Guddan Zee world update Saturday 24 September 2022

Guddan 24 September 2022: Postman comes and says AJ has invited you and your family to a party tomorrow. He will announce his wife as well. Kaushaliya says we will come for sure. He is such a big name.Guddan comes to AJ and says thanks for kicking perv out of my sister’s life. She says I wanted to apologize too. He says we had a two way deal. She says yes I came today. Tomorrow you would be busy in wedding announcement party. He says how can I be busy without you? She says what? He says I want you to marry me. Guddan says what? She says I can’t do this. Look at our age difference. I can’t do this. I can do anything else. Please don’t take my name tomorrow. She leaves.

Kaushaliya says I want all these new jewelry. Kaushaliya says we can’t look poor. Guddan says I don’t wanna wear all this. Kaushaliya says you have to. We can’t look cheap.perv’s wife says you are so lucky to have a wife like me. Perv says i love you. Aj says for sure you do. I am sending you two to Shimla in next four hours. Siddy says but I want to attend party and meet your wife. AJ says you will know her. She says thank you. Perv says why are you all doing this? AJ says if you are in party you will be exposed and siddy would be hurt. I don’t want that.

Scen 2
Party starts. Lakshmi says its our independence day. He will announce his wife. They dance on sasu ji tune meri qadar. Guddan comes. Saru says before we kick you out get lost. Lakshmi says you will ruin everything. Go from here. Durga says you want to be insulted. AJ says is this how you treat my guests? She will be respected here.Guddan sees AJ meeting his friend. She thinks AJ would marry her. Guddan says AJ will marry that girl. I saw it. Lakshmi hears and tells everyone. She tells other two. Saru says its better. She is our friend. Durga says Guddan should be insulted in the party.AJ’s friend meets Guddan and says are you happy? she says yes very happy. Uncle is not what he looks.

He gets angry anytime. AJ hears. She says I think marrying him is stupid. But its okay your personal life. She turns back and sees AJ. She spits. Guddan says sorry. she cleans his coat. H says I will do it.Saru says to Guddan where did you get this necklace from? What is your designer’s name. She says real diamond is strong. She pulls it and it breaks. Guddan says better mingle with people of your standard. Guddan says I am glad if reach people are like you I am not one. Before hurting people think once. Because poor people can curse you. I hope your new mother in law teaches you manners. They leave. AJ sees her leaving.

Guddan is leaving. AJ says stop. He holds her hand and says one can insult you. He takes her to the floor and says Gudan is going to be my wife. Everyone is dazed. People say tnat she is so young. Women says can she do anything? AJ says she will do everything. SHe is younger than my daughter in laws. She will be my second wife and mother in law of this house. He makes her wear bangles.Laxmi says durga say something. AJ says my daughter in laws will gift her all things they brought. Laxmi says I want to kick her out of this house. SAru says how can AJ do this. Durga says we will talk to him later. Dadi says bring her the gifts.

AJ says come durga. Durga makes her wear the sandals. Kaushaliya says what is all this? revati says what is happening.

Scene 2
Kaushlya comes home angry. She brings Guddan to that room. Papa says it wasn’t her mistake. Kaushaliya says she did something that wasn’t a mistake. I am proud of you Guddan. I am very happy. They will give us so many gifts. papa says he has married kiKaushaliya says no one could force her. THose letters would be of AJ too. Papa says Guddan says I know those letters weren’t yours. Guddan says this is all my choice.

Durag says we have to talk to AJ. We have to stop him from doing this mistake.
They all go to AJ. AJ says I have written all preparation details here. His son says papa Guddan is so young. Durga says we did everything you asked. You know she isn’t good. Why do you wanna marry her? I want better for you.Revati says di why are you doing this mistake? Tell me please. Don’t marry him.Guddan says did you see mummy was so happy? I will rule there. I am very happy.

AJ says I gave you all a chance but you couldn’t find a girl. Now if you want or not I will marry Guddan. Saru says we will be so disrespected in society.Perv’s wife tells him that AJ is marrying some Guddan. He is dazed. He says what is behind all this? Why is he marrying Guddan? I need to find out.AJ recalls reading his wife’s letter. He recalls meeting Guddan. Dadi comes. She says I know you are doing all this for ANtra. These people are talking about Guddan but I know she will be good for you. She will be a blessing for us. She gives him engagement ring. he says this is Antra’s ring. Dadi says she will be your wife. she will have a right on it. He says on my love there will always be Antra’s right. Guddan will never have my life.

Guddan comes to AJ’s house. She slips and falls in the pull with Aj. He brings her out. He slips again. Guddan laughs at him. He pulls her out and says some laughing. Guddan says I slipped because of you. He says what you doing in my house at this hour? She says I promised you that I will do anything. Okay if you force me to marry you I wont let you live. she leaves in anger. He says how will you go away? She tries to jump. She says I wont take help from you. He says all this for not asking me to open the gate? She slips.. AJ picks her. She says leave me. He leaves, she falls down. AJ picks her. He says come in this house with respect not this way.

