Guddan update Tuesday 5 July 2022

Guddan 5 July 2022: Pushpa says I want to thank you. Guddan says for what? She says for being so stupid, for being pregnant, for sending your husband out of this house. For making it all easy for me. I planned the game so well but I never thought my son will go against me. He went against me once and he did the same this time because of you. You have invited your death while being in this house. You are one against 4. They all have hockey sticks. Guddan is shocked. Guddan says you can’t do anything like this.. Agastya.. Pushpa says you thought you will take our happiness and we will just watch? You will pay for going against Pushpa. Guddan says do you have any humanity left? I won’t give my child to anyone. Pushpa says we will see.

Shona hits Guddan. Saru hits Guddan. Niya hits her and says Agastya is mine only. Guddan holds her stick and says I won’t let you harm my child. Niya says you got so much strength? Guddan says this is a mother’s strength. You won’t understand. This is the reason why you were not given this blessing.. Pushpa says how dare you say that to Niya. Guddan shoves her and runs. Pushpa says look for her. Niya and everyone look around for Guddan.Guddan hides in the temple.. Guddan says where is Agastya. He left his phone here. Guddan tries to sneak out. Pushpa says find her. She can’t leave this house. Pushpa says why is the gate open. Niya says I looked upstairs as well.

Agastya calls Guddan. He says why isn’t she picking. Arushi says you can’t stay away from her for a second? He says no had to ask her what to bring. Rashi says you have become so romantic like Hindi movie heroes. I like it. Agastya says I need to protect her from everything. Why is she not picking? Arushi says she must be asleep. He calls Pushpa. She doesn’t pick either. Agastya says something doesn’t feel right. We need to go back home.Guddan comes upstairs. She tries to find her phone. Agastya is on his way. Guddan calls him. He doesn’t pick. Agastya sees his phone. He sees Guddan’s missed call. Agastya calls back. Arushi says she will be fine. Relax. Agastya says no I have to see her with my eyes. Niya finds Guddan. They start beating her. Agastya comes in. Guddan screams Agastya..

Agastya sees Guddan fainted. He is shocked. Agastya picks Guddan and rushes her to hospital. Pushpa says I can’t lose my son Agastya. Second phase of the game will start now.Agastya takes Guddan to hospital. Pushpa says if she survives we will all be in trouble. She has to die. Agastya looks at Pushpa. He says how did this happen? I left her with you home. Pushpa says I asked her to rest, then I was in kitchen when you came back. Shona says she might have slipped from stairs. Agastya says if anything happens to Guddan and my child I will destroy everything. Doctor comes out. Agastya says how is she? Doctor says she’s in coma. Arushi says is her baby safe? Doctor says baby survived. Injuries are serious, we can’t say anything. Agastya says my baby and Guddan will be fine. She’s the strongest. Rashi cries.

Agastya says don’t cry. She’s so strong. He shoves Pushpa’s hand and says she is in this condition because of me.Agastya looks at Guddan through the door. Agastya recalls his moments with Guddan. He recalls Guddan accepting the marriage. Pushpa says Arushi take Rashi home. Agastya will stay in the hospital. Rashi says would mama be fine? Pushpa says we are all praying for that. Go home and rest. They leave. Shona says what will we do? Pushpa says she will stay in coma. The baby is still safe. We will take baby from her and give it to NIya. Because of Niya’s family our business is this big. I will get her the right place in this house. I will win this game.

Niya wakes up. She hears anklet. It’s Guddan. She walks towards her. Niya screams mummy ji.. Pushpa comes and says what happened? Rashi and Arushi would heaer. Niya says Guddan.. Pushpa says no one is there. Niya says she was here. Saru sees footsteps. Pushpa says who came in this house without my permission.Agastya holds Guddan’s hand and cries. Agastya says if anything happens to you I won’t be able to live. Pushpa calls Agastya. She says how is Guddan? Did she get conscious? Agastya says no maa. Pushpa says NIya Guddan is in hospital. Shona says then what are these footsteps. She looks outside the window and says there’s a woman outside. They all go outside. A woman is walking on the road. Pushpa comes. No one is there. Pushpa says you have all lost your mind. Guddan is in hospital.

Agastya prays for Guddan. Agastya says please maa.. heal my Guddan. Agastya says you are strong like your mom. You can do it. Guddan’s hand moves. Agastya calls the doctor. Guddan’s heartbeat is going down. The doctor says her heartbeat is going down. Agastya says I won’t let anything happen to you Guddan. He says God you can’t do this. Agastya holds Guddan’s hand. she gets stable. Agastya says I knew you can fight it. I know you can stand on your feet again. You have to live. He says do you wanna hear our baby’s heartbeat? He makes her hear the heartbeat. Guddan opens her eyes. Doctor says we have to monitor her condition. Agastya says your Lord Krishan listened to me. I know you will be all fine.

Agastya recalls his moments with Guddan and kisses her forehead. The song tujhe kitna chahny lagay plays.Pushpa drinks her tea. She sees with blood written on her plate you 4.. Shona sees on her mirror.. Someone throws a letter at Niya. It says you have hit Guddan. Saru also finds it. They all gather in hall. On floor it says you sent her to coma. Now the revenge will be taken. Accept it. Confess your crime. They are shocked and scared. Shona says only we knew. Someone must have told this. Saru ma did you do this? You’re from her family. Shona says you wanted her to get married to Money. It could be you.

Someone enters the hall. Pushpa looks back. No one is there. Pushpa says stop fighting. Whoever is behind this is in the house. Someone is threatening us. Pushpa comes to the guard and asks did someone come in the house? He says yes a girl in saree. They show him Gudadn’s photo. He says yes this was her. Pushpa says if Guddan came here who is in the hospital?

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