Imlie starlife October 2022 Teasers


Imlie October teasers 2022: Aditya decides to reveal the truth about his relationship with Imlie, Malini attempts a suicide…

Starlife Imlie October teasers 2022

Saturday 1 October 2022:

Anu’s plan falls flat when Malini asks her not to instigate her against Imlie. Later, the Tripathis joy know no bounds when Nishant comes home.Malini dislikes Aditya’s closeness with Imlie. While he decides to spill a shocking truth to Nishant, Meethi informs Satyakaam about Dev’s call.

Sunday 2 October 2022

The family spends blissful time together while an enraged Aditya berates Imlie. Elsewhere, Anu pours her heart out to Dev.After the family’s persuasion, Aditya apologises to Imlie while the Tripathis plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Later, Imlie receives Aditya’s gift.

Monday 3 October 2022

When Imlie lies that her Valentine’s gift is from Sundar, Aditya fumes with anger. However, Malini learns the truth about who gave Imlie the gift.Imlie overhears Nishant and his doctor’s conversation and learns that he has leukemia. While she returns the gift to Aditya, Malini picks up Meethi’s call.

Tuesday 4 October 2022

Meethi calls Imlie at night to wish her a happy birthday. The family scolds Aditya for not informing them earlier and plan a surprise for her.

Imlie gets emotional when the Tripathis give her a surprise on her birthday. Later, Malini’s special gift reminds Imlie of her mother’s love.

Wednesday 5 October 2022

The family celebrates Imlie’s birthday in high spirits. While Anu creates a huge scene, Aditya puts forth a heartfelt appeal before Imlie.Aditya gets a shock when he receives the news of an accident. Worried, he leaves home in search of Malini, and Imlie decides to go with him.

Thursday 6 October 2022

Dev arrives at the accident spot and breaks down on not finding Malini. Meanwhile, Imlie sneaks in through the police barricade to rescue her.Malini and the family applaud Imlie’s bravery. While Imlie learns about her exams, Aditya gets romantic with Malini.

Friday 7 October 2022:

Imlie sets out to rescue a girl when some guys try to trouble her. Aditya gets impressed and praises her for her courageous deed. Imlie and Sundar engage in a silly fight. While the family asks Imlie to study for her entrance exams, Nishant loses his cool after Anu humiliates the Tripathis.

Saturday 8 October 2022

Aditya takes Imlie out on an assignment to the same place where the family is holidaying. Later, Anu spots Aditya and Imlie together and instigates Malini.

Imlie gets shattered after Aditya asks her to move on in life. While Imlie decides to return to Pangdandiya, Aditya lands in a perilous situation.

Sunday 9 October 2022

While the gang leader pulls a gun at Aditya, Imlie reaches the spot with the police. Elsewhere, the family grows concerned about Aditya.Aditya and Malini desperately search for Imlie to stop her. However, she refuses to budge from her decision and leaves Aditya shattered.


Monday 10 October 2022

While Imlie cleverly hides from the police who are looking for her, Aditya gets worried about her. Later, Meethi is delighted to see Imlie return home.Aditya and his family are deeply affected by Imlie’s absence. While Aditya upsets Malini, Imlie engages in a heartfelt conversation with Prakash.

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Aditya upsets his family and Malini by leaving for an undisclosed location. While Imlie argues with her grandmother, Aditya arrives at Pagdandiya.Aditya blames Imlie for leaving his family without telling them anything. Malini worries about her marriage after Anu instigates her against Imlie.

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Malini expresses her fear to Nishant about her relationship with Aditya. Meanwhile, Aditya requests Imlie to return home.Imlie returns home to find out that Aditya is not breathing and Dulari assumes that he is dead. Elsewhere, Malini finds out that Aditya lied to her.

Thursday 13 October 2022

Aditya is hell-bent on making Imlie attend her examination. While he takes a stern stand for Imlie, Malini and Nishant are in for a grave shock.Imlie asks Aditya to stay back in Pagdandiya for another day, and he agrees instantly. While she is overjoyed, Aditya experiences an internal conflict.

Friday 14 October 2022

An angry Malini decides to leave the house as she longs for Aditya. Elsewhere, Imlie and Aditya perform some rituals at the temple.Malini’s mother doubts her return as a normal visit, as she looks very disturbed. Elsewhere, Imlie and Aditya shake a leg at the temple.

Saturday 15 October 2022

Imlie and Aditya talk about the reason behind her performing the ritual while Dulari causes the sabotage. Later, Imlie confronts Dulari.Seeing Imlie and Prakash together, Aditya grows envious. After, cooling down he asks Imlie to marry Prakash. What will be her answer?

