Unfortunate love update Wednesday 7 December 2022

Unfortunate love 7 December 2022: Rishi looking at Lakshmi as she makes lassi. He thinks Lakshmi’s dupatta got torn due to Malishka, and thinks to order a new one for her. He orders a dupatta for her in his mobile. Lakshmi asks what are you doing here? Rishi asks Sanjay to handle the work here, and says I will take Lakshmi with me for sometime. Sanjay says ok and smiles.

Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and asks why are you feeling shy? Lakshmi thinks he will give me love band now. She asks what happened? He says you are sad, I know you are sad. He says you can’t hurt anyone, then you will hurt my heart too. She says I am not upset. Rishi says you are upset as your chunni got torn. Lakshmi asks how do you know? Rishi says it is visible. Lakshmi says I have stitched it well, but. Rishi says you didn’t like the gift given by me, and that’s why I have ordered designer chunari for you, from bridal wear collection.

He asks her to throw this chunari and wear the new one. Lakshmi gets sad. Rishi asks what happened? She says you said wrong. He says designer collection is famous and they have just one piece. Lakshmi says this is also one piece, this is worn by me when we get married, it will not separated from me even when I am dead, I worn this during the marriage,ghatbandhan and rounds. Our destiny is connected with this chunari, and says this is not just chunari, but trust, feeling and assurance of 7 births.

She says I got sad as it was torn, but now I have stitched it and is happy wearing it. Rishi says I am sorry Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you will understand me slowly, and says all life, and 7 births. He says now you will say that lets decide about this birth. He says I want to ask you one more thing and says the bangles which I gifted you, you didn’t like it and expected some other gift from me.

Ayush stops Shalu and asks if you are jealous of Neha. Shalu asks are you mad? Ayush says intelligent. He says you shall have mind. Shalu says I am mad to talk to you. Ayush asks why you show attitude when I talk, and tells that I will not tell secret to anyone that you are mad. He asks her to tell that she is jealous of Neha. Shalu gives him scary looks. He says I got my answer. She asks why do you think that I am jealous of Neha? Shalu says Neha is more beautiful than you, behaves like a girl and even smiles. He goes. Shalu says what does he think of himself.

Rishi says I have given you promise and asks her to tell. Lakshmi says these bangles are good, but I thought you brought love band for me. He says you was checking love bands on net, but got this before. She says it was my misunderstanding, and tells that these bangles are very nice, and special gift being the first one from you. She thanks him. Malishka asks Lakshmi to come, as cake cutting time came.

Lakshmi says we were talking. Rishi sees Malishka taking Lakshmi. He asks Malishka not to come between husband and wife, says I will take Lakshmi to dad, if he is calling her. He holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her. Malishka thinks what the hell? Lakshmi tells Rishi that he behaved like he used to behave before marriage. Rishi says I have forgotten my phone. Lakshmi says it is in your hand. Rishi says I have forgotten to charge my phone. Gurucharan looks at Lakshmi.

Lakshmi appreciates him for today’s work. Gurucharan asks her about her relation with Rishi after marriage. Lakshmi says she is very happy, Rishi is very good and his family too. He asks who was that girl and looks at Malishka? Lakshmi says she is Malishka, Rishi’s friend. Gurucharan says I understood at first sight. He says there is something going on between Rishi and Malishka, they are not just good friends, and asks if she is understanding what he said. Neelam sees love band in Malishka’s hand. Rishi comes back and wonders where is Malishka? He calls Malishka.

Neelam also hears Gurucharan. Lakshmi turns and looks at Malishka, just then some guest come there and Lakshmi couldn’t see the love band in her hand. She tells Gurucharan that he is talking like Daljeet aunty and says Malishka is a very good girl, she is Karishma’s nanand’s nanand’s daughter and says there is nothing going on between them. Gurucharan says I hope so, but it is not right and says the way your husband and Malishka were dancing.

Lakshmi says we are from village, and tells that they don’t meet guys, but here girls and guys go out together on date. She says anybody can dance with anyone, it is not a big deal. She hugs him and tells that she is very lucky to be here, she was just Lakshmi before, but now she has become bhagyalakshmi. Neelam gets relieved and goes. Lakshmi tells Gurucharan that she has ordered chole kulche for him. Virender hears them. Neelam comes to the inhouse temple and lights the diya. She says my heart is not calm, whatever we are doing is wrong, how can it be right? she says you have written everyone’s destiny and wrote markesh dosh in Rishi’s kundali and gave the power in Lakshmi’s kundali. She says you did this and made me become the medium. She says I am scared if Lakshmi comes to know about the truth.

