Happy Hearts update Monday 31 January 2022

Happy Hearts 1 February 2022: The Episode starts with Happy and her cousins taking about Chintu’s help. Happy says I don’t have jewelry and property that he will woo me. The girl says we have more assets than all that, the true treasure of a girl is….. Happy worries and says what, it means he is…. no, how can you be sure. The girl says Chintu is Rocky’s brother, they will be same. Rocky asks Chintu to listen. Chintu scolds him. Rocky says I have returned the gun to Bunty. Chintu asks why did you crush her car, what if someone got harmed. Rocky says its fine, why did you help Happy. Chintu says I knew it was your fault, it was their car, why did you destroy it. Their dad comes and scolds Rocky.

The girl says I have heard many things about Rocky and his friends, he is Ranbir Kapoor of college, he has changed 18 Gfs in three years. Happy listens to her cousins. The girl says it means I m gorgeous, he has winked to me, even Chintu is like him. Happy says disgusting, no, this won’t happen with me. The girl asks her to find a nice guy for herself. They sing and tease Happy. Happy says this won’t happen with me. Tai ji comes and asks them to take care of arrangements. Rocky and his dad argue. Chintu stops them. Their dad asks Chintu not to save Rocky all the time. Happy comes there and looks on. Rocky says I m your son, you can call me anything. His dad asks why did you invite me here. Rocky says I will ruin your reputation one day, like I have ruined Happy’s car. Chintu slaps him. Rocky asks everyone to leave. He gets a soda bottle and drinks. He leaves.

His dad says he doesn’t have any respect for his father. Rocky stops the painters and gets spoiling the paint work.The men call him mad. Happy and Smiley come to Sandhya.They ask Sandhya to have some juice. Sandhya drinks juice and smiles hearing them. She hugs them and asks them not to create any new trouble. Smiley says troubles come to us. Happy says we didn’t do anything, we will avoid the troubles next time, promise. They leave. Sandhya asks her husband did he see their daughters have become so mature. Rocky ruins the wall paint. Chintu comes to him and asks are you hurt. Rocky says yes, not your slap, but dad’s words, he has never tried to understand me, you always understand me and then hit me, ask him to come college and see who dares to go against me. Chintu says I do understand you. Rocky says I m stubborn, I will manage myself. His friends come.

Chintu asks them to fill some sense in Rocky’s mind, don’t spoil him more. Rocky says I m used to dad’s anger, Chintu has slapped me for the first time, this happened because of Happy, I will snatch all happiness from her life. He leaves. He draws his dad’s sketch and writes this isn’t my dad.Bua says Rocky is out of control. Chintu asks her to let it be. She says he is kalyug’s Raavan, he should learn something from you, forget it, compare Rocky with my son Amrit, he works in New York. Chintu corrects Bua. Biji defends Rocky and Chintu. She jokes on Amrit. The girls laugh. Bua asks Madhu to get her daughters some good values. Simmi says we aren’t getting educated to get married. Their parents explain the need of education to get a good alliance. Happy comes there and gets drinks for them.

Chintu goes to help her. Happy gets thinking of her sister’s words. She thinks I know what’s your intentions. She goes. Everyone dances. Dinky gets mehendi applied.Rocky sees Happy. Biji sees Pratap and asks about Rupinder. Pratap says he is a nice guy, he is going to Canada. Bua and Biji get glad. Happy stops Rocky. He asks can’t you control seeing me. She says I can’t control, I feel like giving you a tight slap. He calls her cheap. She says you don’t have manners to talk to girls. She taunts him for his cheap ego. He gets angry on her. She leaves. Dinky getting mehendi applied. Happy asks Smiley to let her apply mehendi first, else anyone will call her for work. Pratap calls Happy and gives her a big task to get change of Rs. 50000. he asks her not to return home if she loses the money. Rocky’s friend hears them. Happy tells Smiley that she won’t fall in any problem this time.

Chintu stares at Happy and holds her dupatta. She goes. She counts the money at the store. Rocky and his friends come. His friend tells about Happy’s background. Rocky says she will be insulted now. Chintu looks for Happy. Pratap asks Smiley to call Happy. Happy says I m reaching soon. She hires the auto and leaves. Rocky follows the auto. She reaches the resort. Rocky sees her and covers her face with a paper bag. Biji and Bua introduce Simmi to Rupinder.

They ask him about his Canada plans. They ask him to talk to Simmi. Rocky comes to his friends and smile. He drinks and says no money. He recalls putting Happy inside the car dickey. He dances with his friends. Happy shouts for help. Pratap tries to call Rocky. Rocky sees his mom and hugs. She says you were ignoring me. He jokes on his dad. He says that’s my friend Sania, Bunty’s sister. She says you has cut her hair. He says she is a buddy. She asks him not to create any problem. He says I won’t, promise. Happy recalls the poem which her dad taught her in childhood. She recalls her dad getting a heart attack. She overcomes hear by singing the happy song. She finds him collapsing. She cries and asks someone to help her. Sandhya worries.

Chintu asks the matter and says maybe I can help. She says Happy is missing. He gets worried. Rocky flirts with a girl. Everyone looks for Happy. Chintu leaves in his car. He sees Happy’s dupatta hanging out of car dickey and stops the car. Pratap scolds Sandhya. Chintu gets Happy. Rocky says I m done dealing with Happy, lets go and celebrate. Chintu says someone had locked Happy in car dickey. Sandhya asks who has done this. Smiley says she has claustrophobia. Happy asks Sandhya not to cry. Sandhya thanks Chintu. Pratap asks Happy to go and rest. Happy and Rocky get into an argument. She says I m happy from heart, you can’t make me sad, remember this. She goes.

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