Guddan Zee world update Friday 23 September 2022

Guddan 23 September 2022: Guddan sees Raiti. She screams and says Raiti please open your eyes. Raiti says I love myself if something happens to him I can’t live. Raiti faints. Guddan rushes her to the hospital. She asks doctor to admit her. Doctor says you need to inform police first. Guddan says please treat her first. Guddan rushes to raiti and asks people for help. AJ says to doctor why are you not treatin her? Doctor says it’s a police case. AJ says don’t tell me the rules. I can file a case against you. Doctor says I will treat her. Doctor says we will start treating.Guddan goes to the temple and says thank you God. AJ says wow we do the work and God gets the credit. Guddan didn’t see him.

Kaushaliya and Guddan’s father come home. She says why is it so silent? Kaushaliya sees blood on the floor. She screams and says raiti.. She shows it to her husband. They look for Guddan and Raiti. Kaushaliya says call Guddan. She might have done something to Raiti.Raiti is being treated.Guddan is crying. Perth calls Guddan. She says stay away from her or I will file a police case against you.Kaushaliya comes and slaps Guddan. She says neighbors told us you brought her here. Have you killed my daughter? Doctor says she is conscious. Guddan says mummy don’t ask her anything. i will ell you everything.

Kaushaliya comes in. Raiti says ma.. Kaushaliya says Guddan told us everything. She was making you wear her bangles that cut your vein. I would have brought you new ones. Your vein got cut because of her bangles. Kausliya says I beg you Guddan stop doing all these mistakes. I hope no one ever has a daughter like you. They leave.Guddan says to Raiti you should have thought about us. Raiti says I couldn’t see anything when I imagined life without Perth. Guddan says in heart he is fooling you. He is married. Guddan hugs Raiti.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to police station and sees inspector hitting a prisoner. She says sir I need your help. Because of a guy my sister is in hospital. The inspector turns.. Its perth. He laughs. He says what beautiful face here. Tell me who is annoying your sister? Guddan says you are disgusting. Because of you my sister’s life is in danger. He says your sister is in my trap now. I can’t help you now. So better not come between us. If you come you will see what happens. Like world says you can’t do it.. This thing you can’t do at all. Why are you leaving? He makes her sit. He says you came here to file a report against me but it backfired. But should I file a complaint against your sister for tempting a married man or suicide? He takes off his bandage and there is noting. He says such a deep wound. He laughs. He says Raiti shouldn’t die. I haven’t had my fun. Angry? Hit me please. Your hands are so soft.

Guddan shoves him. He says your sister can’t go away from me until i have the enough. I am the culprit and I am the policeman. He shoves her and says go from here.Guddan comes home angry. Kaushaliya says what are you cooking for so long? You can’t even cook. er dad comes and says why do you keep scolding her all the time? She can never harm her sister. She always stands for her sister. Kaushliya leaves. Papa hugs Guddan and says you are my brave daughter. I know you would never let anything harm your sister. I know you love her so much. Guddan hugs him and cries. she says in heart how do I save my sister from that Perth.

Scene 1
Guddan comes home. Perth is there. He says police is there to take care of you all. He says you cut her wrist while making her wear the bangle. I will show you how it is done. Perth says thanks for believing in me raiti. Guddan says now you know this is not a suicide go now. Kaushliya says please close the suicide case. He says I will get it done don’t worry. He leaves.Lakshmi gives AJ water it is hot. he says get me cold water. He says this medicine is expired. What is wrong with you all. Better focus in the house. Where were you going? Saru says let me get you the medicine. Durga says we are tired of his anger. Hope we find his wife son.

Guddan is worried. SHe says how will I save raiti from perth when she doesn’t want to save herself. Please help me God. Doctor comes and says nothing will happen to your sister. Guddan says thanks for saving her life. Doctor says thanks AJ. He saved her life. He is a very nice man. Guddan says he isn’t that bad afterall. She says can AJ help me?Durga says living here is getting difficult. We need a mother in law to make our lives easier.Guddan calls AJ and says can I meet you please? I am outside your house. She comes the hall and says AJ.. The candle is about to blow. Guddan saved it. AJ comes. She says I wanted to thank you for saving my sister. He says its okay. She says you promised me if I write anything on paper you will give me anything. I want you to save my sister. He is a married policeman and is fooling my sister. He says if you want me to help then.. She says I will do what you ask me. I can do anything for my sister.

Please help me. He says I will. They both save dia together. Guddan says I am promising you in front of God I will do what you ask. He says I will do it. She says thank you and leaves.Dadii says what was she doing here? He says you will have answers soon.

Scene 2
Next morning, AJ says good morning. He says how was the movie last night? They wonder how is he so sweet? Lakshmi says it wasn’t good. AJ says the cereal is really good though. Lakshmi says thank you. He says some people will come with clothes. You can buy whatever you want. Lakshmi says for making good cereal? He says no for wedding. I will get married. Don’t worry about the girl anymore. Focus on preparations.Perth says on call I will pick you on time babe. AJ comes there. He says you should love your wife. But trust is very important too.

