Guddan update Sunday 24 April 2022

Guddan 24 April 2022: Guddan says our relationship is like that too. It’s broken. AJ says please don’t say that. We made so many promises for our child. Guddan says but you broke. All promises were lies. AJ says what are you saying? Guddan says don’t act innocent. I will show you everything.Saru says Antra, you’re such a player. Antra says to Saru you did a fabulous job by changing their phone cases. Antra says a girl can tolerate anything but cheating. When she sees her husband hugging another woman. Antra says this crack will never fill up. AJ and Guddan will be parted. She breaks a globe with a couple’s dolls in it.

Gudadn brings AJ to roofs. She asys eveything is ruined like your promises. How could you do this to me? How could you lie to me? What was my mistake. This destruction is proof of your lies. You fooled me. AJ says I did it for you and our baby. Guddan says you did a drama with Antra for the baby? AJ says I promised you I will get keep you and my baby away from Antra. Guddan says what about the promise to get Alisha justice and put Antra behind the bars? AJ says we can’t send her behind the bars because she has not done anything. Guddan says so you trust her over me? AJ says no. But I have seen proofs of her innocence. She can’t kill her daughter. Guddan says she did kill Alisha. She changed the proofs. She told me she killed Alisha. You trust her over me? AJ says please calm down. I know you’re very emotional and protective about our baby.

She isn’t a harm. Guddan says you want me to trust her after she killed our daughter? If you can trust her and stand with her, I can’t stand with you. Once again she used you and you’re on her side. I can’t trust you anymore. I will keep this chilld away from you. You broke all your promises. I will decide what happens in my life because your life decisions would involve Antra. AJ says stop saying that. Guddan says then you stop trusting her. I can’t let my child be around Antra. I am enough for my child alone.

Guddan lights fire and takes rounds around it alone. Guddan says I won’t let you be a priority of my child. My child’s problems would only be mine. I will take care of my child alone. You have nothing to do with him. I will teach him value of trust so he doesn’t do this with anyone. I will make my child so strong that he never has to bow down in front of you. Whatever happens, I will never let him be like you. People who lie and trust liars, I won’t let him be that. AJ says Guddan please. Guddan says like you cheated on me, I will teach him a lesson out of him. My child and I would be front of you but never close to you. AJ is shocked. He says what are you saying? I am your life partner. Guddan says I don’t forget my promises. I will make them. AJ says please dont’ say that Guddan. I did all this for you and our child. Guddan says you only fooled me. You hugged Antra, met her behind my back, lied to me. I don’t know what to do. If I could, I would run away from this house. I won’t let my child suffer because of you. I don’t think we are even ready for this child. She leaves.

AJ sits there and recalls what Guddan said. Guddan cries inside. AJ is crying as well. AJ looks at everything destroyed. The song judai plays. Guddan hugs the toys and cries. Antra comes and says hi. Antra says how dare you to come here. Antra says I am here to meet you baby. Kids love stories. Let me tell him a story. She says there were king and queen. They were really happy. They loved each other and they were expecting. They didn’t know, yuo would be the reason of their separation. I am very proud of you. Guddan says shut up. Guddan is about to slap her. Antra says you don’t even have worth of touching me. I told you I will be back. I killed Alisha. There’s nothing you can do. I separated you and AJ. I took everything from you. You will be a burden in this house now. She leaves. Guddan is in tears. Guddan says why did you do this AJ. She cries.

Guddan comes downstairs. AJ looks at her. Guddan is walking out. AJ holds her hand and says where are you going? Guddan says I am going home to my papa. AJ says this is your home and your condition.. Guddan says I am in this condition because of you. Promise me on this child you won’t come in my way or I will do anything. She leaves. AJ is in tears. Dadi comes to him. AJ says I am not lying. I did all this for my baby and Guddan. I can never cheat on her. I don’t know how to make her understand. She isn’t listening. Dadi says don’t cry. Let me tell you a story from my childhood. Dadi says once heart and mind loved each other, they fought who loves more. It got so big, heart and mind didn’t understand each other. Then mind said, talking won’t work. You have to show love. Mind took out everything and only gave space to the heart. Heart stopped beating to show that it loved the mind more. In this stupid war to show who loves more, they both died. Love is about keeping it not competing.

