Guddan update Sunday 17 July 2022

Guddan 17 July 2022: Choti waits for Guddan’s call. Pushpa hits her on head. Choti faints. Pushpa says I can never fail. I will take Niya to police station.Sona says when you open mouth you speak trash. Niya tries to scream to get water. Sona says what do you want? She says water. Sona says I would have not given but Guddan is merciful. She gives her water. Niya screams save me. Help.Pushpa goes to sit in her car. Guddan stops her. Pushpa say is shocked. She says you here. Guddan says if I can survive falling from a cliff nothing can happen to me. Pushpa says how did you come here? I burried you there, how did you come here. Choti shiver. She was disguising as Guddan. Choti wears glasses. Choti says where is my mom? Do you have any shame. Choti twists her hand. Choti says where is my mama? Pushpa says I will tell you.

Rashi comes to the store. She says you’re alive? Pops is in jail for your murder. Niya says Aarav and Sona kept me here so your papa lives in jail forever. If you free me I will go there and save your dad. Rashi says but they are not bad. You are bad. Niya says no one will save your papa if I am not free
Aarav comes to meet Agastya. He says jeju.. Agastya says you? He says Arushi told me everything. I am with you all. Agastya says how is Guddan? Aarav says she is busy with something. she will get you out. Agastya says but she’s weak. Aarav says she fights the world for people she loves. Agastya says I really love her.Choti comes to the cliff. She looks around. Choti sees an axe. She start digging. Choti looks the other way. Choti says I will save you mama. Choti cries and says where are you mama? I can’t lose you.

Niya ties Rashi. She says there are so many idiots in this house. Now your dad and mom both won’t be free. She runs out. Sona twists her foot. Sona says you were running? Niya bites her hand. She runs. Someone hits Niya on head. It’s Arushi. Sona releases Rashi. Aarav says to Arushi I know it’s confusing. Niya is alive and Agastya is in jail. Just trust me. We have to kidnap her. We will take her to police station. Arushi says I am with you. I trust you and Guddan. I know you won’t let anything happen to Agastya.Choti sits down and cries. Choti says please show me a way. She sees her ring. Choti starts digging there. She sees saree. Guddaan is burried and fainted there. Choti rubs her hands and says mama I knew you were alive. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Money tells Agastya Niya is alive. He says why are they keeping her home then? What are they waiting for? Money says Guddan thinks her mom is alive and she’s trying to find her. Agastya says I have to make sure she’s safe. He says to inspector I have to make an important call. He says no. It’s your hearing in a few minutes. Agastya says one call please. Choti cries and prays for Guddan’s life. Choti says please save my papa. Please don’t make her suffer anymore.Guddan coughs. Choti cries. She says mama are you okay? Let’s go the hospital. Pushpa comes there and says you got your mother but you can’t take her away from here. She will have to die so Agastya doesn’t go away from me. She calls someone. Pushpa says neither of you would be able to save each other. Pushpa smiles.

Her goons come there. Guddan says I lost you here on the same cliff. I wont’do that. Choti says mama this is my turn to save you. My mom. The goons come upstairs.Agastya is in police van. He says my wife is pregnant. Please let me save her. He sees Choti with a man. Agastya says my wife is in trouble. Please let me save her. Agastya says who are these goons after her. I have to do something.Aarav calls Choti. Sona says I thought Pushpa would change for Agastya. Niya says your sister will die and and Agastya will stay in jail. Aarav says I will kill you if anything happens to them. Sona says have some shame. All of this is happening because of you. Aarav says we have to do something. Money comes there as well. Aarav says where is Choti? She isn’t picking call either.

Agastya snatches the gun and says open the gate. Unlock my handcuff. I have to do this to save my wife. He runs out. Choti is hiding from the goons.Police comes to the house. They say Agastya ran from out custody. He must have come here. Everyone is shocked. Agastya says he isn’t here. Choti calls Aarav. she says we have to save AGastya. Aarav says but where are you? She hangs up. Guddan and Choti are hidden in a shed. The goods and Pushpa are outside. Pushpa says check all the houses. They must be here.Aarav says come with us sir. We want to show you something. Arushi brings Niya. Everyone is shocked. Isnpector says she.. She says I am Niya Mittal. You know my father. He says are you alive? Niya says Agastya and I had a fight. I slipped and got a bruise. When I came home I saw that Agastya was arrested already. I am alive and Agastya is innocent. He says this means there’s no case against Agastya. You will have to come with us for some formalities. Sona says I will have to come with her. Aarav says we had to save Agastya.Pushpa’s men look around for Choti and Guddan. They are hidden under a tank. Pushpa says where did they go? Her men say Pushpa ji come here. Guddan kisses Choti’s hand and says it must be hurting? Choti says no you’re with me. Nothing hurts now. Guddan says we have to expose your SIL, I am always with you.Choti says we can’t delay it anymore. Choti’s phone goes off. choti says we have to get out of here. Agastya comes out.

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