His mistress child update Thursday 23 November 2023

His mistress child 23 November 2023: The Episode starts with Amma asking Gayatri if she wants to make her bahu mad, and says she is taking care of you after so much happened, and you want to make her mad with Randhir’s help. Manoj tells Amma that he is going to Police to file FIR and asks her to say to Police. Yashoda asks Manoj not to file Police complaint. Nupur says Aunty shall be punished. Aastha says you only say that wrong shall be punished, so she shall be punished too. Yashoda says I am fine, and asks them to calm down. She says how can I file complaint against her, to whose husband she has tied rakhi just now. Krishna asks if you will forgive her.

Yashoda tells Gayatri that she was bearing everything, with the hope that you can realize your mistake and mend your ways, but today I am breaking all hopes with you. She says I could

have forgiven you, but you didn’t think about my three children, I will not forgive you. Randhir calls Gayatri again. Manoj asks her to pick the call and tell him that her plan is failed. Randhir says he gave the work to the wrong person. Manoj confronts Gayatri for ruining their relation and says you have sacrificed our relation for your greed. Gayatri says they have taken your advantage. Manoj says I have taken their advantage, Ashok helped a lot, and Yashoda bhabhi ties me rakhi every year. He says Ashok helped me without any selfishness, and Yashoda Bhabhi regards me as her brother and has left her house to take care of you. He asks Gayatri to be thankful to God for saving her from the big sin. He says he will come when his anger calms down, and says relations take time to make and takes just a moment to break. He asks her to apologize to Yashoda and goes. Gayatri calls Manoj.

Yashoda, Amma and the kids visit the temple. Yashoda feels bad about what has done. She sees rakhis on her hands, and says I shall give gift to you all. She asks them to stand altogether, and asks Krishna to stand in the middle. She takes out the flute and peacock feather, recalling their wish to make their brother as Krishna (God). She says this boy who is standing here, is your brother, and says if you want then you can give him flute and tie the peacock feather on his hair, to make him Krishna. She says I will wait for the day. She gives peacock feather to Aastha and flute to Nupur. Nupur gives flute to Krishna. Krishna gets happy to take it. Aastha thanks Yashoda and says that day will never come, when I hang peacock feather in his hair and accept him as his brother. She goes. Amma tells Yashoda that the day will come and asks her to trust her. She goes. Yashoda tells Krishna that his gift…Krishna says when Aastha accepts me, and my both sisters make me Krishna, I will get my gift. He thanks Yashoda for giving him the hope that he can be someone’s brothers.

Gayatri feels guilty thinking about Amma, Yashoda and Manoj’s words. She recalls her happy times with Yashoda and her kids. She recalls Yashoda helping them financially when Manoj was unwell. Randhir comes there and asks Gayatri if my work is done. Gayatri asks him to go and says I don’t want to help you. She sits on the bed and asks him to go. Randhir says I have done many favors on you, and sent clients to your husband. He asks her to say what happened? Gayatri says Yashoda and Manoj have come to know about it. She says I regret that I helped you. Randhir says you have to return me the money, which I gave you. He says I am not shocked with your betrayal and says when a naagin can bite her loved ones, then it can bite the snake charmer too. He asks her to return the money else he will bring her on the road. He goes. Randhir thinks he has always Plan B.

Yashoda and the kids return home, and see Ustad ji outside their house. She asks if everything is fine. Ustad ji shows rakhi. Yashoda says I will not tie rakhi and turns to go. Ustad ji is about to leave sadly. Yashoda stops him and says she will not tie rakhi standing on the road and says if you want to be related to me then you have to do all the rituals properly. Ustad ji says you have scared me.

Aastha comes home and thinks she shall throw the peacock feather there. Amma stops her and says sometimes we throw something, and later we search for it. She says I will keep it, so that when you search it, I can give it to you. Yashoda ties rakhi to Ustad ji. Ustad ji says this Shamshera is with you and will help you to expose Randhir. Gayatri comes there and tells Yashoda that she is with her, and she will get peace by helping her. Yashoda hugs her. Manoj comes there and says I am with you Bhabhi. Nupur and Krishna tell that they are with her. Krishna says when everyone is together then Randhir’s story will end in 24 hours. Randhir comes there and says exactly….says you have taken 1.5 lakhs from me for Krishna’s operation, and asks her to return it.

