Guddan Zee world update Sunday 22 January 2023

Guddan 22 January 2023: Guddan slaps Perv. He says how dare you.. Guddan slaps him again. Guddan says every time I teach you a lesson but you never understand. You are a disgusting human. First, you risked Alisha’s life by kidnapping her. Durga was in trouble. What if something happened to her child? Perv says shut up. Are you crazy? Stop accusing me. Go to a doctor and get yourself treated. Guddan says I know your treatment. Guddan is about to slap him. Revati stops Guddan’s hand and says he is my husband. Guddan says don’t become blinded by hate. You can’t see who is a demon? Revati says as if you are pious. Perv is my husband. If he is saying he didn’t do anything, he didn’t.

Guddan says isn’t he the same husband who you were divorcing a few days and getting married off to Alisha? That plan failed right? I will fail all your plans because you are against a mother. Guddan says mothers are weird. They always think their kid is in trouble. You can’t accuse him without proof and this drama won’t prove your motherhood. Guddan says I have the proof. I hit him with a stone. Show me your leg. Revati says Perv show me your leg. Perv shows his leg. There is nothing. Revati says you are lying Guddan. You’re such a liar. Guddan says enough. Show me. Perv says enough. You can’t do whatever you want. Don’t mess with me or I will ruin your life even more. Guddan says your partner is misbehaving with your sister, doesn’t it matter? Revati says go from here. Enough drama for today. She locks the door.

Revati slaps Perv. She says this for getting me in trouble, this for making a plan without telling me. This for not being able to hide your bruise yourself. I gave you a concealer at right time. If AJ saw it he would kick you out. Better know your worth. She leaves. Perv says they did the same thing. I will show both of them my worth.

Scene 2
AJ ropes Alisha. Guddan says what are you doing? AJ says I should have done this way before. Dadi says it was a mistake. AJ says she won’t be with us in Diwali and she will stay roped here. Gudda says she is our daughter. I won’t let you do this. I am opening her. AJ says no. She has ruined our family name. She risked everyone’s life. I can’t let her do that. AJ says your leniency has brought us to this point. You were also wrong. I don’t want to hear anything now. Alisha doesn’t know affection. Guddan says she is our daughter. AJ says she doesn’t understand the meaning of it.

She will be tied here. Alisha says yeah go, I don’t care. I don’t want to be part of your Diwali anyway. Guddan says quite Alisha.Guddan comes to AJ. Guddan says I know you want to bring her on the right path. but you can’t tie her. She is a child. As a father, you have to teach her with love. AJ is in tears. Guddan caresses his face. AJ says you think I like doing all this?? she is my blood. It hurts me more. I really love her. I can’t express it. I have to suffer every day. Guddan says why? You know it hurts you. Then why you do this? AJ says I am a father. I know what is right for her. If I have to be her enemy to bring her on the right path, I would do that. Your affection encourages her behavior. Guddan says I won’t change my way. AJ says she doesn’t care about any of us. She won’t be with us in Diwali pooja. Guddan says how can you do that.

Dadi says what kind of Diwali is this? I wanted everyone to be together and celebrate. I never thought this.
Laxmi stops Saru. She says you’re stealing today as well? Saru says there won’t be any pooja. I can steal this dia. Only 20 minutes are left. I better sell this Dia. Laxmi takes it from her. Laxmi says we have Guddan in this house. She won’t let our Diwali down. We will do pooja and celebrate. You get ready. Laxmi leaves.Everyone comes downstairs. AJ says Guddan start Arti. Only 15 minutes are left. Guddan says I can’t do this arti. AJ says why? Guddan says you said I am Laxmi of this house.

If you don’t’ want to include Alisha in arti, you can do pooja without me. AJ says you can’t emotionally blackmail me. Don’t waste time. Guddan says I am not doing drama. I have decided it. Only 10 minutes are left. You have to decide. AJ says okay then, there won’t be Laxmi poojan. You can all go. Dadi says stop it. You two have forgotten everything. Why won’t be there Laxmi pooja? Because you are stubborn? AJ says Alisha won’t be part of the pooja. Dadi says I am the elder of this house. Enough now.

Dadi opens Alisha’s ropes. She says I won’t come to pooja. Dadi says enough. You haven’t seen my anger yet. She takes her to pooja. Dadi says you two, start arti. Guddan says to do it before she slaps us. AJ says in heart you didn’t do right. Alisha says I have added misunderstandings between them already. Dadi says to Guddan have some laddus. I made these for you. You look good smiling. We all celebrated together because of you. Guddan says nothing is more important than the family. Laxmi says sweetness is increased with laddus. Guddan says you will get only one. Alisha scares them with firecrackers. Guddan pulls her ear and says promise me you won’t do this again. Dadi can slap you as well. Alisha says leave my ear, I won’t. She leaves.

Dadi says you did right Guddan. Guddan says it isn’t going to be easy to bring her on the right path.Perv says in heart you will my new plan. When you use your phone. Guddan would pick my call and scream for help. Perv calls on Guddan’s phone. She left it in the kitchen. Perv says I have to make her pick up the call.The house is decorated. Durga says AJ did it? guddan likes balloons. AJ says who did this? Guddan says I did it for Alisha. Guddan says Alisha you can’t crack firecrackers, you can blow balloons. Alisha says this is boring. You go and play these boring games with your AJ.

