His mistress child update Tuesday 22 August 2023

His mistress child 22 August 2023: The Episode starts with Yashoda telling Amma that she will not enter the house, but will not go either. She says she will sit there only, as her mayka people left her there, and she don’t want way to return. She says you had brought me here as a bride, and will take me inside. She says till then I will sit here. Kamini asks Bansal to come. They leave. Arvind says Bhabhi. Mahua takes him with her. Aastha and Nupur look at Yashoda and Krishna. Ashok tells that he had told her that this house will break. Krishna and Yashoda are sitting outside. Babu ji recalls Yashoda and Ashok bringing Krishna home and gets angry. Bansal and Kamini stares at the money notes happily which they got from Lalita. Arvind looks at them from the window. Ashok is sad. Yashoda and Krishna are sitting outside still.

Krishna asks where we will go? Ashok comes out and asks Yashoda to answer Krishna. He asks her to give answer. He asks what you want to prove by sitting here. He says I already said that the family members will not agree. He says he will talk to Judge. Yashoda says if judge will agree everytime. Ashok asks her to think about Aastha and Nupur. Yashoda says they are my daughters, they will stay with me. She asks will you stay with me. Krishna asks Ashok to send me back to Juvenile home. He says my father had left my mother and she was very lonely. He asks him not to leave Yashoda, rather send him back there.

Ashok runs to bathroom and washes his face. He calls him as a coward and tells that Mala was courageous to give birth to Krishna, and brought her up. He says Yashoda is courageous to stand by him, and Krishna is also courageous to stand strong during tough times. He cries and tells that he couldn’t save himself. He thinks he will not get weak, but will support Yashoda like her reflection. Babu ji asks Amma why she is not going and taunts her. Amma says what else I could do. Ashok comes there and confronts his parents for being stone hearted. Babu ji says we can’t let anyone play with our values, and tells that Yashoda can come here, but not the boy. Ashok asks Amma to make him understand. Amma tells that Yashoda didn’t obey me, and blames herself. She says don’t know whose garbage she is throwing here. Ashok says enough.

Babu ji says this is my last decision, she can stay here alone. Ashok says ok, I will leave from your house with Aastha and Nupur. Amma says he is leaving house for the orphan. Babu ji says it will be problem as the house expenses is managed with Ashok’s salary. Amma says you are worried for money. Babu ji says so what to do. He says he will not stop him.

Ashok asks Aastha and Nupur to pack their stuff. They tell that they will not leave from the house and says if he harms us. Ashok tells that Krishna is not guilty and asks them to trust him. Amma comes to Ashok and emotionally blackmails him. She tells that Aastha and Nupur will not go with you. Ashok asks why you want them to stay, so that you taunt them for a grand son. Amma says she loves her grand daughters so much. Kamini tells that the secret is big and she shall expose it. Bansal asks her to go there and find out. Kamini thinks who is Devki? She comes to Yashoda and says you are stubborn to sit here even now. She asks Yashoda to send him and asks what is your relation with him. Yashoda says she has humanity relation with him. Kamini asks if she is risking her relations for them. Yashoda says she don’t want to say. Kamini goes inside. Everyone is worried.

the neighbor asking yashoda to go to market and buy vegetables. Other neighbor calls her. Yashoda says she is waiting for someone. She cries. Krishna says they will not let you inside, until I am here and asks shall I go to orphanage. Yashoda says I will not let you go anywhere. Krishna says you seems to be unwell. Ysahoda says this is life, we shall not be scared. Kamini asks Arvind who leaves house for someone else’s child. Arvind says I will talk to her. Kamini says it seems Yashoda has relation with Krishna. Mahua says she didn’t think. Kamini adds fuel to the fire and provokes Ashok. Amma asks Babu ji if he want Ashok to leave. babu ji says he is worried that. Kamini comes there and instigates Babu ji. Mahua tries to make Arvind doubt yashoda. Arvind tells that it is a sin to doubt yashoda, she has done so much for us. Mahua threatens him.
Ashok comes out with the girls and tells that they shall go and set our home somewhere. Yashoda refuses to go to there, faints and falls down. Krishna runs and gets water for her from a shop. Aastha also brings water for her from the house. Ashok takes water from Aastha and sprinkles on Yashoda’s face. Mahua and Arvind see her unconscious. Amma asks Kamini to go out and check. Kamini looks out and tells that yashoda is ruining their respect, now the case will be filed on them.The neighbor calls Babu ji. Kamini says you both will go to jail. All the neighbors get concerned. They ask Ashok to take her inside. Kamini asks babu ji to call her inside. Amma thinks of an idea. She asks Ashok to bring bahu inside. Ashok asks what about krishna. Amma says bring him too. yashoda and Krishna along with Ashok and the girls enter the house.

Amma tells that Krishna can stay here if he agrees to my condition. She says this boy wil stay here as a Servant and will do all the work. She tells all the work of the house and says he will stay here as a Servant. Ashok and Yashoda refuse to accept her conditions. Krishna accepts Amma’s conditions and says I will do all the work. Kamini says he is good boy, but we shall make him do some work to test him. Amma asks him to wash the utensils. Kamini taunts him for pushing Nandu. Ashok gets angry. Babu ji says your jiji is right. Krishna sits and washes the utensils. Yashoda’s tears fall down on the plate.

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