 Randhir fixing a notice on the door and asks Yashoda to read it carefully. Gayatri comes to Yashoda’s support and confronts Randhir for being so cheap, he earlier acted as helping Yashoda and then threatening to return his favors. Randhir says even she is shameless to backstab Yashoda for money. Manoj warns him to behave with his wife. Radhir says they all together can’t attack a tiger. Manoj asks if he is threatening them. Yashoda stops Manoj. Randhir says she should stop Manoj or else it’s not good for them and asks Yashoda to repay his debt within 24 hours. Yashoda challenges him to save his dignity by tomorrow morning as she will repay his debt anyways, he should sit in his office and think hw to save his dignity. She tears and throws his notice on his face. Randhir leaves.

Krishna asks how will they gather evidence against Randhir in such a short span. Ustadji says kid is right. Yashoda says Ashok used to say that even a cleverst criminal leaves a clue and they need to find it out. Gayatri says Randhir has a link with a woman named Supriya. Yashoda recalls a woman clicking her and Randhir’s pics and says she must be that same woman, they need to find her out. Gayatri says they can find her details from Radhir’s office. Yashoda asks her to stay at home with Nupur and Krishna as she can’t walk. Gayatri insists, but gives up. Krishna says he will accompany madamji/Yashoda at any cost and walks out. Ustadji says this kid will never stop supporting Yashoda in his life.

Amma returns home. Babuji asks if she gave rakhi to Krishna, what did she get out of it. Amma shows a peacock feather and showing her mobile says it has many colorful memorable pics in it; he used to say that it would be a good day when their granddaughters will tie rakhi to their grandson, she clicked all the pics from tying rakhi to getting peacock feather. He refuses to watch them. She offers him tea. He says he doesn’t want tea. She walks out and hopes he watches pics. He picks mobile and asks her to come in and take her mobile back. She returns and asks till when he will live with a dirt in his mind. He says his son filled dirt in his mind by having an illegitimate child and his bahu supported his son in his sin.

Yashoda with Ustadji and Manoj reaches outside Randhir’s office and says they need to get Supriya’s number somehow. Gayatri says how will they as Randhir must be in office now. Yashoda says when she used to work for Randir, he used to maintain an employee diary, they can get Supriya’s number from it. She hears a tea seller getting Randhir’s call and says Randhir is in office now as this man supplies tea to Randhir. Kamini and Bansal notice Mahua playing with Sonu and discuss that they need to emotionally blackmail Mahua to adopt Sonu so that they get Ashok’s wealth via Sonu.

Manoj and UIstadji try to convince Yashoda to spike Randhir’s tea. Yashoda refuses. Krishna says even Lord Krishna used tricks to prevail justice. Manoj says she shouldn’t mind tricking a man who tarnished her character. Yahoda agrees. Manoj in lieu of getting address from tea seller puts a medicine in Randhir’s tea. Randir sitting in his office thinks how to fail Yashoda’s plan. Tea seller serves him tea. Randhir thinks he needs to find out what is going in Yashoda’s mind. Yashoda’s team notices tea seller returning and walks to Randir’s office. Ustadji guards outside while they all 3 search for diary. Yashoda finds diary and gets Supriya’s number. Once they walk out, M9anoj wakes up and recalls ordering tea seller to inform him if he sees Yashoda or Manoj outside his office. He calls Supriya and informs her that Yashoda took her number and asks her to wait for Yashoda’s call and meet him after the call.

Yashoda calls Supriya and says she called her regarding a high-profile case which Manoj is handling and wants to meet her regarding same. Supriya asks where is she right now and agrees to meet. Yashoda waits for Supriya till late evening and calls her back. Supriya meets Randhir and tells Yashoda says she will meet her in a few minutes. Randhir gives her Kanpur and Mumbai tickets and money and asks her to call him after reaching Mumbai. He thinks let Yashoda wait, he will reach her to see her failing in her challenge. Supriya thinks looks like Randhir is a step ahead of him, it would be a problem if she doesn’t get evidence against him.

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