Unspoken Bond update Sunday 17 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 17 July 2022: Episode starts with Nandini asking Gunjan didn’t you know anything about the condition. Gunjan asks how can you ask, if I knew it, would I agree for the marriage, who wants such a husband who loves someone else, Shobit sacrificed his happiness, but my life got ruined. She cries and hugs Nandini. Rakla says she is overacting, I mean wrong happened with her. Nandini says its your right to get husband’s love and respect, if you aren’t getting it, then you should also come along, I m with you. Gunjan says no Nandini, I have no option than keeping this marriage, Naveen will die by shame if I go back home. Nandini says no, I m with you, this won’t happen, its not your mistake, I will tell Naveen why we are coming back. Rajvi says Darsh, Nandini is leaving, you still think she is a gold digger, why would she leave with Gunjan now if she did this for Bansuri.

Unspoken Bond 16 July 2022

Shobit says I won’t break this relation. He holds Gunjan and says our relation isn’t a sacrifice for me, I will keep this relation with a true heart. He hugs Gunjan. He looks at Darsh. He thinks Charmy had to take the sleeping pills because of Darsh, Darsh treated Nandini badly because he couldn’t tolerate her cheat, my Charmy died because of Darsh. He says I have sorted out everything, you also say sorry to Nandini and sort out everything.Nandini says I can’t do this, when there is no love, we don’t need to bear this relation, we met, liked each other and got a relation, it takes hardwork to keep the relation, Darsh failed in keeping it, if I stay here, then I will fail, Gunjan can stay here, but I won’t stay here. She says just Rajvi trusted me here, I thought I got my mum back, I want your permission to leave with all the respect. Rajvi cries and says my heart is breaking, how to stop you, maybe even I would have not stopped being in your place, I will not let you lose, you go. She hugs Nandini. They cry. Vipul says you regarded Rajvi your mum, won’t you let me become your dad, we will punish Darsh.

Parul says I know the pain of being childless, I feel a child is leaving the house, don’t go. Chetan asks her to stop. Namrata says don’t do this drama, let her go if she wants. Vipul says stop it. He asks Rajvi to stop Nandini. Nandini says no, Rajvi permitted me to go, she told me to make my identity, I will lose my identity if I stay here.Rajvi says I would have not asked Namrata to stay if her husband troubled her, I won’t stop you. Nandini asks can I ask something. Vipul says yes, ask anything. Nandini asks can I play a childhood game with you all, if you all say yes, then no one can step back. Rajvi asks what’s the game. Nandini cries and says statue….. They all cry. Aapki nazron me samjha….plays… Nandini says sorry, if you all stopped me, maybe I would fall weak. Nandini goes and gets her bags. Nandini touches elders’ feet and takes blessing. She says you are really a good person to support Gunjan, I will never forget this. She asks Gunjan to take care of herself, and not tell anyone that she left for home, she will tell Bansuri when time is right. Nandini hugs Rajvi. Darsh cries and thinks Lord stop Nandini some way, I will rectify my mistake, please make some miracle. Aapki nazron…plays…

Nandini leaves. Darsh shouts Nandini…He goes to her and stumbles. She says careful. Everyone follows Darsh.Darsh says I made a mistake, please stop, I have no right to apologize. Nandini asks driver to drive. Darsh says I swear, I will keep all the promises with a true heart, give me one chance, I also got hurt when I hurt you, you also felt our connection. She leaves in the taxi. He shouts no Nandini… Rakla asks Rajvi to calm down, else she will get unwell again. Darsh cries and recalls Nandini’s words.Nandini saying I can’t hurt you, but I can’t trust you again, its not easy to join this broken heart. She cries. Darsh also cries. She thinks of him. He thinks of her. Aapki nazron…plays… Gunjan thanks Lord and says I was scared that Nandini will drag me home. Rakla says I m still here, shall I expose your truth, then you will be back to the poverty. She insults him. She says I will tell them that Charmy has heard you talking and taking Nandini’s name, then think what will happen of you. She goes. Darsh cries and recalls Nandini’s words. He holds her bangles. Rajvi comes. He says Nandini you have come. She says she went away with all the light, now darkness has come in our lives. Darsh says sorry Maa.

She says I wish your sorry fixed everything, I felt Nandini will bring light to your life, but this time you chose darkness yourself. She gets hurt by the chair. He asks her to be careful. She says I will be careful, how didn’t you care for Nandini, you were my pride, I can’t meet eyes with anyone, you ashamed my upbringing. He says no. She says you insulted her a lot, when a girl leaves her house and comes to her husband, husband is her only support, think how lonely she felt, I m the worst mother, its my mistake if this is my upbringing. He says no, sorry, people thought that I m blind and its easy to fool me, so I got insecure, I feel no one will love me, or love me for some benefit, Nandini came in my life, I spent my life’s most beautiful moments with her, I thought how can good happen with me, when Charmy told me about the deal, I lost, I feel guilty that Shobit’s life got ruined because of my weakness.

Shobit cries and says you pity me now, why did you not listen to Charmy, I came to you and cried, you didn’t support me, you don’t feel bad for me, but for yourself, Nandini cheated you, but my Charmy… I will not believe anyone now, I trust Charmy, she can’t lie to anyone, you are crying now, I don’t feel bad, you deserve this. Darsh says I deserve a second chance. Rajvi says your senses are so good, how didn’t you identify Nandini. He says I made a mistake, I want to rectify it, I want one chance, I m so guilty, sorry, will you forgive me, please hold my hand. She cries. Shobit throws Darsh and Nandini’s pic. He says you won’t get any second chance, Charmy died because of you, she didn’t get any second chance, I will never let this rift end between you both, I lost my love, its your turn now. Rajvi says even I can’t save you from this bad dream, Darsh, your tears are precious for me, but not more than Nandini’s esteem, don’t lose, trust breaks easily, it takes a lifetime to make it.

Nandini talks to Hetal Maasi on call. She says no, he didn’t come, I came alone to repair the house, what, there is a thief roaming in the locality, don’t worry, no thief will come to my house, you finish tirat and come. She goes home. She calls Rajvi and says I reached. Rajvi says you would be tired, you would have to cook now. Nandini says I will solve any problem. Rajvi says I m sending few things, just keep it, don’t say anything. Nandini asks her to send tea and sugar. She laughs and asks Rajvi to take care. Rajvi says you take care. Nandini ends call and cries. She enters the house and sees someone.She says look at this thief’s daringness to rob in a vacant house, he is washing his face now, I will see him. She goes and beats him. Darsh says stop, its me. She gets shocked seeing him.

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