Guddan Zee world update Saturday 21 January 2023

Guddan 21 January 2023: Dadi says did Alisha steal them? Guddan says she can’t do this. Durga says they’re both no there. She did this. AJ says only she can replace the idols with chocolates. Dadi says I thought she would bring happiness to our house but she is like the room.Alisha comes to a store to sell idols. The shopkeeper says we have closed the shop. Alisha says this is pure gold. She shows the idols to them. The guy says but these.. The owner says yes this is of real gold. We have to weigh them and calculate the cost. They go in.

AJ says you still think I did wrong? She stole our idols on Diwali. You still want me to be nice to her? Ma is right. She is like her mom. Guddan says she is your daughter too. How can you speak like that about your daughter? AJ says you think this is my mistake too? I don’t understand your way at all. You don’t understand mine. Every time, I tried to fix her you came in between and stopped me. But not anymore. I can’t pardon theft. AJ calls the police. Guddan says what are you doing? Ma please stop her. Revati says wow a mother’s heart. You have failed. Guddan says I will find out where Guddan is.

The shopkeeper calls Guddan. He tells her that there is a girl at his shop to sell the idols. Guddan says please stop here there I am coming. Guddan says I will bring her home. Dadi says should we tell AJ? Guddan says he would do something wrong in anger. Let me bring Alisha home first. I will handle AJ later. Durga says I will come with you. Guddan says no, I will go alone. Dadi says no, Alisha isn’t home already. I can’t let you go alone. Guddan leaves. Dadi prays.

Alisha says where is he? How long does it take to weigh idols? She sees AJ’s file there. Alisha says that means he knows that idols are AJ’s. The owner comes out. He says Satesh will bring cash. Alisha says I don’t want to sell them. Alisha takes idols from him and locks him inside. She runs.
Alisha says even if I don’t get the money, they won’t get these idols. They will suffer from Diwali. Some thugs kidnap Alisha in the dark. He calls someone and says I have the girls and the girl too. Perv is on the other side. He says I will earn and Alisha would be blamed. This is my time.

Guddan comes to the shop. She says why did you let her go? I asked you to keep her here. He says she is very clever. She locked us here. Durga says we should tell AJ. Guddan says he would do the same, look for her. She is in trouble. Durga says you’re worried for her after all that she did? Guddan says she is our daughter. Durga says she doesn’t consider you her mother. Guddan says I can’t stop considering her my daughter. I can’t let her be alone out there. A mother can’t stay away from her kids. Laxmi, call Alisha, please.

The goons bring Alisha to a garage. She says why did you bring me here. let me go. He puts a gun on her.Laxmi is tracing Alisha’s location. They reach where her phone is traced. Guddan says this is such a deserted place. Laxmi says this is scary. We have to go home. Guddan sees light. Laxmi says let’s call AJ. Guddan says we can find a solution. Don’t worry.AJ calls police and asks them to find Alisha.Dadi is worried. AJ says where is everyone? Ma I am asking you. Dadi says they have.. AJ says where is Guddan?

Guddan says I think I should call AJ. Perv comes there and sees them. He says how did they reach here? Police couldn’t and they are here. He calls his thugs and says there are guests here. serve them too. Durga says let’s call AJ and police. Some goons come and put guns on their heads. They take their phones. Perv says never mess with me.AJ says how could you let them go ma. You know they could get in trouble. I hope they’re fine. AJ rushes out.The go ons bring Guddan and DILs inside as well.Guddan sees Alisha there. Guddan says Alisha.. She says shame on you. She is your daughter’s age. Today is Diwali. He says it’s fun doing dark things on a religious day. He touches Alisha. Guddan says don’t dare to touch my daughter. They laugh and say she is your daughter or sister? Guddan says I look young. I am Guddan.

Does the thug say you are Guddan? You’re famous in Indoor. They come towards Laxmi and Durga. Guddan says don’t touch my DILs. They laugh and say now women double your age is your DILs? Let’s play a game. If you win, you can take your daughter and DILs with you. Guddan says what would I do? He says play cards. Choose one card. Laxmi says remember what happened last year. Please don’t. Durga says we are gone. Guddan picks a card. Guddan says I can’t. She is scared. Guddan says I messed up last year. Guddan says let’s play anything else. I am not good at cards. Give me another option. He says okay there’s one thing. Guddan says done. Durga says listen first at least. The thug says Ms. Overconfident. He goes near Durga. The thug says so it’s Diwali today.

The goon picks dia and says you will put it on your head and light the rest of the dia. If you fall, you will lose. Guddan says I used to do spoon race in the school. So easy. They tie her hands. Guddan says no no how would I do that without hands. A wood hangs on the DILs and Alisa. He sets it on fire. He says save your DILs and daughters before it burns and falls on them. Guddan says please don’t do this. Perv is peeking in. He says they made Diwali circus. I will see how Guddan can save them.

The goon says come on start lighting them. Alisha says they are all useless. Keep them, let me go at least. Durga says please Guddan do something. You can do it. Laxmi says yes you can. They put dia on Guddan’s head.AJ says where are you Guddan. You have crossed the limit today. Guddan starts walking. She says I can do this. The goon says she is crazy. Talking to her own self. Guddan says you made three mistakes, kidnapping my daughter, kidnapping my DILs and calling me crazy. See how I win now. AJ is on his way. Guddan is about to fall but she balances. They confuse Guddan. Perv laughs.

Guddan lights first dia. The goons clap and say wow, you did a wonderful job. He says there is one more. Light that one. It’s on a height. Durga says you’re a cheater. It wasn’t there before. The goon says you can’t go until you light that one. Guddan starts climbing the ladder. She shivers. Guddan lights that dia as well. Laxmi and Durga smile. Guddan steps down the ladder. Guddan says let us go now. The goon says why are you in a hurry. Guddan says move from my way. The goon says it was entertainment. The game isn’t over. Guddan says I will blow that fire and end this game. Guddan blows the fire with wood. A good cut the rope and it is about to fall on them. AJ comes and holds it.

Guddan is dazed. AJ throws it on the goon. He starts hitting them. Guddan says such a hero entry. Guddan says what happened now goons? AJ says shut up. Guddan says I am in your team. AJ says if you were you would tell me. AJ hits the goons. Perv says how did he come? He hits the goons and says how dare you kidnap my wife, daughter, and DILs. Tell me who hired you. Guddan sees a shoe and hits it. Guddan says stop. Perv runs. Guddan says there was someone who was behind all this. But he ran. Guddan wonders who could that be. Guddan says in heart I know who this was. AJ says to Alisha in anger, come with me.

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