Aparajita zeeworld update Tuesday 22 August 2023

Aparajita 22 August 2023: The goons try to grab Shubh but Aparajita stops them and says stay away. The goon says we are not scared of the law so don’t try to stop us. She tries to scare them with a knife but they all point guns at them, Aparajita throws away the knife and says please don’t hurt us. They take them from there. Akshay hears Aparajita and Shubha’s scream. Disha and Asha come to him, he asks them to stay in Amma’s room and hide. Kalpana asks about Shubh, he asks them all to go and hide, he will save them. He tells Kalpana to not worry about Shubh, they all go to hide.

Shubh is crying but Aparajita hugs him and says don’t worry about anything, I am here. The goon asks who else is in the house? she says no one else, he says if we find anyone then we will shoot them. Akshay hides and hints at Aparajita. He throws a pot nearby to distract the goons. Some goons to to look around. Aparajita looks on as Akshay keeps distracting goons. Akshay goes near Aparajita and Shubh and hide. The goon is keeping an eye on them. All goons come back and say we didn’t find anyone. Kalpana comes there and screams for Shubh. The goon points a gun at her but Akshay comes out and says don’t do anything. Shubh rushes to Kalpana and hugs her. The goon says we will shoot you all. He asks Akshay to stand in a line. Kalpana says what if anything happened to my kid because of this Aparajita. The goon tells Akshay that we have nothing against you all but you all must know who we are. Another goon says our leader is Jagga, he is very dangerous. Jagga says the police is behind us, we need a place to hide for a night and we won’t do anything with you. Akshay says then just let the women go and I will stay here. Jagga asks who else is in the house? Aparajita says just our old mother, she can’t walk or talk. Jagga asks the goons to go and check, if they find anyone else then shoot them. Akshay tries to stop them but Aparajita calms him down. Akshay whispers to Aparajita that the kids are in the room. Aparajita screams to not touch the machines when they are going to Amma’s room. Disha hears her and tells everyone to hide. Arjun hides them all the cupboard. The goon comes there so Arjun hides behind the shelf. The goons look around Amma’s room. A goon tries to open the cupboard but its locked. The goon says lets check other rooms before coming to check his cupboard. They leave from there. Arjun opens the cupboard and bring them all out. Disha says I am worried about Maa. Arjun asks them to calm down, he says I will go and check. Niya says I have to check on mom. Disha and Niya go with Arjun while Asha and Chhavi stay with Amma.

A goon comes to Mohini’s room but she hides under the bed. The goon leaves from there. Mohini comes out and is scared. She prays for her safety.

Jagga is hurt so a goon asks if they have first aid box? Aparajita says yes we have it, I will go and bring it. She brings it and says I will do his bandage. Jagga asks her to plotting. A goon takes the box from her. Akshay whispers to Aparajita that they are very smart so be careful. She says we can’t trust them to leave on their own. Shubh is crying so the goon asks him to shut up. Kalpana says don’t you dare say anything to my kid. The goon gets angry and points a gun at her, Aparajita asks her to calm down. She says this is all happening becuase of you, you brought Shubh downstairs and must have opened the door. Jagga says I am hungry. Aparajita says I can cook if you want, just don’t scare the kid. Can he sit here and use his games? The goon says let him play, we didn’t find anyone else but an old woman in the room. Jagga gives his game to Shubh. Jagga says we will tie you all. Aparajita says how will I cook then? The goon says this woman might mix something in the food. Jagga says we will make the kid eat first. Aparajita whispers to Akshay that I will find a way to save the kids. Jagga asks Aparajita and Kalpana to go and cook. A goon brings Mohini there and says I found her, she was trying to run away. Mohini runs to Akshay and hugs him. Jagga asks Aparajita why did she lie? you said there is no one else in the house. Jagga asks the goons to check the house again and if they find anyone then kill them. Aparajita prays for her kids’ safety.

Mohini asks Jagga to punish Aparajita for lying. Aparajita says you should punish her, she is my Sautan and my husband has brought her to my house, she starts fighting with Akshay and says he was hiding her in the house and I just got to know she was here. Akshay starts acting and says I don’t know about this woman, he tells Mohini we have nothing. Kalpana tells Mohini that you should be ashamed of trying to lure a married man, I have a kid and doing all this in front of him? you are a home wrecker. Mohini thinks Aparajita is using the goons to insult me.

Disha, Arjun and Niya take the bats, Niya says you think we can beat them with bats? Disha says we are working with what we have. Disha tries to call out to Aparajita but Arjun pulls her back, Niya sees them close and pulls them apart. Arjun asks them to stop fighting, we have to work as a team. Disha says I am sure Maa has some plan.

Jagga tells Aparajita that you are good woman and your husband is bringing another woman in the house? he tells Aparajita that lets have a competition between you and Mohini. Aparajita says there is no need for that. He asks his goon Bhalu to go with them. He takes Aparajita and Kalpana from there.

Aparajita and Kalpana start cooking in the kitchen while Bhalu keeps an eye on them. Bhalu asks Aparajita if she can cook his favorite? She says I can. Kalpana scolds Aparajita for entertaining him. Aparajita hides a knife, a napkin and some red chili powder in her saree. Bhalu brings Mohini there and asks her to cook too, she says I can’t cook, he scolds her and asks her to help them. Aparajita goes to Mohini and whispers to her to mix the medicine she gave to Amma in their food. Mohini asks her to shut up. Aparajita says we have to work as a team so we can be saved. Mohini says I didn’t give her any medicine. Aparajita thinks I have to convince Mohini.

Aparajita brings the food for the goons, all look on. Akshay is tied to the chair. Jagga grabs Shubh and says he will have to test the food if you have mixed anything. Mohini says we didn’t. Jagga asks Shubh to eat the food, he eats it but spits. Kalpana asks him to just eat, he eats it and is fine. Bhula says lets dig in then. Jagga asks who cooked bhujiya? Aparajita says Mohini did, he says its not cooked well and tells Akshay that he is a fool to leave Aparajita for Mohini. The goons start eating food. Aparajita brings deserts for them, Jagga asks Shubh to eat it but Aparajita says he is alergic but I can taste it. Jagga agrees and Aparajita is about to taste it but another goon says its okay. They all eat the desert. Mohini says if you all need money then I can ask my brother but please let me go.. I mean let us go. Jagga says she must be rich, we want money. Mohini offers to give her mangalsutra and her jewelry. Kalpana gives her jewelrry too. Aparajita gives her bangles and earrings. Jagga says we have to search her, Akshay says don’t touch her, stay away from her. Aparajita thinks they will find out I am hiding a knife. She says I don’t have anything else. Disha sees all that and says I have an idea. She plays the police siren on her phone and all goons get scared. Jagga says they must be looking for us. Aparajita throws red chili on the goons. Akshay frees himself. Aparajita runs away with Shubh, Kalpana goes with her. Akshay takes the gun. Aparajita comes back and points the gun at the goons too. The goon brings Disha and says she was playing the siren, he points a gun at her so Aparajita and Akshay put their guns down.

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