Guddan update Monday 27 June 2022

Guddan 27 June 2022: Guddan looks for Rashi. Money asks Agastya to go downstairs. He says everyone’s looking. Guddan says you go I will be with Guddan. Agastya says no I will do it myself. She’s my daughter. Pushpa says where is this Agastya? Niya says in heart Agastya will never be able to find her. Niya says ma only 10 minutes are left. Pushpa says Saru ma say something. She says what has to happen will. Go with the flow. Pushpa says I don’t go with flow.

Agastya asks Money to dress in his sherwani. Pushpa knocks on the door. She says Agastya open the door. Money says oh God what will happen now. Guddan and Agastya fight. She says you should have been responsible. Agastya says she was at your place so she was your responsibility. Guddan finds Rashi’s bracelet outside the store. Guddan says I feel like she’s inside. Guddan says go break the door. They come to the store and look for Rashi. Guddan sees a white cloth. It’s Rashi. Agastya says see it’s pops. Rashi says engagement didn’t happen right? Guddan says how did you come here? She says I don’t know I was in your room. Guddan says we have to go.

Pushpa knocks on the door and says Agastya come outside. She goes in the room. Money has his whole face covered with bandage. Pushpa says what is this Agastya? He says ma I put a face pack and this happened.Pushpa says will you sit like a ghost in your own engagement? Come with me now. Only 5 minutes are left?Guddan says to Agastya what are you waiting for now? Rashi locked them in store and ran out.Guddan says we can’t keep wasting time here. Niya says what is this? Pushpa says we don’t have time right now to explain. Make each other wear the rings. Only 5 minutes are left. Niya makes Money wear the ring. Money says in heart how can I get engaged with her. Where is Agastya. Pushpa says stop. She walks towards Money. Money says maa what are you doing. She says don’t fool me. She takes off his bandage. It’s money, everyone is shocked. Pandit ji says Mahorat will end any moment. Where is Agastya?

Guddan hits her hand on the nail. It bleeds. Agastya ties a cloth around her finger. Pandit ji says time is over this engagement can’t happen now. Pushpa is angry. Rashi opens the door of the store. Pushpa comes in. Rashi runs to Agastya. Pushpa is angry. Pushpa says you repeating your mistake again. He says maa it wasn’t her mistake. Pushpa says she ruined my mahorat again. She will be punished for this. You have only one chance to tell me what were you doing here? Guddan cries. Pushpa says you are rubbish. You’re useless like your mother. Agastya says it wasn’t her mistake. Pushpa says so should I punish you. Was it your mistake? I will blame one of you. Rashi says sorry, I made this mistake. I locked this the door by mistake. Pushpa says I know you did it intentionally. Your movies are doing this. Pushpa is about to slap Guddan. Aarav picks a chair and is about to hit Pushpa. DJ stops him. Pushpa says forget your restaurant now. I am taking this restaurant with me forever. Your dream is over. Guddan cries and says please don’t do that.

Aarav says how dare you slap my sister? Niya says I am responsible for all this. My daughter Rashi did this mistake, in my happiness I could never see it. Pushpa says to Guddan forget about your restaurant. I am taking it with me forever. Guddan cries and says please no. Pushpa says let’s go everyone. Guddan cries. Saru says you just came Pushpa and you are already talking about leaving. If you leave right now your son won’t get married. Wedding would not happen if you don’t do it from this house. Agastya’s fate and this house’s fate are related. PUshpa says what are you saying Saru ma? She says trust me. Pushpa says to Choti Guddan, drink Saru ma’s feet water. She saved you once again. If you do another mistake, that would ruin your life.

Guddan prays and says Lord Krishna please take care of things. She collides with Agastya. Their theme song plays. Aarav comes and says how dare you touch my sister? You’re flirting with my sister? He hits Agastya. Guddan says please calm down. Agastya shoves Aarav. They both fight. Guddan says please listen to me once. Please for me calm down. Guddan asks Aarav to leave. He leaves in anger. Guddan dresses Agastya’s wound. He says what Aarav said wasn’t right. She says what you and Pushpa did wasn’t right. There are reactions to all actions. I have to prepare for the event. I don’t have time for all this. Guddan says us meeting always goes wrong. He says I came to say sorry only. Will never meet you again.

Niya mixes something in the mehndi. She says this will bring a storm in Guddan’s life.Mehndi starts. Pushpa asks to bring the mehndi. Niya says if the color of mehndi is dark, the bond is stronger. Agastya doesn’t respond. Pushpa says nothing would go wrong if you smile a bit. Agastya says I have a lot of work. She says we have a business and you prefer working on that computer over it. It’s your mehndi a well. You have to stay here. Guddan where are you?Guddan comes with mehndi. Rashi helps her. Niya says come Guddan. You are like a friend to me. Guddan says I have a lot of work. Saru says get it done Kanya. Niya says it’s saru ma’s order. Come. Niya says in heart your hands would burn for ruining my engagement.

Girls start applying mehndi on Niya’s hands. Niya screams. Pushpa says what happened? Niya says my hands are burning. Rashi says is it burning? She saw Niya mixing it and changed the bowls. Pushpa says to Guddan bring something. Guddan runs and collides with Agastya. Her mehndi gets on his hands. Rashi says in heart her mehdni got on pop’s clothes from Guddan’s hands.Niya comes to Rashi’s room and hits her. She says I know ou did it. How dare you ruin my mehndi. Rashi says you’re bad. I won’t let you be my mom. Niya says who would be then? She says Choti Guddan. Niya slaps her. Guddan comes and holds her. Niya says you’re just a wedding planner here and I am to be Birla DIL. Guddan says you don’t deserve to be anyone’s DIL or mom. I will tell everyone about your reality. Niya says you would if you leave this room. Guddan shoves Niya and locks her in the room.Guddan and Niya rush downstairs. Rashi is crying. Agastya says what happened? Guddan says Agastya can’t marry Rashid.

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