Papa says Guddan get me tea. I will get Raiti up. Guddan says it heart Raiti is looking at Perth’s photos. She says papa please get vegetables first. He leaves. Gudan says have you got mad? Papa came in. She says everyone should know now. Guddan says he is married are you crazy. she puts all cards in bin and burns them. Raiti says what did you do. Guddan says I am doing all this for you. I must be looking very bad to you. Raiti says why do you do this. Guddan says he is a liar. e is fooling you. Guddan hugs him.Perth says to Ajay who do you have to complain about? Ajay says inspector Perth Singh.

Kaushaliya comes in and sees the ashed. She says wat is all this? Kaushaliya says who burns in the house. Kaushaliya sees on the cards and picks it. Guddan takes it. Kaushaliya says show me. She sees the card an says its asys love? She checks all the ashes. Kaushaliya says what is all this?
Ajay says write that you are a married man and fooling a young girl. You forced her in your trap. She cut her hands because of you. You also harrassed her sister. Write it. File a complaint against yourself. Perth writes it. Ajay leaves.Perth says how did Guddan bring him?Kaushaliya says all this was going on in my house? She slaps Guddan. Papa says what are you doing. Kaushaliya says come see what she is doing in our house. She has a lover. She is disgusting. She can defame us only. She hits her. papa says this can never happen. Guddan says papa mama is right. He is dazed. Kaushaliya says heard? She says if you daring stepping out of this house or if you touch phne I will break your legs. You will make my raiti like me too. She leaves. Raiti is crying. She says I am sorry di. I can’t live without perth. I will tell mummy papa everything.

Scene 2
Saru and durga see the sarees. Durga says all this is for our mother in laws. Their friends come. Lakshmi says durga you should rest after she comes. Saru says for sure. Lakshmi says we will gossip about her.Dadi comes. Durga says AJ asked us to prepare for the wedding but we don’t know the girls. She says I hope he has chosen a girl.Guddan recalls all that happened. Papa comes and says you are like your mom. I know you wont do all that. Tell us the truth. Tell me who are you trying ti save? Kauushaliya says she is waiting for us to go out so she can bring him in. Papa says she wont ever do anything and I trust her.

Kaushaliya asys I will get you married very soon.Lakshmi and Saru look for Durga.
ajay comes and says so inspector perth what have you done with the FIR? perth says nothing will happen to your FIR. Ajay says you don’t remember who I am. I will get Raiti out of your trap. And see what happens with you. Perth says why are you involving in this. Ajay says I have promised someone.Durga comes to Guddan and says how did Aj apologized to you? And why did you come to meet him? What is going on between you and him? perth says what is that third class Guddan to you?

Scene 1
Durga says tell me or I will ask your mom. Guddan says in heart how do I tell her. Guddan says enough. go and ask your Aj. You can’t ask him. You can stay outside and wait for my mom. Durag leaves and says I will find out.Guddan calls AJ and says what happened to Perth? its about my sister please do something. He will ruin her life. AJ says don’t worry he will be punished. Guddan says we have to do something permanent. He should be hit on road. He hangs up. AJ says she speaks so much. AJ says I don’t give small punishment.

Scene 2
Saru says welcome brother and bhabhi. Her brother is Perth. She welcomes them both. AJ says I was thinking about you and I found you here. Perth touch his feet AJ stops him. AJ says come I have to talk his feet AJ stops him. AJ says come I have to talk to you. Bhabhi says Saru said you are going out. AJ says I wanted to surprise perth. See. He says come to my room Perth.Perth comes to AJ’s room. Perth says if I knew you are here I wont have come here. My word will remain same. Better stay away from my personal life. I am the inspector. Home minister comes and says inspector has to serve people. Perth is dazed. Home minister says take off this uniform. Perth comes in another dress. Home minister says leave the uniform. AJ says you are Saru’s brother or I would have killed you.

Feeling better now? Home minister says he could ask me to do a lot more worse. He leaves. Aj says so Mr. Perth.. He slaps him. Aj says I slapped because you misused your power. I asked you to give up but you didn’t listen. You have a chance. Go to Raiti and tell her you were fooling her. Do this in 30 minutes or I will tell your wife everything. Your time starts now. HE leaves. AJ says Guddan its your turn now.Gudadn tries to make raiti eat. Raiti shoves her. She says I will die. Gudadn says I will slap you. Perth holds Guddan’s hand. Raiti hugs him and says please take me from here. No one understands me. Perth says no you have to live with your family. I have no relationship with you. Raiti says are you saying all this because of di? Di please ask him not to. Perth says no because I really love my life.

Raiti says why did you do this. Every said you are fooling me then why.. Raiti hugs Guddan and cries. He says you will regret. She says you will. Raiti says I am sorry di. Guddan says in heart uncle did it.Aj tells dadi everything. She says you are so nice. Lakshmi says to Durga you went to Guddan’s house. AJ says I have done what you couldn’t. I promised you ma that I will marry again, I will fulfill it. Tomorrow’s party will have all the answer. This is the guest list. Dadi says who is she? AJ says meet her tomorrow. They all wonder who that is. AJ says prepare for the party. Laskhmi says this list has Guddan’s name. He says I wrote it. You will call her family first. We don’t have time. AJ says to Guddan I did what you asked. I want you to marry me. Guddan is dazed.

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