Sunday 16 October 2022

On her way back home, Imlie gets attacked by goons in the middle of the forest. Aditya manages to fight them. Later, Aditya and Imlie seek shelter in a house.While Meethi grows worried for Imlie, Aditya returns with her. Later, Imlie and Aditya have a romantic moment.


Monday 17 October 2022A

Aditya rebukes the manager when he humiliates Imlie and the villagers. While Meethi pours her heart out to Aditya, Dev encounters Satyakaam. Meethi tries to stop Satyakaam from killing Dev. While Aditya gets shocked after learning about Dev and Imlie’s relationship, Anu arrives at the Tripathis.

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Dev expresses his remorse for the past while Aditya takes an unexpected decision. Later, Meethi objects when Dev seeks to reveal his identity to Imlile.Aditya grows dejected about parting ways with Imlie. While Anu taunts Dev, the family behaves indifferently after Aditya returns home.

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Imlie grows emotional as she misses Aditya. While Dev tries to appease a dejected Malini, Imlie hides her grief from Meethi.Anu berates Aditya after he apologises to her while Malini’s return leaves the Tripathis delighted. Later, Malini grows suspicious of Aditya.

Thursday 20 October 2022

Imlie reveals the truth to Prakash about her relationship with Aditya. While Aditya arrives at the bus stop to meet Imlie, Malini notices a strange thing.Imlie decides to stay at the hostel while the Tripathis miss her presence at their residence. Later, Aditya meets Imlie on the occasion of Holi.

Friday 21 October 2022

Imlie’s return has the Tripathis feeling delighted. Later, Nishant’s unexpected question puts her in a dilemma. Imlie repents for getting close with Aditya. While Meethi suspects Prakash of hiding something, Aditya tackles a daunting situation.

Saturday 22 October 2022

Malini finds Aditya’s constant support to Imlie odd. On the other hand, Imlie draws a sketch of her and Aditya which accidentally reaches Malini. What happens next? Malini is left speechless after an astrologer foretells her future with Aditya. Later, she taunts Imlie about Aditya’s growing concern for her.

Sunday 23 October 2022

Malini feels insecure when Aditya takes Imlie home in his car. On their way back, Imlie is astonished as Aditya surprises her with a bunch of gifts.Aditya tries convincing Imlie to start a new life with him. Overcome with emotions and conflicted between right and wrong, Imlie denies his request.

Monday 24 October 2022

As Aditya agrees to cook Imlie’s favourite Kadhi Chawal, Malini doubts his intention. Later, everybody enjoys a hilarious scene in the kitchen. Aditya calls a family conference and reveals to all that Imlie was a state topper in her exam. Later, everyone congratulates Imlie, who is on cloud nine.

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Imlie finds herself in a tough spot when Malini catches her with sindoor. Can she lie her way out? Malini gets excited about a dinner date with Aditya while Meethi and Satyakaam receive good news. Later, Aditya’s sudden change of plan hurts Malini.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Imlie gets nervous to represent her village in the interview and Aditya tells her to be confident. Later, her secret gets exposed in front of the media. Imlie lies about her marriage during the interview to safeguard Aditya’s dignity and life. Back at home, a cranky Aditya misbehaves with Malini.

Thursday 27 October 2022

Imlie gets herself admitted to the college, much to everyone’s joy. While she and Aditya have an emotional conversation, Malini grows concerned when he falls ill.While Meethi learns a shocking truth, Malini decides to fight for Aditya. Excited about her first day at college, Imlie receives advice from Malini.

Friday 28 October 2022

Imlie hits back at the classmates for attempting to rag her. Later, Malini vents out her fury on Imlie on catching the latter with Sindoor.Imlie asks Malini to forgive her for not obeying her words. While Malini decides to take a break from their relation, Aditya calmly agrees.

Saturday 29 October 2022

Imlie and the Tripathis fail to stop Malini from leaving the house. Much to Imlie’s shock, Aditya decides to uncover the truth to his family. Rupali is baffled after Imlie reveals the truth about her and Aditya’s marriage. Meanwhile, Malini worries about her relationship with Aditya.

Sunday 30 October 2022

Aditya gets interrogated by the family about his problems with Malini. Under Aparna’s coercion, he makes a shocking confession.Malini refuses to return home after her suspicions about Aditya and Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie is to be awarded by the minister for her exemplary achievements.

Monday 31 October 2022

Aditya decides to reveal the entire truth to Malini. While Malini refuses to attend the award function, Aditya informs Imlie about his decision. While Imlie receives the award, a heartbroken Malini attempts suicide. Later, Imlie witnesses the horrifying sight and Malini gets rushed to the hospital.



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