Guddan comes home. Perv is there. SHe says what are you doing here? He says no one is home. Everyone is shopping for your wedding. You broke your sister’s heart and getting married yourself? She says shut up and get lost. He says the AJ you are marrying is a.. AJ comes and says is a? AJ says what were you saying? he says i was saying AJ stopped me from all this. He asked to me.. AJ says get lost now and don’t show her your face again.
AJ says to Guddan you should thank me. She says you will break this engagement right? He says you will get married to me.

Guddan says to AJ I know you are here to say that you are scared and wont marry he. HE says I think before doing. He says I brought this ring for you. You will get engaged to me. Guddan says I can’t do this. He says you can’t say no. This ring is your responsibility and you have to keep it safe. He leaves.Guddan’s dad gives her a phone. He says you wont be here making tea for me. So I would have to talk to you. I will video call you. Guddan hugs him. Revati hugs him too. Gudddan says she will take care of you. Their relative says Guddan changed your fate. This is an expensive phone. He says I brought this for my daughter. I am not getting her married for money. Guddan says we don’t need to give you answers. We aren’t like you.

SHe says in heart I can’t tell you truth papa.
Guddan fries pakoray but they burn. She says I can’t do anything. Papa says don’t worry. Guddan says this is all happening because of that AJ. AJ video calls her. He says where is the ring? Ring fell in the pakoray. He says show me the ring. If you have lost it I will kill you. Guddan says I can’t show it to you every second. She sees ring in the pakoray. Se takes i out. Guddan says here is it. He says why is basin on ring? She says because you wanted to see it right now. Kaushalya says this is diamond ring. WHere did you get it? She says AJ gave me. Kaushaliya says let me keep it.

Laxmi says that ring is very close to AJ’s heart imagine if she loses it. Saru says it will be fun.Durga sees them and says what you two are doing here? We have to do our responsibility. She leaves. Laxmi says we can’t make her part of our plan. Guddan gives pakoray to papa. Kaushaliya says she wont have to make all this there. She will be the mother in law. Laxmi and saru come. Laxmi says we brought some sarees for her. Guddan says I don’t need it. Kaushaliya says she doesn’t know anything. Saru shows them sarees. Saru picks the ring. they leave.

Scene 2
The engagement starts. Saru and Laxmi are happy. Durga says where were you two? Saru says we went for decorations. The ring falls from Laxmi’s hand and falls in a flower basket.. Laxmi says it is lost anyway. Guddan will be responsible.Guddan is getting ready. AJ calls her. He says you can’t understand what that ring is. It is my life. Guddan says it is here. She opens the box but the ring isn’t there. AJ says where is the ring?

Akashat say that my life stays with ring? its everything to me as it belong to Antra, Gudden say its here only and she open box and get shocked. She cut call and call family members and inform that to find ring?, she is unable to find it. Kaushalya call Gudden careless, you can’t do anything. Gudden say uncle is calling, Kaushalya pick call? and say we are bringing your gudden and ring ?soon, just be paitent.

Laxmi wish that my engagement should have been like this, just when saraswati interfare and say welcome guest, otherwise AJ will kill us if anything wrong happens.Dadi ask Akshat about gudden and just then she arrives and dadi bless gudden and Akshat ask about ring?. She get nervous. Kaushalya say its with her as gudden can’t do anything. Kaushalaya give ring to gudden and gudden mistakenly drop ring. Gudden and Akshat bend to pick and their head strike with yeh Ishq muklam ho nahi sakta… ? Akshat realise that ring? is fake. He hold gudden hand and take her aside, he ask her about ring. Just than Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga arrive and blame gudden and his family by calling them thief. Gudden stop them say she told akshat she can’t handle anything and can’t marry him, adding she is not theif and cries? akshat hold her hand but she goes away. Gudden’s father is about to go behind her but akshat stop him.

Gudden walks aimlessly towards swiming pool and flashback shows blames of DILs , taunts of neigbhours and condition put by akshat and she is about to put her leg on swiming pool, but akshat hold her and say have you gone mad? What are you doing? Gudden say its none of your business and say I told you I can’t marry you, and it clearly state by your eyes? even than why you want to marry me?
Akshat get flashback of letter? written by Antra that you should get married within 15 days. He say to gudden that yes we both are too much different but still we will get married. Now get ready and guests are waiting to meet us. He leaves. Song plays Na tere hathon me meri lakeerein, hain bhut aalg si takdeerein, Mera zameen pe chalna, tera hawa sa udna, haan namukin sa hai tera mera milna…. In background?
Gudden think about his words and dadi says its all Lord Krishna leela.

Revati ask her father lets leave, but Gudden engagement is still remaining and walk down with dadi.Dadi make Akshat and Gudden to walk hold each other hand.
Dadi give ring to both and take them into centre of hall.Sorry light went here so i didn’t get what happened exactly but I think light went during engagement as guests were shown with open mobile flash light and akshat make gudden wear ring?. Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga get irritated and make faces.???

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