Guddan Zee world update Sunday 29 January 2023

Guddan 29 January 2023: Alisha says just like you called my mom’s death an accident, Vikrant will die too. From AJ’s hand. Guddan says how can you do that? how can you think of murder? Alisha says AJ will do that. I won’t. AJ said he will do everything at the wedding himself. Save your husband and his friend if you can. Guddan says are you out of your mind. What was Vikran’s death? Alisha says what was my mom’s mistake? Vikrant will die and AJ will be blamed for it. You can’t stop it. Alisha leaves. Guddan says before it’s too late I have to tell AJ everything.Dadi says to AJ what are you thinking? He says thinking about Alisha. Guddan thinks we can win her with love.

But how? How will we bring her on the right path? Dadi says sometimes bruises are so deep that they become your part. Antra brought up Alisha. So she learned everything from her. AJ says I won’t be able to forgive her if she does another mistake. I can’t let her harm my family. She has only one last chance. If she does another mistake I will ask her to leave. Dadi says will you be able to live without her? Guddan overhears all this. Guddan says he will kick Alisha out of the house if I tell him. I have to diffuse Alisha’s plan.

Guddan wakes up Alisha. Alisha says why are you ruining my sleep? Guddan says I can’t sleep how can you? I want to make a deal with you? You want to kill Vikrant and separate me and AJ. Do whatever you want but if you lose this time, you will have to get rid of this anger. Alisha says you can’t defeat me. Guddan says everyone knows I can do whatever I want. Let’s make this deal. Alisha says you can’t do it. Guddan says leave that. Accept the deal. Alisha says okay. Alisha says leave now.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to Durga and says I got your fruits. I know you need them in pregnancy. Durga says don’t need to do all this. Whatever I wanted to do for my baby, I can’t do that here. Guddan says I can understand you but what you did was wrong. Durga says a lot if wrong but let’s not talk about all that. I didn’t want to harm anyone. Guddan says I don’t want your child to suffer with you. A child deserves a positive environment. I don’t want him to suffer like Alisha. I will get you out of here because of your child. This is my promise. Stay strong, I will come here. Guddan leaves.

Vikrant comes. He says what is all this? Dadi says these are your rings. You are our son. We have done so wrong to you. you deserve all this. Laxmi shows him rings. He says can we remove this sorry board. I don’t want to recall that incident. Dadi asks Laxmi to remove that board. Alisha says to Durga this won’t even be alive till his wedding. Guddan says shut up. Alisha says you won’t find that clue. It’s somewhere else. I will kill him. Should I shoot him in the heart? AJ has a gun. That gun isn’t there anymore. Guddan runs upstairs and checks AJ’s closet. The gun isn’t there. Alisha says why are you wasting time? Guddan says this isn’t right Alisha. Where is the gun? Alisha says find it. Guddan says stop it. Alisha says you said you can do anything.

Alisha says now if Vikrant dies from this gun, AJ would go to jail. AJ comes and says what is all this? Are you finding something? Guddan says my earrings.Alisha puts the gun on Perv. He screams and says what are you doing. Alisha laughs and says were you actually a policeman? She says I won’t kill you. Hide this gun. It’s very important for me. I will do something big tonight.AJ says is there a problem? Did Alisha say anything? Guddan says no what would she say? AJ says your eyes can’t lie to me. Guddan says yes my eyes say I love you. AJ says tell me what’s wrong. Guddan says prepare for the wedding. He leaves. Guddan says if I tell you, you won’t let Alisha live here. She can’t become a murderer like her mom.

Guddan and Laxmi look for the gun. Laxmi says I looked for it everywhere. Guddan says we can’t tell AJ. He is so angry. He will send Alisha back to jail. We have to find that gun. Laxmi says how? Guddan says I don’t know but I will.The engagement function starts. AJ welcomes all the guests. He hugs Vikrant and says I am so happy. Vikrant says this is happening because of you and bhabhi only. AJ says we will make this evening so eventful for you. Perv says to Alisha, it’s ready. Alisha says where is Guddan? It won’t be fun without her. Dadi says let’s start the function. Guddan says wait. Guddan comes with a metal detector. A man says don’t you respect your guests? Guddan says we are all worried for you.

We get ourselves checked in the malls and everywhere. We have to keep this even safe for everyone. We never know when villain are between us. Please help us. Vikrant says I am so glad to see you’re so concerned. I am a big name after all. Please check AJ as well. AJ says where do you get these ideas from? Guddan says this is for safety. He says I am glad you’re doing this. Guddan checks everyone. Guddan checks Alisha, she doesn’t have anything. Guddan wonders where is the gun. She checks Perv. Perv says why are you checking me? I am your family. Guddan says everyone is family here. The detector blares. Guddan says what are you hiding? He says nothing. Show me. Perv says nothing is there. AJ says do what she is asking. Guddan says show me. Perv shows them keys.

He says this is why your machine was blaring. Dadi says let’s prepare for the function. Alisha wonders where did he hide it.Perv says to Alisha I hid it. Guddan can never find it. He hid it in Vikran’s pocket. Alisha laughs. Perv says he was checked first. You can take it whenever you want and kill him. Alisha says well done. Guddan can’t find the gun now.The girls family arrives. AJ and Guddan welcome them. Dadi says Guddan, take our bahu to the stage. Guddan brings the rings. AJ takes Vikrant to the stage. Perv says see how happy Vikrant is. will he die before engagement or not? A waiter spills juice on Vikran’ts sherwani. he puts hands hand in his picket. Alisha stops him and gives him a napkin. He says take it, please. Vikrant says thank you.

He says I am so glad you’re listening to your parents. I hope you won’t ever hurt them. Perv says you handled it.Revati says to Perv what are you planning without telling me? He says I am enjoying the party. Revati says I know you have a gun and you hid it in Vikrant’s pocket. Guddan is worried. She says where is the gun? AJ says what are you looking for? Guddan says nothing. AJ says you’re looking for something. Guddan says nothing. I was just being careful. AJ says what was all the checking? Guddan says is there something wrong with it? He says nothing wrong but why did you do that? AJ says your eyes are no less than a bomb. Guddan says you get so filmy. He says no one did your checking. What if my wife has something dangerous. He comes close to her.

Guddan says what are you doing. He says checking you. He says I will do the rest of the checking in the room if you’re hiding something. Guddan laughs and leaves. AJ holds her hand. AJ says what are you hiding? Did Alisha do something? Guddan says there’s nothing. Let’s go downstairs. AJ says you won’t hide from me if Alisha did anything or planning anything. I know how to handle her this time. Guddan says everything is fine don’t worry. AJ goes downstairs. Guddan says I can’t tell you and see you kick out Alisha. I have to find the gun before the function starts.

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