Malishka asks Rishi what do you mean that if Lakshmi comes to know. She says I am very hurt today. Rishi says Lakshmi was expecting love band from me. She says how she thought that you will give her love band. She says she has become your wife and wants to become your lover. Rishi says I didn’t come to discuss this, and asks her to take out the love band. Malishka asks what?

Virender asks Gurucharan if he saw Lakshmi? Lakshmi says I am here. Virender asks her to give him so love to him also. Lakshmi says you are really my Bau ji. Virender opens his arms. She hugs him. Virender says meet my daughter Lakshmi, whom this world regards as my bahu. He says I have become your Bau ji first and then Rishi came in your life.

Malishka says you insulted me and went with Lakshmi, to save you and me. He asks her not to be sarcastic and take it out now itself. Malishka says I will hide it with dupatta, but will never take it off, as our bond will break. She promises him that Lakshmi will not know and asks him to give a cute smile to her. She then hugs him.

Virender telling Lakshmi that first he became her Bau ji and then Rishi came in her life. Lakshmi tells Gurucharan that Bau ji is with her, and asks him not to worry about her. Virender asks him not to worry and says I will be with her, she is my daughter and more than Rishi. He says do you trust me? Gurucharan says yes, I trust you. Virender says she has become our house’s Lakshmi and all her respect, rights, duties will be my responsibility.

Gurucharan thanks him. Lakshmi hugs Virender. Karishma tells Sonia that Lakshmi always does something and goes ahead of them. Malishka sees Karishma eying the cake and asks if she is in a mood to eat it before it gets cut. Karishma says I hope your Mom don’t blame me for cheating and says Lakshmi is ahead of you in this party, and tells that after whatever is going to happen, Lakshmi will be scolded. She says when the cake falls down from Lakshmi’s hand. Sonia says we can’t do bad for Mom and dad’s anniversary.

Karishma says cake will fall down and then Lakshmi will be scolded, and then Malishka will bring a new cake to celebrate the anniversary. She says I will make the cake fall down and Lakshmi will think it happened with her hand.

Neha comes to Rishi and asks what was he telling about him. Rishi asks what? Shalu comes there and tells that Lakshmi is calling her, as it is very important. Rishi goes. Neha thinks to make Ayush as her boyfriend. Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks if she called him. She says no. Virender says her concentration on us. Lakshmi says Gurucharan Chacha is leaving. Virender asks him to come for Diwali. Lakshmi goes to call Bani and Shalu. Gurucharan tells Rishi that he used to love Lakshmi a lot, that sometimes he even fought with her parents. Rishi asks why? Gurucharan says I can’t see her in pain. Rishi asks him to think that Lakshmi is in his house only and says I will take care of her well. Gurucharan says I am believing you. Lakshmi, Bani and Shalu come there and meet him. Gurucharan leaves.

Malishka tells Neelam that they shall cut the cake as time will changed in sometime. Neelam says we shall cut the cake. Virender says ok. Malishka says I will inform Lakshmi to bring the cake. Neelam asks her to bring the cake and asks guests to come. Malishka thinks my last knock out will make you lose and I will become winner. Lakshmi is bringing the cake, when Karishma throws something behind her. Lakshmi leaves the cake and goes to see what has fallen down. Just then Karishma comes there and throws the cake down.

Lakshmi comes running to the cake and gets shocked. She thinks how did it fall down, and thinks if there is no cake, then? She wonders what to do? Karishma smiles. Malishka asks Sonia if aunty has ruined the cake. Sonia says surely. Karishma comes there and says cake is ruined. Malishka hugs her and tells that they shall start the drama. Lakshmi says there is a problem and asks her to come with her. Malishka says everyone is waiting and asks what are you doing? She sees love band in her hand. Rishi looks at Lakshmi staring at love band in Malishka’s hand. She thinks of Gurucharan’s words and Rishi’s words.

Sanjay shows the washroom to the guest. The guest stops Shalu and says this handkerchief is yours. Shalu says this is not my handkerchief and says I am not interested in such things. Ayush hears him. Sonia scolds Shalu for misbehaving with the guy. Shalu says I was just answering him. Ayush takes her from there. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he had given his love band to Malishka, as it was single piece, and he thought to order a couple bands for them. Malishka says excuse me and goes. Rishi is about to go behind her, but Lakshmi takes him with her.

