Happy Hearts update Tuesday 1 February 2022

Happy Hearts 1 February 2022: The Episode starts with Happy crying and thinking of her dad. Chintu comes to her and asks are you missing your dad. She says no. He understands her and says none can fill someone dear’s place, life doesn’t stop when we lose someone, the truth is, many people can’t fulfill the place of one dear person. She asks did you also lose someone close. He says yes, in an accident, I couldn’t forget her. She says sorry, is this why you didn’t get remarried. He asks what do you mean, I never married, I was talking about Rimjhim, my pet dog, I m only 304 older to you, do I look much old. She says no, its good that you spoke to me about Rimjhim, have a mango sweet. She goes.

He smiles and says this girl handed me a mango sweet for the first time, I must tell Rocky.He goes to Rocky. Rocky sees him and runs. Chintu runs to catch him. He gets tired and sits down on the stairs. Rocky comes to him. He says sorry, I won’t let you suffer, hit me. Chintu says you are a big dramabaaz, why did you lock Happy in car dickey. Rocky says why would I lock her. Chintu asks why did you run away. Rocky says I thought I have broken some rules again. Chintu says swear on me, say you didn’t lock Happy inside the car trunk. Rocky doesn’t swear. His friends come and lie about Rocky. Chintu asks Sania how do you know about Rocky’s mistake. She says he breaks rules all the time, he didn’t do anything with Happy. Rocky does drama.

Chintu says sorry, don’t get senti. Rocky says enough, you also assumed things like others. Chintu says I m sorry, shall I write an apology, come for the function now. He goes. Rocky thanks Sania and says I love you, you saved me 50 times, best buddy. She says keep counting. Veer and Timmy say you have sworn false on her name, what if something happens to her. She says I m ready to die for a friend. Rocky praises her and takes selfie with her. Happy serves fruits to Chintu. They have a talk. Rocky and Sania look on.

Chintu talks like Happy. Happy says I don’t want mehendi now. Her cousins hug her and asks her to apply mehendi. Happy feels lucky. She asks Sandhya to get mehendi applied. Sandhya says you get it. Biji and Bua come. Rocky gets into an argument with his sister. He says if I see you with any guy, I will bash him first and then you. He goes. She says all men are like MCB, I won’t do any job. Chintu says girls should be able to choose what they should do, a real feminist is one who respects this choice, get over the fight and calm down. He gives them mango sweet and asks them to be happy. Biji creates a scene that Sandhya is widow and getting mehendi applied. Biji insults Sandhya and asks Happy to get Sandhya married to someone. Bua asks biji to stop it now.

Rocky enjoys the drama. Smiley says you are insulting my mum. Happy consoles Sandhya. She says being a widow isn’t a sin.She says customs and traditions aren’t imp if they suffocate you, I respect my mum, don’t tell anything to my mum. Chintu comes and sees them arguing. Happy says if my dad’s memories are alive this way, which rule did we break. Pratap comes. Happy tells him everything. Kukki scolds Happy. Biji says let it be, I don’t have to make Happy my bahu. She asks Chintu not to defend Happy. She taunts Pratap for insulting her this way. She says I will leave now. Biji gets leaving. Everyone stops her. Pratap asks Happy to apologize to Biji.

Happy apologizes to Biji. Rocky goes to them and asks her to apologize in a better manner. He troubles Happy and makes her touch Biji’s feet.Kulwant stopping Happy and asking Biji not to let daughters touch feet/ biji scolds Happy. Kulwant asks Rocky not to interfere. Pratap says its Happy’s mistake and apologizes to Biji. Biji goes. Kulwant goes after her. Rocky smiles. Happy goes and cries. Chintu comes to her and gives her a mango sweet. She asks him not to try her trick and stay away. Rocky goes to Pratap and says Biji’s anger doesn’t get away soon, she won’t rest until Happy gets punished. Pratap goes. Kulwant says Biji vents our anger. Bua says its not a good habit to spoil things. Phupa says my entire family is here for my nephew’s family, they will taunt us.

Biji doesn’t listen to Kulwant and creates a scene. She is angry on Happy. He says its their family matter, why do we care. Happy says ask your family members to stay away from me, they have habit to do mistake and blame me, Rocky damaged Pratap’s car, I got scolded, Biji ruined Sandhya’s mehendi, Pratap scolded me, your family hasn’t spared even my mom, before I insult you, just go. She asks him not to talk to him and goes. He gets sad. She says that’s not fair, I vented anger on him. He deserves an apology. She sees him gone. Kulwant says Happy was defending her mum, think if I will keep quiet if anyone scolds you. Biji says you always blame me. Pratap gets angry on Happy and asks her to stay away from all the marriage functions. He goes. Happy and Sandhya cry. Sandhya says this happened because of me, I will also stay away from marriage functions.

Happy asks how will Dinky feel, she loves you a lot, I will be sad but my name is Happy, I can’t remain sad for long, I will find a way to attend functions, promise me you will enjoy the functions. She hugs Sandhya.Biji and everyone come in the function. She says I m happy as Happy isn’t here. Chintu says yes. Biji hears the girls saying that Happy won’t attend any function. She gets glad and goes. Rocky whistles. Happy sees the function from her balcony via binoculars. She says mum and Smilet are standing in a corner.

Chintu hears Param telling everyone that Happy has made all the arrangements to watch the function. Happy does commentary on everyone and laughs. Chintu comes to Happy. She closes eyes. He says closing eyes doesn’t mean you are safe. She says I m hurt, sorry. He says I think, thanks will suit more. She says yes, but sorry for morning, I vented anger on you. He says its fine, it means you take your words back. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came here to hear live commentary of engagement. She says its entertaining, but I m not getting a good view. He says I have a solution, come. She says you have found a good location, the view will be nice. He says I have a habit to survey every new hotel. She says I have heard you are a CA. He says you found about me. She says my aunt told me, you should be interested in bank statements.

He says yes, but I m a hotelier by heart, my dad used to run guest hours, its shut down now, dad got a heart attack and we had spend a lot of money then we couldn’t run it, I have a dream to run a guest house and hotel business. She asks what are you waiting for then. He says support, I have to gather some money. She says you shouldn’t wait for too long to fulfill dreams, who knows what’s the future, think if you meet with an accident and die, the dreams will also end. He nods. Dinky and her groom get on stage for engagement. Chintu calls Simmi and asks her to put phone on speaker. He holds Happy’s hand when she stumbles. She makes Happy hear the sound. Happy says thanks for completing pic with audio. Tujhme rab dikhta hai….plays… Dinky gets engaged. Chintu smiles seeing Happy. Happy dances. She sees Rocky with some girl and thinks he is so cheap. She looks at Chintu and thinks he is being so helpful, does he have any wrong intentions.

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