Happy Hearts update Wednesday 2 February 2022


Happy Hearts 2 February 2022: The Episode starts with Happy rushing out. She hides from Pratap. Happy sees Rocky with a girl. She goes to see the girl. Rocky sends the girl. He catches Happy and asks why did you interfere, you ruined my scene, did you get jealous seeing me with someone else, you were staring at me. He says you will compensate now. She pushes him. He says run away, else I will not stop. She hits him. He leaves and pours cold water over his head. She runs away.Chintu tries to confess his feelings to Happy. He rehearses and says Happy I love….. He hears a sound and removes happy’s chit. Biji comes from washroom. He eats the paper. She asks did you hear someone saying I love you. He asks who. She says I don’t know. He says good. He goes. Dinky and Param ask Pratap to get Happy in the marriage functions.

They get emotionally blackmailing Pratap. Dinky says Happy has been your daughter in my place always, she will be there after I leave, you raised us together, if we aren’t together in marriage album, will it look good. Happy and Smiley look on. Param says I promise I will behave well, let Happy attend wedding. Pratap shouts Happy and Smiley, come out here.Pratap says you all are fooling me, I m forgiving you for the last time, if you do anything wrong, you will see….. Dinky says thanks, I love you. Happy says sorry uncle. He goes. Happy smiles. They all dance. Happy says let me stand in front line, I m good at this step. The girls say no, stand behind. Rocky sees Happy dancing. Happy says make him leave, I m not able to concentrate. The girl asks her not to perform if she can’t. Happy says time please, I will come back after a break after I calm down. She goes. A girl smiles seeing Rocky. He smiles and goes to her. He asks her to freshen up with him. He flirts and says I don’t do anything that girls don’t like, do you mind. She signs no. She goes after him. Happy looks on. Rocky says I m mesmerized with your beauty, I will kiss you if you say, shall I kiss you. The girl nods.

He asks really and gets close. Happy comes and shouts. She says get off my sister. She scolds Rocky. The girl goes. Rocky says you are too much, why do you come to spoil my fun, you are jealous, I will make you happy first. She says stay away. He says you ruin your mood. She says I will not leave you, don’t dare to mess with me. He asks what then, tell me. She scolds him. They argue. She goes. He says I will see you in Sangeet. Biji asks Chintu why isn’t he dancing, being her grandson. Simmi asks Chintu to dance and make everyone fall for him. Chintu smiles and sees Happy dancing. Rocky asks Bunty to give the pill. Bunty says we can’t handle a pill, she will die in two pills. Rocky gets the pills and spikes Happy’s drink. Happy and Param see the drink and fight for it. She gets the drink glass. Rocky says I won’t spare Happy.

Chintu taking tips from Rocky. He says I have to tell something, but I m losing courage. Rocky asks him to close his eyes and then speak his heart out, since courage is within. Happy passes by Chintu. He smiles seeing her. Happy goes for dance. Kajal asks her to dance well. Happy says I will marry someone who is a good dancer, we both will perform a duet. He says Biji and mum praise my dance, maybe I dance very well, I have to dance today and propose Happy. The girls dance on Jao ji jao…… Everyone claps. Sania says I had seen the drink in Happy’s hand before. Rocky asks did she drink or it. Bunty asks what if someone else drinks it. Rocky asks who. Chintu goes on stage and dances in drunken state on Naagin song. Everyone looks on surprised.

Biji says that’s like my grandson. She whistles for Chintu. Kulwant asks what’s Chintu doing. Happy says this time its not my fault. Rocky says I didn’t know Chintu was so brave. Sania asks did he drink that Bhaang. Rocky says someone stop him. He takes Chintu with him. He asks where is the DJ. Happy stops Rocky. She asks him to say truth, he has created this mess. She scolds him and says you planned to harm me and harmed Chintu. He sees Kulwant there and goes silently. Rocky asks Bunty where is Chintu. Bunty says I will manage him. Chintu says I have to tell I love you to Happy. Happy says Chintu has a split personality, he is weird. Chintu goes to her. Bunty looks for her. Happy says both the brothers are uncivilized. He comes in front and says I have to tell you something. She asks what. He says just remember this, Happy I love you. She gets shocked and asks what. He says one more try, Happy I love you. She asks have you lost it, stop it. He says you are supposed to say I love you too. She asks what’s wrong with you.

He says I will always keep you happy. She goes. Rocky comes and asks Chintu to come. Chintu asks where is Happy. Rocky makes him rest in the room. Biji says Happy has done this with him. Phupha says Chintu is responsible for this. Chintu takes Happy’s name and smiles. Kulwant says someone has trapped him in this prank. They all discuss. Sandhya comes to ask how is Chintu. Biji blames Happy. Kulwant says we have no proof against Happy, even Rocky was there, we don’t know anything, none will go anywhere, we will attend marriage and go. Chintu gets up. He gets shocked seeing the video of Naagin dance. Rocky says its you, you have done this. Happy is angry on Chintu. Sandhya comes and praises Chintu. Happy thinks Chintu isn’t good. Kulwant taunts Rocky. Happy says Chintu and his family aren’t good, they are clever people, don’t ask me anything now.

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