Guddan Zee world update Thursday 8 December 2022

Guddan 8 December 2022: Anttra says you’re trying, after all, this I did to you right? Guddan says you shouldn’t have involved my family. Antra says my family; Guddan says this is equally my family. Antra says this is my family now. I involved your papa.

I told you not to come between me and AJ. get ready for mehndi. AJ would write his name on my hand. Guddan says my name is written on with his life. stop looking here and there. I am his present and future. You couldn’t be his even when he was unconscious. Antra says wait till evening. Guddan says yes we are all here.

Guddan comes to Antra’s doctor. She says do you have shame? You fooled people. You lied and said Antra was in come. You will go to jail now. He says I am sorry, please. Antra asked me to do this. Antra says I give you one chance. Do what I ask you now. He says I would.

Guddan says before starting mehndi we have to place it in temple. AJ and Antra take the mehndi. Guddan comes and says stop. The doctor walks in with her. Antra is dazed. Antra says in heart I have to stop all this. She throws the candle near Dadi. Guddan says doctor tell everyone. Doctor says antra.. Dadi’s saree is on fire. Everyone screams. They all rush to him. Antra says to doctor if you sai a word I will send your whole family to come. Antra says oh God what happened.

AJ extinguishes the fire. The doctor says her case is sensitive and complicated. You should visit me often. Guddan says what are you saying. He says yes this is true. Doctor whispers to Guddan she will harm my family. Guddan says I can understand. He leaves.

Scene 2
Antra says to AJ please apply medicine on your hand. Guddan comes there. Antra says you are so cute but this bruise has to go away. Guddan comes in. She says my hand burned too. Guddan says let’s apply medicine on each other’s hand. We don’t need a third person. Are you busy? He says no wait. You saved my mom. Guddan says our mom. Guddan says antra would you.. Antra leaves. GUddan and AJ apply creams on each other’s burns. Guddan says antra we know how to heal each other. AJ leaves. Antra says finding excuses to go near him? This is last warning. Guddan throttles her and says don’t dare to harm my family. antra say that an old woman is so boring.

You should leave this house before someone is harmed. Guddan says don’t bring my family in all this. Antra says I am crazy for AJ. She leaves. Durga hears all this.Durga says to Guddan I know doctor came here to say something else. I saw antra setting dadi’s saree on fire. Tell me what is happening. Guddan says he came here to tell ANtra’s reality. Guddan tells her everything. Durga says the whole family is in danger. GUdadn says I have no proof. She is very clever. I don’t know how to do it. Durga says I will help you in finding proofs against her. You are not alone. trust me. We will expose her. Guddan says thank you Durga.

Antra comes downstairs. Antra says to AJ please say no for this mehndi. I see your love for Guddan in your eyes. AJ says I should be paying for my mistake and this wedding is the repentance. This mehndi would begin my punishment.AJ brings Antra downstairs. AJ is about to put mehndi on her hand. AJ recalls what GUddan said. He recalls his moments with Guddan. The bowl falls from his hands. Saru says what will you do now/ AJ says I am sorry. He leaves. Guddan smirks at Antra. Dadi says antra I will put mehndi on your hands.AJ comes to Guddan and says I wanted to say something. I don’t know.. This mehndi. Take it. I don’t know how couldn’t I do it. I want to put it on your hands. I want to write my name on your hand. I want it on the right hand.

Even if it is a mistake. But this mistake feels right. AJ says I am ready to repent all my life but can I have these two minutes of your life? Guddan says my whole life is yours. Nothing can happen to me if you are with me. AJ holds her hand. AJ writes his name with mehndi on her hand. AJ is laeving. Guddan says heart always knows what is right and wrong. Heart is never wrong. It just doesn’t think like the world. AJ leaves. Guddan sees his name on the hand.Guddan comes to antra and says see AJ’s name on my hand. He heard his heart. There was no pressure. This lust doesn’t get you anywere. Antra says your marriage was forced too.

Guddan says it was but not now. This mehndi is the proof of it now. Better step back. Antra says I will get married to AJ. Guddan says he wont’ marry you when gets to know your reality. Guddan says you would tell him I wasn’t in coma? He doesn’t love me now but he has always trusted me. Guddan says you will be exposed soon. Durga says yes. The whole family will know your reality. Durga has recorded everything. Guddan says let’s go durga. Antra stabs durga. The phone falls from her hands. Gudan holds Durga. Guddan says durga.. Durga faints. Antra says whoever comes between me and AJ will meet this fate. Guddan says are you crazy. You stabbed her. What did you get? Her death won’t change your real face.

Antra says I have to send you there too. She is about to stab Guddan. Guddan runs downstairs. GUddan says aJ where are you.. AJ says what happened. Guddan says Durga.. Guddan says she is no more. Everyone is shocked. Antra says this woman.. Antra killed her. AJ says what are you saying. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says Antra was about to kill me too. I ran from there. Come with me. They all go upstairs.They come upstairs. Guddan says see..

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