Guddan Zee world update Friday 30 December 2022

Guddan 30 December 2022: Antra looks for the papers. sHe finds them. she says finally I have what was mine. Now I will celebrate her.AJ says she would never know those are fake papers. Guddan says we have the real papers. Guddan says we have to make her open the lock. AJ says if you want her punished for killing Rawat we will expose her. Anat brings keymaker. He says no one can make key for this lock. It isn’t manufactured anymore.Laxmi collides with antra. Her bag falls. Antra says are you crazy. Can’t you see? She leaves. Laxmi calls Guddan and says Antra has the key.Antra comes home and checks the freezer.

She says HOnda what did you do to yourself. You lost your life. You had to die. what would you do now? AJ says in heart be happy. Antra says enjoy the cold now. Bye. She leaves. Guddan gets AJ out of the freezer. She says are you okay?? Laxmi says Guddan you saved us all. You didn’t give up like all of us did. AJ says yes Guddan. Guddan says laxmi told us about the key and that she is coming here. Laxmi changed the key in her bag. Laxmi says if you two are together Antra would be destroyed.

Antra say wow I have the papers back and Honda is gone too. AJ comes there. Antra says now when I have everything I wont have to lose AJ. AJ video calls Guddan. Antra says Aj we should sleep together in the bed. Guddan says in heart it shouldn’t affect me. Antra says we are getting married soon. AJ says we will live together. Why should we be hasty then? Antra comes close to kiss AJ. She says let’s enjoy distance. She says okay I will wait. Antra leaves.AJ says to Guddan see.. Guddan says do what you want. You can do what you want. Focus on the plan. Guddan says we are so close to our win.

Scene 2
Antra is asleep in her room. She hears noise. Antra ties waking AJ up. Antra comes to hall and says who is it? I am not scared of anything. She sees Honda’s body outside. Antra says this can’t be ture. Am I dreaming? She says no this is reality. Who got her body out? She sees honda on the balcony. antra screams. she runs and falls. Antra says this can’t be true. She opens the freezer. Honda is there. Dadi comes there. She says why are you so scared? Antra says nothing. Dadi says why are you in store? Antra says nothing. Everything is perfect. She leaves. Guddan brings AJ out. Antra is coming there. Guddan and AJ have to hide in freezer. Guddan says it is so cold here. how do you stay here. He hugs her and says I can keep ou warm.

Laxmi gets AJ and Guddan out of the freezer. Guddan says thank you, you got us out of here. I would freeze there with that cold company. Laxmi says we have to be careful.Dadi says to antra get ready. It’s haldi time. Antra says they didn’t come? Dadi says who? She says no one. I will tell you.Some men come. Antra says why did you take this long? Dadi says who are they? She says they have some work to do. Dadi says she is going to get honda’s body and take it out of here. She texts Guddan. Guddan asks AJ to get in the freezer. She says antra is coming here with her men. Guddan locks the freezer and hides. THe men open the freezer. Antra says Mr. Honda you are dead. Now I will burn you. So I get done with you forever. See you in hell. They take the freezer.

The men and antra come to a jungle. Antra put petrol on the freezer. she says bye forever. She burns the freezer. Dadi and Guddan are hidden there. They are scared. The men and antra leave. Guddan recalls Angat put gun on a thug. He gave him money and asked him to get AJ out before burning. HE said antra would see it. Guddan said she wants to get done with it. She won’t open it now. Angat said Guddan you are smart. You saved AJ. Gudan says because of AJ’s bravery we are able to get this mission done.AJ says are these happy or sad tears? Guddan says stop it. AJ says I don’t know how to thank you. Guddan says we have to complete our mission.

Scene 2
The haldi starts. Bhushan and family come in too. Antra comes and sits on her side. People start applying haldi on antra. Antra says Guddan, AJ wanted you to be part of all the rituals. Come do it. Guddan says yeah I am doing what I am here for. She says apply haldi on AJ first. He is your ex after all. Guddan applies haldi on AJ and Antra. Guddan says I have all the interest in honda now. Not AJ. AJ gets a call. He says I will be back in a while. Antra says Honda would be here if he cared about you. Guddan says where is he? Antra says I don’t know where he is. I only care about AJ. Guddan says if you have done anything to Honda tell me. Antra says he is in London. Guddan says he told me and not you? Tell me or I won’t leave you.

Honda comes in. Antra is scared. He says antra.. I am coming for you. The room is dark. Everyone stands still. Guddan says where is Honda.. Antra says there.. Guddan says can’t you see him? Honda says antra I will kill you. He comes to her with dagger. Dadi says what happened antra. Antra says can’t you see honda there? He will kill me. Durga says you said he is in London. He isn’t here. Antra runs. Honda says you killed and rawat. You killed your brother. You will pay for your sins. Antra is scared. She hits her head on wall and faints. Everyone rushes to her. Guddan says she fainted, how would we get truth out of her now.

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