Your intention wasn’t wrong but your way was. To save her from stress, you broke her trust. Trust takes time to regain. You can fix it. She would change, but life is about change. I know you two can’t live without each other. It would take time but everything would be fine. AJ says I can give her time, but I hope she doesn’t take the stress. I can’t see her like this. Dadi says she is hurt. She went to her papa. Everyone will take care of her there.Guddan is walking on the store. She recalls her moments with AJ. Guddan recalls AJ making promises and then hugging Antra. AJ said Antra is innocent. Antra is behind her in a car. She says I will use your anger against AJ. It will part you two. You will stop hoping for him to be in your life. Antra drives towards Guddan. She is about to hit her but she stops. Guddan faints. She says God, please protect my child. Antra comes out of her car. She says I wish I could send you to God. But I can’t. If you leave the world, who would entertain me? I want to see you dying every moment? Let me show you the next surprise. She takes Guddan in her car.

Guddan wakes up in a hospital. There are doctors inside. The doctor says you met an accident. We have to do an operation to save your baby. It can risk your life as well. Guddan says please save my baby. I promised AJ. Please call AJ. The doctor says we can’t wait for him. Please sign this form, it says hospital won’t be responsible for anything. Please sign it. Guddan signs it and faints. She says please save my child.AJ calls Bhushan and says what? Guddan didn’t reach there? Bhushan says she had to come here? She didn’t tell me. Is she okay? Where did she go? AJ says oh sorry. She just came in. She went for a walk. He says it’s okay. Please take care of her. He hangs up. Dadi says you lied to Bhushan? AJ says what else could I do? Guddan doesn’t understand anything when she’s angry. What if anything happens to her or our baby. Dadi says is our Guddan.

She will take care of herself. Antra says what happened? Where did Guddan go? Dadi says file an FIR. Durga says we have to find her on our own first. AJ gets a call from the hospital. The nurse says your wife’s in a bad condition. Please come here. AJ rushes to the hospital.

AJ comes to the hospital and asks about Guddan. The receptionist says she in ward 8. The doctor asks Guddan how do you feel? She says, my child. The doctor says you will feel weakness for a few days. As per your instruction, we have done your abortion. Guddan is shocked. AJ comes in as well and says what are you saying. Guddan shouts and says abortion? Who asked you to do an abortion. AJ says what have you done. The doctor says we did an abortion on her request and consent. Guddan says why would I want to kill my child? The doctor says you said your husband cheated on you and you don’t want this baby. Guddan says he is lying. I came here because I met an accident. He asked me to sign a paper when I begged him to save my child. The doctor says what accident? You came here walking. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says he is lying. I met an accident and told me the baby’s life is trouble. The doctor says if you met an accident why don’t you have bruises? Guddan says he is lying. Guddan cries. AJ says I trust you Guddan. I know you can never do that.. Antra says Guddan is confused between an actual accident and the fear of an accident. AJ says how did you do this? I will kill you. He says see this form. Guddan signed it. They show him the form. AJ is shocked.

Guddan sees the form. Antra says she signed the abortion form. Guddan says this isn’t that form. I didn’t sign this. Laxmi says Guddan can never do that. AJ says I trust you Guddan. I know you can never do that. AJ says answer me. Who asked you to do this abortion. The doctor says Guddan, why are you lying. I will show you the CCTV footage. It will show that Guddan came here on her own. Durga says Guddan can never do this. The doctor plugs in the video and shows them Guddan walking in herself. AJ is dazed. Saru says wow Antra is amazing. Antra says these idiots don’t know how easy it is to change faces in the footage. I came walking in the hospital and edited Guddan’s face on it.

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