Guddan update Monday 25 April 2022

Guddan 25 April 2022: Guddan says this isn’t me. The doctor says a video can’t lie. You came and said you want to go away from your husband and don’t want him to have the happiness of a child. Guddan says he is lying. Please trust me. You trust me right? The doctor says I think you have realized your mistake and you want to lie to your family now. Guddan says my family trusts me. The doctor says this is the truth. I can’t say anything else. He leaves. Guddan cries and says, my child.. My child.. He is lying. I am not in this video. AJ shoves her hand. AJ leaves. Guddan says maa.. Do you trust me? Saru says stop crying now. To take revenge from AJ you killed you, child? Wow, modern women. You killed your child. Guddan says I didn’t do that. Dadi please listen. Dadi leaves. Guddan tries to get up. Laxmi says please don’t get up. I know you didn’t do anything. Guddan cries and says my child. She is sobbing. Laxmi makes her sleep.

Guddan 24 April 2022

Antra prints Guddan’s pictures in the hospital. Saru says what are you doing? She says this will decorate my room. I have to live here permanently. Look at these photos of Guddan crying. They give me peace. It shows me how awesome I am. Saru says well done. You’re amazing. How do you do this? No one can pull this off. Antra says I had a strong plan to turn everyone against Guddan. Saru says what’s next? Antra says more blasts. You have to turn this doubt into confirmed truth. I have to make Guddan cry tears. Antra says I will remove all the proofs that can go against me.

Guddan is at the hospital. She recalls what the doctor said. Guddan gets up and cries. She says Antra did this. She killed my child. How can I kill my baby, how can AJ trust this? Guddan tries to get up. The doctor says you can’t leave like this. Guddan says you have murdered my baby. I will not leave anyone. Dadi is crying. She says the baby I waited for the years is taken from me. Durga says we are all with you. Laxmi says who is with Guddan? She is alone there. We can’t leave her alone. Dadi says Guddan is in pain. Durga says but can we go against AJ? Laxmi says there’s something. Dadi cries. Laxmi gives her water. Dadi says what will happen now. Laxmi says please drink water. Saru says yes give her water. Then you would have to give her medicines. The reports aren’t a lie. Durga says they are a lie. Saru says you can’t deny the footage. Your Guddan went there to kill her child. Laxmi says she can never do that. Saru says Guddan is a modern-day girl. She can do this. Dadi says shut up. Saru says the reports are saying that. Saru says well done Antra.

AJ looks at the cradle and toys in tears. Guddan comes in. AJ asks her to leave. AJ says we were gonna bring our baby in this world. We made so many promises and didn’t think if we would be able to keep these promises. We only kept thinkning about our baby. Our world is taken from us. Our happiness became a pain. Guddan says please listen. He says who was responsible? The mother did this. She took everything from her own baby. The mother killed her child. Guddan is crying. Guddan says I could never kill my child. AJ says this is true. I can’t deny it. I see my child’s murderer in you. Guddan says how can I do that. AJ says you said if you could, you would stop this child from coming in this world. Guddan says I was angry. AJ says how could you do that. Guddan says I didn’t kill my child. I can never do that. Please trust me. Please trust me. AJ says you said Antra took her child’s life, then why can’t you? If you think another woman can. Guddan says do you think I am like her? AJ says there was trust between us.

You remember this knot. I was wrong but I did that you keep you and our baby safe. But you killed our baby. No knot can tie our broken relationship. Guddan says no my child was most significant to me. AJ says yet you killed you. You took everything from me. Guddan says it’s all a lie. AJ shouts and says everything is a lie? All these papers and videos? I begged you yet you killed our child in your ego? Just to hurt me? I hate you. Till my last breath, I will hate you. Guddan says please listen. He leaves.AJ is crying. He recalls Guddan saying I don’t think we are ready for this child. Guddan cries and recalls AJ saying I see my child’s murderer in you. I hate you. AJ recalls the doctor saying Gudan got her abortion done because she wanted to take revenge from her husband. AJ puts his face in the water. Guddan cries and says you know I didn’t kill you. Antra comes and says mommy, I know you can’t kill me. Only Antra could be this daring. Don’t cry. I did all did. Faking the video and reports. You said this child will make your relationship stronger. The child is gone now. He is a ghost now. Did he have a soul? It’s so much fun. Se burns the doll in front of Guddan. Guddan is in tears. Antra says see, the funeral is done as well. Guddan sees the doll burning and cries.

She recalls AJ playing with that doll and says we would have our baby in our lap. Guddan wipes her tears.Guddan comes downstairs and recalls what Antra. She recalls Antra saying I killed Alisha and her baby. Guddan picks Trishul. Antra comes there. Antra says what are you doing? Guddan says you killed my child. No one can save you from me today. Saru and Perv come there. Durga and dadi come too. Guddan says I will kill you today Dadi says Guddan stop. Guddan is about to kill Antra. AJ holds the trishul and says what are you doing? Guddan says she killed my child. I will kill her. AJ says are you crazy? Guddan says she killed my child. You can’t kill her.

Guddan says as a mother, I have the right to kill her. AJ says you lost all your rights when you killed our child. You’re not a mother anymore. Dadi says what are you saying? AJ says to take revenge from me, you killed our child. I can’t see you as a mother or as my wife anymore. You ended our relationship. I free you from everything. Guddan is dazed. Guddan says you’re saying all this for this criminal? Who killed Rawat and Angad? She killed Alisa as well. She killed my baby as well. AJ says it isn’t about Antra. It is about the truth. Truth is that you killed our child. There was nothing between me and Antra. Guddan says you used to meet her behind my back. AJ says to keep you and my child safe. Guddan says and she killed that child. She is still fooling you. AJ says enough, don’t always consider others fool. All proofs are against you. You went to the hospital and signed the papers. Guddan says so you need proof to trust me? AJ says I lose my child. Guddan says so did I. AJ says you killed my child in your ego. Guddan says you gave her space in your life.

You enabled her and you made a mistake. AJ says I hugged her for a few seconds that didn’t mean anything. And you killed our child for that? I will do a bigger mistake now. I will give your place in my life to Antra. Guddan is dazed. AJ says everything I gave you in life, I will give it to Guddan. Guddan says you can’t do this. You can’t give my place to our child’s murderer. AJ says I am taking that place from my child’s murderer. You are my child’s murderer. I can hate you as much as I loved you. I will marry Antra in next 24 hours. Dadi says no. AJ says I will marry her in front of you. Do whatever you want.Durga says saw all the proofs but my heart isn’t believing it. Laxmi says Guddan loved Alisha so much. How can she? Saru says yes, everyone is a liar just Guddan is right? I got you all the sweets. Antra and AJ are getting married. Are you sad? Leave Guddan. She did it. She isn’t as nice as she pretends. Laxmi, eat sweets. Durga shoves her and says AJ is a human. He can make mistakes. He lost two children. AJ will see the truth. Laxmi says get lost. Saru leaves.

Guddan looks at the burned dolls. she recalls AJ’s promise there would be no other person between us. She recalls AJ saying, I will marry Antra. AJ recalls Guddan saying she won’t let anything happen to her child.

Guddan says how could you believe I could kill my child? My baby. He was our love’s proof. AJ says you broke everything Guddan. You ruined our lives. You ruined everything in your jealousy. I loved you so much.You took my child from me. You always stood by me. but you did this sin? How could you? I will never forgive you.

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