Guddan update Saturday 16 July 2022


Guddan 16 July 2022: Agastya is worried for Guddan. He says where were you? You can’t leave the house like this. Choti cries. Agastya says what happened? Choti cries and sobs. Agastya hugs and says what happened? She says Niya.. Choti says Niya died from my hands. Agastya is shocked. Choti tells him everything.Police come and say where is Guddan Birla? Choti is crying. Agastya takes her downstairs. Inspector says Guddan, we have your arrest warrant for killing Niya. Agastya says you can’t arrest Guddan. I killed Niya, not Guddan. Pushpa says what are you saying? This is a lie. My son can’t do that. Agastya was with me. Inspector says so Guddan killed her? Agastya says I filed for divorce but she wasn’t agreeing. I did it to get rid of her. Choti says please listen. Agastya says no. Choti says why are you doing this? He says I know it’s something else. I know you can never do anything wrong. For our child, you won’t tell anyone. He caresses Choti’s face. Choti cries. Police take Agastya. The song Judai plays. Pushpa says please stop. Choti cries and sobs.

Arushi and Sona hold her. Pushpa says you are the reason of all this. Choti says in heart I will tell all the truth to the lawyer.Pushpa comes to Bari Guddan. She says where are you come out. Someone comes there.Choti comes to police station. She says where is Agastya? Choti goes to meet him. Choti says Agastya.. I told you not to come here. She says what did you do? He says you have to go from here. Choti says I can’t see you like this. He wipes her tears. Agastya says please go from here for our baby. Choti says he is where you are. You took my blame on you. He says I know you didn’t do anything. Agastya says neither did you. Choti says I hired a lawyer. I told him it was all an accident. Agastya says I only care about you. Even if I have to stay in jail.Aarav comes. He says to Arushi where is Choti? I came here for her. She got pregnant I was so excited. Arushi says nothing is okay here. Agastya is jailed and Choti went to the lawyer. Arushi tells him everything. Arushi says bhabhi keeps saying her mother is alive. Her mental condition isn’t okay. Aarav says so much happened and no one told us? I have to meet her. Sona says we have done so many sins with her. You should know all that. She tells him everything.

Niya comes. Niya says I was tired with all the acting. Finally, Choti is in jail so I slept well. Pushpa says nothing like that happened. Agastya went to jail for her. He took all the blame on himself. Come with me. Niya says no. He deserves this. I won’t go to jail to save him. He really loves Guddan right? Let him rot in jail. His mind would come back to its place. Pushpa says he is my son. She slaps her. Pushpa drags her out. Niya shoves her and runs. Guddan says you trapped your own son in your sins. He is suffering because of your deeds. I care for him even if you don’t. Tell Choti everything and she will solve everything. Pushpa says that Gadhi. Guddan says she is my daughter. Don’t even dare saying anything to her. She is Guddan. She will find me. If you want your son out, you have to respect your DIL. Pushpa says it’s about my son so I will do this as well. She says I will tell Choti everything. She dials a number.

Pushpa asks Choti do you think it would work? Choti says yes. Choti asks Niya’s mom where is Niya? She says are you making fun of a mother’s pain? She has died. Choti says don’t do this drama. I know you know where is she. Pushpa says if Agastya is stuck because of you girl, I have enough money as well. Mrs. Mital says I said what I had to. Pushpa twists her hand. Niya calls on her phone. She says mom send the driver. Everything is arranged. Send driver, I will leave the city. Choti says I will see her. Pushpa says what about her mom? Choti says you handle her. I will help you because you are Agastya’s mom.Niya runs and sits in the car. She says don’t stop anywhere driver. Let’s go. Aarav says yes I will stop you at the police station. Niya says Aarav? She tries to run. He says you will suffer like my sister. Niya hits on his hand and runs. Niya runs in a market. Aarav runs after her and grabs her. He says no one will save you. NIya shouts save me. Thsi guy is teasing me. People hit Aarav. Niya runs. Choti stands in her way. Choti says don’t even try. No one can save you this time. You said killing a dead person won’t get anyone punishment for my mom right? I can do the same to you now. I can kill anyone for Agastya. Choti says bhaiiya you here? Aarav says you won’t take Niya to the police station. Pushpa comes as well. Choti says but we have to save Agastya. Aarav says we have to do something before it. Pushpa says to Niya come with me to the police station. Because of you Agastya is in jail. Aarav grasps her hand and says don’t be so hasty. Your life is in your son and Choti’s in her mom. My badi maa. Return her first.


Pushpa says what are you saying? Choti you love Guddan. Will you do this to him? Aarav says I am doing this. And you know my anger. Do as I ask. Choti says he said it, we will have to do it. I can’t say no. Pushpa says I agree. We have release Agastya first. Sona says I know your history. You won’t keep your word. Choti says leave mama so we can solve this matter. Pushpa says okay I will bring your mom. Agastya says to Choti bari maa will come soon.Pushpa comes to Guddan. Guddan smiles. Puspha says are you finding it funny to see me in trouble? Guddan says Choti’s magic is working. Pushpa says if I leave you my son will get away from me and if you don’t I will lose him again. Pushpa cries and says I am losing in every situation. Pushpa says you will see what I do now? Pushpa calls Choti and says I came to bring your mom here. I am sending you location. Please come here fast. Pushpa says to Guddan you won’t have seen a shock like this ever in your life.

Choti comes there. Pushpa is fainted on the floor. CHoti says where is mama? Pushpa says she ran. She did this to me. Aarav says don’t trust her. Pushpa says nothing is more important than AGastya. this is the only way to get him out of jail. Sona says this must be your new plan. Choti says until we find mama, Niya will stay with us. We will stay here and wait for mama’s call here. Sona grasps Niya. Agastya says where to hide her?Sona brings Niya to the store and says do as I ask. People will look everywhere but not in the house. They rope her in the store. Sona says she was teaching us technology. She grasps her hair and says I am Sona. Sona says she is set now. Aarav says I have Choti is okay as well. Pushpa is a cheater.

Choti says why didn’t mama contact? Pushpa says your mama would be find. I hope it doesn’t get late. Niya is very clever if she runs from there how will we prove Agastya’s innocence? I will call police and tell them everything. Choti says you can’t fool me this time. I won’t trust you this time. Nothing will happen until I talk to mama. I will get Agastya out. I really love him. Pushpa says in heart I know you won’t let anything happen to my son and I have sent your mom somewhere you can never find.Agastya says Guddan had to come with lawyer. Where is she? I hope everything is okay. Inspector comes in. He says sign it. It’s a letter from court There’s no lawyer from your side. agastya signs it. Agastya says I hope Guddan is fine. Where are you?

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