Perv says why is Guddan not picking the call. Revati her phone is there on the table. You are such an idiot. Perv says you aren’t my boss. She says I am your God. I can send you back to jail.Guddan says to Alisha you’re scared, you can’t blow more balloons than me. Alisha says I am not boring like you. Guddan says maa ji, Alisha is scared. Would you play this game with me? Dadi says I accept your challenge. Laxmi says we can blow more than you. Durga says let’s ask Alisha. Guddan says no she isn’t interested. Guddan and everyone blow balloons. Alisha says I don’t wanna play with you. Guddan says you are scared. AJ says can you accept her challenge? Alisha takes a pin and blows the balloons. Guddan asks dadi to slow down. Guddan says happy Diwali.

AJ says I made your daughter play with the family. AJ says our daughter. Alisha says see how well I blew them. Dadi says Guddan you can’t win from my Alisha. Guddan says round 2 and 3 are left. They start blowing balloons.Alisha drinks water and Guddan’s phone falls. She brings it. AJ says why do you have Alisha’s phone. She says I wasn’t stealing it. Was going to return. Guddan says Alisha come let’s play. Alisha says I don’t want to play your boring game. You play with your stupid family.

Perv calls Guddan, she is about to pick but Laxmi falls on her. The phone blows. Aj runs to Guddan. Her phone is burned. AJ says bring first aid. He picks Guddan and takes her to the room. AJ says is it hurting? Guddan says this is hurting you more. Guddan says I must have overcharged it or something. Durga says it is a good phone. Guddan says I have heard it in news. AJ says someone planned it. Don’t say it is a fault in the phone. I know who did this. Guddan says who are you talking about? AJs ays you will see when I punish the culprit.

Police come home. Guddan says why is police here? AJ says because culprits belong in jail not in my house. He says on Diwali where a family celebrates together, my daughter tried harming Guddan. Guddan says what are you doing? AJ says I can’t tolerate your life in danger. Not a single word. Inspector arrest Alisha. Guddan says move, no one will touch my daughter. AJ says have you lost it? Guddan says she isn’t going anywhere. AJ says your life was risked. Guddan says she hasn’t done anything. AJ says how can you say that? Guddan says like you can accuse Alisha. AJ says how did a phone blast then? Guddan says it was an accident. Or someone else might have done it. You can’t blame Alisha.

There are people who don’t want us to live together. I trust Alisha. AJ says inspector Guddan is being emotional. Arrest Alisha. Guddan says I will forget all laws if anyone touches Alisha. AJ says I won’t let a culprit live in my house.Guddan takes the inspector’s gun. AJ says what are you doing? Guddan says I will shoot if anyone touches Alisha. Durga says please don’t do this Guddan. AJ stands in front of the gun. He says come, shoot me. What will you do now? Shoot me? Are you trying to hide her sins? Why? Guddan says she is my daughter and a part of this house. She hasn’t done this crime and she will live with us. Dadi says you would shoot your husband for Antra’s daughter? He is your husband. Guddan says Alisha is my daughter as well. I can’t let her go to jail without any proof.

AJ says she has to go to jail or you can shoot me. Guddan puts the gun down. Guddan says okay I don’t have an option, take her. But give me proof. How can the inspector take her without proof? Show me the proof first. Inspector says AJ calls us and complained that your life is under risk. Guddan says it’s my life and she tried attacking me according to you? I trust her entirely that she didn’t do anything. If anyone has to complain against her, they have to come up with proof. Without proof, you can’t arrest anyone. I am sorry I took your gun. A mother can do anything to protect her child. Inspector says sorry AJ but Guddan is right. You can’t complain without proof. Phones generally have faults. And Guddan, never take law and order in your hand.

AJ says you will regret this Guddan. Guddan says I don’t want you to regret either. AJ says Alisha is a culprit. Guddan says you can’t prove it because Alisha hasn’t done anything. Every culprit is innocent until proven guilty. AJ leaves in anger. Alisha goes upstairs. Revati says this blast between AJ and Guddan is better than the phone.

Scene 2
Alisha recalls what Guddan did. Revati says well done Alisha. We thought you would spark small fights between them. But you made her pull a gun on him. Saru says a mother’s love is greater than a wife’s. Perv says this deserves to be celebrated. Alisha throws a pot on them. She says don’t say a word. Revati says we are with you. Alisha says go before I break your face. She locks the door. Alisha sits down. She says why am I angry? They were right? I should celebrate. Why am I angry? Because Guddan stood by me.

Alisha comes to Guddan. Guddan says you want anything? Want to say something? Alisha says I don’t know. Guddan says tell me. Alisha says you think you’re so great that you saved me? You’re not getting any award. Guddan says I don’t want an award. Alisha says who are you? Why would you fight your husband for me? Guddan says I am your mom. I know it is difficult for you to accept that. But I considered you my daughter the day I got to know about you. I know you have anger in you but that doesn’t change the truth.

Guddan will always be with you. A mother never leaves her child’s side. I know we are not bound by blood and we are the same age. But relations are made by love, and I really love you. It’s new to me as well. I don’t know how motherhood entered my heart. But it didn’t and it won’t leave now. I will always be with you even if I have to fight your dad

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