Can you see me update Saturday 7 May 2022

Can you see me 7 May 2022: Anandita asks Shona/Pihu to sleep. Hypnotized Shona pushes her down. Vikram holds her and scolds Pihu is this the way to behave with elders. Shona slaps even him. He also stands shocked. Mohini walks in and yells at Shona. Shona warns dare not try to control her, else she will slap even her. Tantrik thinks soon he will capture Pihu and will become most powerful tantrik. Mohini sees Bobby binge eating and asks to stop. Bobby says it is stress eating. She asks to find some plan, all their plans are failing. Bobby says he wants her and Vikram jiju to marry soon and send them on honeymoon, but what he can do. He tells her to lure Vikram now emotionally.

Mohini goes to Vikram and emotionally tries to lure him saying it is Anandita’s fault that she gave so leniance to Pihu, so he should send her to hostel.Mohini then goes to Daadi’s room and seeing comatosed daadi yells this old woman went into coma just when she needed her. She does emotional drama and leaves. Daadi opens eyes once she leaves.Pihu searches Anandita and hopes mamma is alive, thinks Gopal told nothing will happen to mamma. Vikram says Anandita that he wants to talk about Pihu, she is just playing and spoiling without going to school, so he has decided to send her to hostel.

Pihu thinks Shona is everything for mamma, Tantrik is controlling Shona instead. Anandita asks Vikram who is he to take decision. He says he is guardian. She says she is mother and does not want Pihu to go to hostel. Vikram says he has already taken decision. Mohini walks in with hostel people. Anandita says she will send her daughter to hostel. Hostel people say Mohini told she is mentally unstable, so it is better to send her daughter to hostel. Anandita pushes them and warns to get out. Vikram takes Anandita away. Mohini forcefully drags Shona/Pihu towards hostel staff. Vikram, Neelam, and Sooraj join her. Shona pushes them all, but they catch her again and throw her in car. Hostel people drive her away.

Tantrik shouts he wants Pihu’s soul at any cost to become powerful and he can do anything. He sends black soul into Anandita’s body. Anandita’s yes flicker red. Pihu goes to Anandita and says Shona is innocent, Tantrik is controlling her. Anandita looks at her. Pihu happily asks if she can see her. Anadita touches her. Pihu gets happy that mamma can see her. Anandita pusher her towards her and says she is baba’s atma and not her mother, she will fight with her and now she cannot do anything. She beats herself. Pihhu feels bad for her mamma and stops her.

Pihu challenges Tantrik’s evil servant soul that until she is with her mamma, evil soul cannot harm her mamma. Evil soul in Anandira’s body pushes her and says she will harm her mamma and kick her out of this house. Vikram walks in Pihu pleads that evil soul has entered her mamma’s body, please help. Vikram walks to Anandita and says he has made Pihu’s arrangement in hostel and she need not worry. Anandita asks who arranged. Vikram says Mohini. Anandita says she does not trust Mohini, and he should take care of arrangements. He agrees, says he has arranged pooja for maa, and leaves.

Evil soul enters Anandita’s body again and fights with Pihu. Pihu locks her in room and walks out. She then goes to Gopal’s idol and pleads him to help her. Gopal comes out and shows flowers. She asks what are these. He says these are her tears, her each tear turned into flowers. He says she has to help her mamma without harming her body and getting evil soul out of her body. He gives her flowers and says these are her strength and she should us them wisely.

Pihu prepares gajra from flowers and dorns it in Anandita’s head telling she will get tantrik’s evil soul from her body and leaves. Tantrik shouts to remove that gajra and does black magic Anandita jumps in sleep. Tantrik creas fake flowers next to bed. Piu returns and seeing flowers removes gajra to fix them. Evil soul returns into Anandita’s body and pushing Pihu walks out locking her.Vikram arranges pooja for Daadi and waits for Anandita.

Mohini walks in and Daadi considers her as bahu, so she will perform pooja. She sits for pooja. Vikram angrily asks Sooraj again where is Anandita. Anandita walks in inebriated holding whiskey bottle and holds Vikram. Mohini yells to stay away from pooja, daadi would have died seeing all this. Anandita sits. Vikram asks her to go to her room, there is pooja going on here. Anandita says she will not go and drops whiskey in havan. Pandit shouts she did a big sin, Vikram’s mom will have to face a lot of problem. Anandita continues her drama. Vikram gives her a tight slap.

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