Guddan update Saturday 30 July 2022

Guddan 30 July 2022: Sona says we are lucky to have Guddan. Guddan looks at Pushpa. Agastya says maa Guddan is a good DIL, now it’s your turn. Everything is going right. Only your confession is left. after the engagement you will have to confess everything. I promise you once your punishment is over, I will bring you with all the love and respect in this house and call you maa with all the respect.Everyone dances and celebrates. Guddan says in heart I feel good about Agastya. Things are getting better. Pushpa says in heart no one can defeat me. I will win. Be happy that I will confess, no one knows what is going to happen in the evening.

Guddan helps Arushi get ready. Arushi says I am so nervous. I never thought this would happen. Choti says Agastya and I are with you. Don’t worry.Pushpa comes and sees the decor. She says I can’t lose. Guddan says in heart can’t believe Pushpa. She must be upto something. Choti says don’t be so negative. Guddan says your MIL is evil. Choti says everything is going right. Guddan says Pushpa won’t bow down to anyone. She will do anything for her win. I can’t believe she can change. Choti says please stop all this. It can ruin Arushi and Aarav’s happiness. Promise me you won’t do anything. Guddan says you’re too innocent.

The engagement starts. Sona says Arushi looks so pretty. They look so good together. Hitank says your chachi was also shy like you. Sona says change the rings before anyone changes the mind.Choti and Agastya give them rings. Aarav makes Arushi wear the ring and then Arushi. Everyone claps and is happy. Arushi and Aarav stand up to take blessings from elders. They touch Guddan’s feet. Guddan says always take care of her. If you make her upset, I will be upset as well. Aarav says to Choti and Agastya I don’t know how to thank you both. we are only together because of you. Agastya says take care of my Arushi. Choti says we are always with you both. Aarav and Arushi go to Pushpa to touch her feet. Agastya says stop. Take maa’s blessings only after she completes her promise.

Pushpa says I will keep the promise I made ot my son. But let’s eat something sweet before that. Pushpa says before confessing all the crimes I want to make my son and DIL eat this kheer. Might not get a chance again. Before I got to the police and surrender, please fulfill my wish. Choti says sure mummy ji. Right Agastya? Guddan says there must be something in the kheer. I have to stop her. Guddan recalls Choti asked her not to do anything at the event.Guddan still stops her. She says what’s in this Kheer? Pushpa says it only has my love. Before I distance myself from her forever, I wanted her to eat this. Pushpa falls and faints. Everyone is shocked. Choti says call a doctor. Agastya cries maa what happened to you. Niya comes in and says maa ate poison. Everyone is shocked.

Niya says she took poison. Everyone is shocked. Agastya says maa. Sona says what did she do. Please call a doctor. Arushi says it all happened because of me. Hitank calls a doctor. Choti says we have to make her throw up.Doctor comes and checks Pushpa. Agastya is crying. Agastya sits down. Choti comes there. Agastya says I don’t wanna lose maa. She’s my mother. I won’t live without her. Choti says she will be fine. Don’t worry. She will be okay. Choti hugs him. Doctor comes out. He says she’s out of danger. Because of Guddan’s presence of mind she’s safe. Vomit gave us time. Choti says when will she be conscious? He says it will take some time. Choti recalls Agastya crying for Pushpa.

Guddan says to Aarav Pushpa did a drama. She did this to bring Agastya on his side. She’s very clever. Choti says enough mama. She says to Aarav I want to talk to her in person. Choti says she’s in critical condition. She was about to die. Guddan says it isn’t like that. She won’t risk her life. You don’t know her. She can do anything to manipulate her son. Agastya is crying for her again. She’s very clever. Choti says mama please, she was about to die. And you’re calling it a drama. Guddan says look at you. She wanted us to fight and that is happening. Choti says Agastya was so scared. Please we have to end this, confess, punishment and everything. Agastya stood for me but I don’t want anyone to lose their life. He tolerated everything for me. I can’t see him dying every moment. None of my in-laws will do what you say. Please stop punishing them. We have to end this. They are my family. I can’t do all this. And I don’t want my husband’s mom to go through this pain again. I have made a decision, I will go with my family to Birla house.

I will live there. I want to forget what happened. Like you’re important to me, Agastya’s mom is also important. I will leave this house tomorrow. This fight ends today. I am leaving this house. Choti leaves.Pushpa opens eyes. Guddan gives her water. Guddan says how does it feel to see your plan working? Pushpa stands up and laughs. She says I know how to work in my son’s eyes. I knew no one would let me die, so I ate real poison. It isn’t easy to get me punished. What confession now? Agastya will serve me now. Even if I died, I would have won. Now see how I torture your Guddan. She laughs and says your daughter went against you for me, now see what I do. Why are you tensed? I am the one who had poison. Nothing can happen now. She laughs. Agastya is at the door. He listens everything. Agastya comes to the room. He recalls how Pushpa did the drama and choti saved her life. Agastya sits down and screams.

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