarmed at the situation they are placed in. he gets up with a jerk, and she too composes herself. He asks her to hurry up, as rehaan would be here anytime soon, to pick them up. She tries to get up, but has a dizzy spell. She says thast she doesnt know about him, but she doesnt want to spend a single moment with him. He says that he too isnt interested. Ahil says that its her fault, or else nothing like this would have happened, including the stay in the night together, and then alarmed, rephrases it as them being trapped. she however turns it around, and then again says his statements, citing it to be his fault, including the night that they spent together, and then realising what she just said, she too rephrases like him.

He asks her to stay in his limits as a servant, and that he can take his own descisions. sanam says that he is not amongst those people, who accept their mistakes, as that takes a heart, and he doesnt have one. He asks her if she is crossing her limits. She however vents out her frustration at him, terming him unfit to be a person. He takes the glass jar and breaks it on the floor in a rage. He asks her to leave, and apologise, if working for him is so difficult for her. She says that she would never do that, as she doesnt want his sympathy at every end, and would pay back every cent that he gave to save dilshad’s life, as she doesnt want to live with the burden of his debt.

She is about to slip on the shattered glass pieces, but falls in ahil’s arms who dives in to save her. they enter a romantic awkward embrace, and eyelock. rehaan comes into break the embrace, and ahil jerks her away asking her to get lost, as he doesnt want to see her face. When he leaves, rehaan faces sanam’s frustration, at how can a person be so callous, who doesnt have any kind of humanity in him. He asks her to look a little more closely, eyeing his coat. She is silenced, but then takes it off, saying that she muist have asked for it. she throws it on the ground and it lands on ahil’s feet. She is stunned. sanam thanks ahil for this.

rehaan bents to pick it up, but ahil asks him to stop. Rehaan leaves. ahil asks her to get it drycleaned and then return it back with respect. sanam picks it up and then says that he treats his clothes with more respect than people. He says that the clothes dont talk back like her. he says that for her, his entire night was ruined, hence its time now to break the third bottle.Haya comes and munisa greets her. dilshad asks for change, anbd goes to pay the auto fare.

munisa tells haya, knowing that she cant hear anything, and starts showing her true self saying that she got a servant for free, and that she doesnt let freeloaders live here. Dilshad comes and munisa instantly changes her tone. She leaves to get food. dilshad compoliments her for being good and asks haya to come along to their room. Dilshad leaves, while haya stands still and stunned, at what she just heard.Much to her horror and dismay, he breaks it in front of her, while she is distraught eyeing the one bottle that remains her only hope of survival.

Ahil comes outside to find raj, who tells about his love story with avni, and how he is playing a cricket match to win the love of the girl that she loves, and that he has rosked everything for this. Ahil asks who talks like this. sanam hears this from a distance. He says that he isnt a hopeless romantic or an emotional fool, to fall for this. Ahil says that he is going to lose as he is going to play for Samarth. Raj says that its okay. He eyes sanam and greets her with a smile. Raj begins to leave, but ahil advises him not to go ahead with a match, as he would lose definitely, because ahil never plays a match that he loses.

raj says that he hopes he learns to lose, as this is a fight for his love, and only he shall win. sanam is happy to hear raj’s stance. ahil eyes him tersely and turns around, while raj walks off. sanam hears it through, while ahil goes off.Later, near the washing machine, sanam finds another machine with loads of buttons and is distraught. she breaks into poetry….:Zaalim raza abrahim ke dekho itne thaant…Washing machine ke operation mein lagne waali hain waat….

While she is trying to figure it out, Shazia comes in and asks her why and whats she doing here. Sanam explains her dilemma but says that she wont ask her and be in a problem again. shazia says that she is impressed by the way she stands upto ahil, and didnt give her away, when she had the chance in the oven fiasco. Sanam believes her, good natured that she is. Shazia again gets sanam through a wrong working style, as she gets sanam to wash ahil’s coat in the washing machine, wrongly explaining to her what dry cleaning means. Sanam compolies, while shazia asks her to take it out after 15 minutes. Later, shazia is amusingly telling this to someone on the phone, as to how she played this prank on sanam. the screen freezes on Sanam’s tensed face.

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