Ayush tells Shalu that he has saved her from Sumit. Shalu says I can handle such guys and says I am saving you from bad girls. Ayush asks why, I like girls. She says you are mad. He says you are mad and argues. Shalu goes behind him. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she don’t want anyone to know, as today is the big day of Maaji and bau ji. He asks what happened? Lakshmi says cake is ruined, and tells that she also don’t know how to make cake. She says she can make Ghewar. Rishi says we have many hotels and I will ask the chef to make cake. He says today is my mom and dad’s anniversary and I don’t want to spoil the day. He calls the chef Raghav and asks him to make the cake ready in 30 mins. Lakshmi says there shall be their old pic on the cake. He asks Raghav if he heard her demands and ends the call. He calls Ayush and asks him to come.

Malishka tells Karishma that Rishi has taken out his love band from his hand, to save from Lakshmi. She tells that it is like that he has taken out love from his heart. Karishma says it is a small thing, and it is good for you and Rishi. She asks her to focus on the anniversary. She asks her to go and do the drama, and make Lakshmi fall in Virender and Neelam’s eyes. Malishka says I am very angry with him this time. Karishma says he will convince you with a hug and says I just pray that you shall not get anyone’s bad sight. Malishka asks Lakshmi where is the cake? Rishi asks Malishka to wait and tells Virender and Neelam if they can wait to cut the cake. Virender asks what is the matter? Rishi says my friends were saying that I am her deewana and danced with her, they asked if she can do anything for me. Nana ji comes and says even I want to know.

Neelam gets glad and hugs him. Nana ji says how can I refuse Lakshmi’s order and says she had called me and said that if I don’t come then she will not talk to me. Lakshmi is about to touch his feet. Nana ji says daughters don’t touch the feet, and asks her to hug him like Neelam and wish him peri pauna. Neelam looks startled seeing his liking for Lakshmi.

Nana ji asking Lakshmi to hug him and say peri pauna. Lakshmi hugs him and says peri pauna. Neelam is surprised. Nana ji asks Rishi what was he telling, that if she can compete with him or not. Malishka says first cake cutting shall be done, we can talk later. Nana ji asks Karishma, if he is related to her. He asks her to tell Malishka that whenever he talks, only he talks and nobody shall talk inbetween. Karishma asks Malishka not to talk in between. Malishka says sorry, and tells Karishma that she said as he asked her to hurried up. She says he doesn’t like me. Nana ji asks Rishi how he to find out if Lakshmi can compete with him or not? Rishi says Lakshmi, do you remember that I had promised my friends that we will dance. A fb is shown. Lakshmi says I remember but dance.

Rishi says yes. Virender asks Lakshmi to dance. Lakshmi asks how to dance. Rishi whispers in her ears that they have to dance, to keep everyone busy till the cake comes. Lakshmi says ok. Nana ji asks Rishi what did he tell that she agree? He says I said I like her, and likes to dance with her. Ayush says I will play songs, I am DJ now. He asks them to come and take them to dance.

Malishka gets upset and is about to go. Karishma calls her. Rano comes to Karishma and says this color is suiting you, and you are looking handsome. She thinks she will smile as I praised her, thinks everyone is hungry of appraisal. She asks Karishma to think about Ayush’s marriage. Karishma goes.

Lakshmi says do you remember that your friends asked you to dance. He says his all promises are Siman’s promises. He holds her Lakshmi and starts dancing with her. Na seekha maine…plays…..Malishka gets jealous seeing them dancing. Everyone enjoys their dance.

Nana ji says Rishi is a better dancer, but Lakshmi is more better than Rishi, as she lived the dance and became of Rishi with her heart. He says I saw such a beautiful love for the first time. Everyone claps for them. Ayush says well done to Lakshmi. Rishi congratulates Lakshmi and whispers in her ears that cake is arrived. Nana ji says cake cutting time.

Malishka asks Lakshmi to bring it. lakshmi says I will bring and goes. Sonia, Karishma and Malishka gossip that what reason will she give for not bringing the cake. Lakshmi brings the cake surprising the trio. Everyone sees Neelam and Virender’s wedding pic on the cake. Nana ji recognizes it. Rishi tells that Lakshmi asked for the pic and so he gave.

He says lets cut the cake. Neelam and Virender cut the cake. Neelam makes Virender have cake. Virender then makes Neelam have it. Neelam makes Nana ji, Dadi, and others. She asks Lakshmi to have the cake and makes her chachi and sisters have it.

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