Guddan Zee world update Thursday 22 December 2022

Guddan 22 December 2022: AJ says antra.. Antra says what happened. AJ hugs her. AJ says I made a huge mmistake. You tried telling me Guddan’s reality. she married another man. Antra says I am here with you. Everything would be fine. Antra hugs him.Bhushan calls Guddan. she says AJ knows her reality. He was doing drama. Bhushan says I was so scared. Guddan says you thought I would marry an old man for money? He says no I trusted my upbringing. Guddan says swipe your tears. AJ comes and says papa are you okay. sorry I had do this drama. Gudan says she has all the wealth. We need to do this drama. Bhushan says I am happy you two are together. AJ says I did what we decided. Guddan says anything else? He hands up.

AJ says as a father you always trusted her. I failed as a husband. Ihave lost her. there is distance between us. Bhushan says your love change this distance. Time is wrong, it will heal everything. And promise me you will always trust her. You will never leave her alone. Guddan is my everything but you are her life. AJ says I would never repeat this mistake again.durga says I know you’re mad at me. I know I have made so many mistakes that it is difficult to forgive me. But I got a chance to help you and be with the right. I am so happy. I hope you keep giving me such chances so you trust that I have changed. I hope this new relation never ends. At least have this tea, I made it for you. Guddan drinks the tea, Durga smiles.

Guddan says you’re right. It isn’t easy to trust once its broken.Laxmi says that old man is conscious.The old man is tied. He says I am the groom. Laxmi says shame on you. she is your daughter’s age durga says don’t even dare looking at our MIL. Guddan says don’t scare him. I am sure he has experience. He says I.. Guddan says you would tell antra? Oh we are so scared of her. If she can kill me, she can kill you too. What if she gets to know you didn’t marry me, she would kill you. You made a mistake you wanted to marry a girl of your daughter’s age. I am sure Antra asked you to do all this. NOw tell us what would you do for us? You have to pretend to be my husband. Do it, or I would defame you in the whole city. He says I would do what you ask but leave me, please.

Scene 2
Antra comes home with AJ. Antra says your time in this house is over. Everything is mine and my husband’s here. You are not even AJ’s wife, so pack your bag and get out. Guddan says yes I can go, I don’t want to live here either. Dadi says yes you only care about money. You don’t even care about ages. You have no shame. You were AJ’s wife. You only care about money. Now you have proved how wrong you were. Antra says it is useless t say all this. Get out now, no one wants you in this house. AJ says I want. He says I want Guddan to live with us in this house. I want to move on. She gave me pain by marrying this man. I want her to see me getting married to you. I want to see her in the same pain. That would be my revenge.

Would you marry me? Antra says yes, I would marry you in front of Guddan. Guddan says if he wants me to stay here till Antra and his wedding, I would stay here.Antr says Gudan I am getting married to AJ. And with his will. You look so sad. You have my ring. This is my AJ’s. I have right on it. She takes Guddan’s ring. Antra says wow it looks so pretty. she throws the other ring and says we don’t need this now. AJ picks it. He says I am sorry. Only you have right on this ring. It should be in your hand. He is about to make her wear it, Guddan takes her hand back.

Guddan says I was looking for this ring but I had no intentions of wearing it. How could I wear it from someone who hurt me? You have no value of the emotions associated with this ring. You gave her this ring. You gave her mind. I can’t satisfy your ego now. I can’t do that. She leaves. AJ says you’re right. I have hurt you. But I wont’ give up. I will wake up my love in your heart.The old man hears. He says so they are together? I will tell antra. At least I would get the money and this AJ spoiled my wedding.

The old man coems to Antra and says I wanted to tell you something. This Guddan and AJ are together. Her DILs threatened me. So I was scared. But now I am telling you everything. Guddan stands up. she says it was me. You wont change.You are the one after me. Now you have decided to be on Antra’s side, you have to pay for it. He says you can’t do anything. I will tell antra everything. He goes out.. AJ walks him in again, He locks the door. He says now you would go where we want and speak what we want.

Laxmi and durga see Antra outside her room. She says Antra shouldn’t go inside. Laxmi says let me stop her. AJ says I have all your track record. Guddan says I have all the proofs of frauds you have done.
Laxmi says to Durga you were with antra. And now Guddan is married to that old man and now Antra is our MIL. Antra stands there to hear them fight. durga says I repent. I know Antra would be cursed too. Antra says I shouldn’t waste my time. She goes to her room. Laxmi texts Guddan.
Guddan says you would spend your whole life in jail or help us. Laxmi goes upstairs. Antra opens the door. No one is in her room. She says where is everyone?

AJ and Gudan come downstairs. Guddan slips. AJ holds her. Guddan says I am fine. I can handle myself. He says you were about to fall. She says you made me fall in front of people’s yees. I don’t need your care. I can handle myself. Antra says excuse me. Antra says ma.. Saru.. Dadi says what happened? Antra says she is wearing my clothes and is with my husband. She is trying to trap him. Dadi says what do you want? You married by your choice. How low would you stoop? I considered you my daughter is this how you are returning my respect? You are here only because AJ said. Stay away from AJ and Antra’s life. After the wedding go from this house and leave my family. Antra stands with AJ.

Saru says to Antra I did what you asked. Antra says good. Saru says I thought you would appreciate but well you’re giving me money. But why did you ask it? Antra asys I don’t trust guddan. She wore my clothes. Why? ANd her husband isn’t around. Something is wrong. AJ comes and says milk.. Saru leaves. He says I got you milk. She says there were so many servants. He says I want to live the old times with you again. He hugs her. AJ says you never care for your health. He makes her drink the milk.Saru says thank God AJ didn’t hear. I should thank Antra. I am safe with her. She sleeps.

AJ calls everyone in hall. Dadi says where are antra and saru? He says I gave them sleeping pill. Dadi says they are part of our family. AJ says they are not family to us. This is about them. Guddan was right all this time. Antra fooled us. I can’t see Guddan being insulted when I know she is right. Dadi says she is fooling you. AJ says she showed me antra’s reality. It was all antra’s place. We fell prey to her games. Gudan is innocent. He tells her everything. Dadi says oh God. I kept thinking my Guddan was wrong. How could I do such a mistake. Dadi says I don’t know how to apologize Guddan. You can punish me. Gudadn says no dadi.. Dadi says forgive me. Guddan hugs her. Guddan says I got your love back I don’t need anything else.

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