To die for love update Monday 26 July 2021


To die for love 26 July 2021: Arohi asks Mausi what happens in name of Jagrata? Mausi says she calls minister to take girls. I fear durga might sell you as well. Arohi says how can she do this? I am your friend. Mausi says I need Durga’s help for all my work. We can’t go against her if she wants to sell you. Constable says come and prepaare for the pooja. Arohi says I have to do something. I have to protect myself.

Arohi hears Durga talking on call. She says I have a new girl here. She is pretty. Arohi comes in an says I am sorry please don’t do this to me. she sits in her feet. Arohi says please don’t sell me to that minister. She says no one can save.

The jagrata starts. Minister comes there. Durag says to minister you can choose a girl. He points at Arohi. Arohi is dazed. She is happy. Arohi eats the parsad. Arohi’s head hurts. Maya holds her. She says what happened? Head hurts? Were you trying to run? Durga says minister will have so much fun with you. They laugh. Arohi faints. Constables take her to the minister.
They throw her in his bedroom. She goes away from him. He says come close to me. Arohi says leave me. This is wrong. He says we don’t know anything wrong.

Aorhi says I will tell the world. He says I will make your life. Arohi shoves him. he says how dare you hit me. You ate parsad how are you in senses? Arohi recalls she spit it. Arohi says I am not numb but you will be. Shit throws him on bed and slaps him. She hits a vase on his head. He says I will get you killed. Arohi beats him badly.
Durag says stop.. you did all this. She is about to hit Aroho. Arohi shoves her as well. Police points gun on her.

Durga says i will kill you. Arohi says I can scare you like he is scared. She shows him video she recorded. Minister said I and Durga have been doing this business for a long time. Arohi says I will send it to everyone if you try to do anything. Furga says give me the phone. Arohi shoves her. Minister says how much money you need? Arohi says I want to get out of here. I want to go out.

Minister says yes she will go out. Durga says what are you saying. He says let her go. Arhoi touches the idol and leaves the jail. Arohi says to Durga if you do something like this with another woman in jail I will release this video on media. And give the news that arohi killed herself in jail. Minister says yes I will do that. Arohi says give me your car’s key. He does. Mausi says to Arohi keep this bag. It will help you. Arohi says thanks for your help. Mausi says stay happy. Arohi leaves.
Mausi locks Maya in the dark cell. Arohi says once the news is out that arohi is dead I will play my game.

Scene 2
Deep and Prithvi read the news. Deep is dazed. Prithvi says police did so much torture on her and she killed herself.
Arohi comes to Raichand mansion. There is nothing there. She asks a man about the house. He says that was for film shooting. They broke it. Aorhi says deep raichand you fooled me so much but I will find you no matter where you aare. But I need to find bhabhi and niku first. She comes to her house and sees its all in dust.


Arohi takes out the key from where she hid. She opens the door and sees everything is in dust. She recalls her happy moments in that house. She recalls how deep did torture on her. She sees Ritu’s duppatta on floor and some blood stains. She sees broken boys. Arohi hugs them and cries. She says where are you both. A woman comes in and says who are you? How did you come in? Arohi says I want to buy this house. So I came in to see. Do you know who lived heere? She says there was a good woman and he husband with a child here.

They were so happy. then his sister came and she killed her own brother. Arohi is dazed to listen this. The woman says no one should have a sister like her. i don’t know where Nikhil’s wife and kid are now. I think she might have killed them as well. Arohi says no that can’t happen. Arohi says nothing would have happened to them. I hope they are fine.

Arohi comes out and sees an arti going on. She sees some policemen there and hides her face. A red chunri falls on her Arohi wears it. She says why did this happen to me. Please tell me how to find Ritu and bhabhi. Please help me. Where are they? A flower falls in her hands. Arohi smiles. Arohi says I will find my way. No one can stop me. Arohi sees a black car. She follows it. Dia comes out of that car. She goes to a house.

Arohi puts a knife on her neck. Dia says who are you? Arohi says don’t turn back or I will kill you. Answer me some questions. Dia says I will tell you everything. Arohi says how you got all this money? Dia says a guy asked me to act as his sister. he was getting a girl in a trap. He gave me all this money. Arohi asks who is that girl?

Dia says Arohi. Arohi says what was the name of the man? Dia says I did that for Deep Raj Singh. Arohi says you lying his name was something else. Dia says his fake name was Deep Raichand. Arohi says where can I find him? dia says i only know he is in Mumbai. Arohi shoves her. Dia says let me go. Arohi says where is arohi’s bhabi her nephew? Dia says Arohi’s bhabhi went to appeal in supreme court. When deep got to know he went to find her. but i think he couldn’t. I don’t know anything after that. Arohi says that means they are alive.

Arohi says Deep Raj Singh I will ruin your life. I am free now. I wont leave you this time. You have to pay for yous sins. I am burning in fire on revenge. I am coming to Mumbai. You have to tell me where my bhabhi and niku are. I will kill you. WAit for me. Deep is driving. He stops his car and says why I feel so weird?



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