Guddan update Monday 2 May 2022

Guddan 2 May 2022: Guddan says I shouldn’t have met him. It only increased his stress and anger. Do anything, we will go by road. Revati says I am trying. It’s dangerous. Guddan says he is in pain because of me. I can’t stay here. We have to here. Revati says your safety is my responsibility. There’s fog. We can’t go by road. I will check the next flight. She calls the aiport and they tell her no flight is available in the next 24 hours. Guddan leaves. She texts Revati, I am driving to Mumbai. I can’t stay here. Take the next flight and come.Guddan tries to drive. But she can’t see due to fog. Guddan says why are you doing this God? You use me a joke and entertainment. It was so easy to get anywhere on the bike. Why did I leave? But I couldn’t have stayed. But does he think about himself? He asked me to leave as if it’s his city? I have no interest in going back into his life. I have some status now. Help me, please. He’s in stress because of me. I can’t drive this manual car. Please help me.

Saru collides with Dadi. Dadi says what happened now? Saru says take these laddus. Dadi says your fake sweetness is enough. Saru says stop taunting. Your Guddan has left for Mumbai. Your hope is gone. Eat the laddu now, your dream won’t come true. Dadi says Guddan and AJ would unite. That’s my hope. I won’t die before my kids unite. My heart knows they’d unite.Guddan starts driving and says I am going now. AJ is his car as well. A flower falls in Dadi’s lap. Dadi says this flower is an indication of their union. Guddan’s car comes in front of AJ’s jeep. They try to save cars and both hit trees.

Revati tries to call Guddan but her phone is out of reach. Bhushan says could you dial her in? She says no her phone is out of network. Kaushaliya says what kind of secretary are you? You let her go in this weather? Revati says I am her manager. Kaushaliya says it’s your mistake. Why did you let her go? Bhushan says it isn’t her mistake. Bhushan says we should report in the police. Revati says it’s been an hour only. They file a report in 24 hours. Kaushaliya says she is a superstar. Revati says we live in Mumbai alone and manage everything there. Please calm down I will manage it.

Guddan checks her face and says thank God. I am fine, Revati would be so mad. I won’t leave this uncle. AJ says I won’t leave this driver. Guddan comes out. AJ says you again? Guddan says it if was someone else I would have slapped him. AJ says no one can dare that. Why do you keep following me? Guddan says I am not CBI. I don’t have time. People die to see my face. Close your eyes. AJ says do acting in stupid movies not here. Guddan says you hit my car. Can’t you help me? AJ says I will keep my eyes closed until you leave. He says I don’t have manners. You have ruined my car. Guddan says I don’t see any damage. He opens the eyes and says see the damage. She says you opened your eyes. My car is more expensive. My time is very expensive. You have wasted so much of time. AJ says you’re the root cause of all the problems. This accident and me being an alcoholic. You are the worst part of my life. You can’t hide your reality being this acting. Guddan says nothing was ever my fault. He says you never accept your mistake.

He says you can’t hurt me again. Guddan says I couldn’t ever hurt you. He says your drama and act ing can’t fool me. I have wasted my time. Get lost. Okay, I will get lost. He goes back to his car. AJ is in tears. Guddan goes back to her car.AJ is stuck, he asks an old man for help. He says my car met an accident. It isn’t starting now. The man says sure. I would help you. He says before you a girl came as well. She’s also stuck. She’s resting there. You can also go and rest there. AJ comes inside. Guddan is there. He says you again? And why are you upside down? Guddan says what? I came here because of you. You ruined my car. I came first. So you came after me. AJ says you aren’t that lucky. This place isn’t yours. I can’t share the room with you. Guddan says you came here and you would leave. Don’t disturb me. I am doing my yoga. AJ says you’re crazy. I am going. Guddan says yes go. But drink slowly. There aren’t any supplies here. AJ says stop this drama. Guddan says this is my superstar yoga. I use it as a stress buster. You won’t understand a healthy lifestyle. AJ says I don’t need to listen to you about my life. AJ collides with the old man. The rice fall down.

AJ says I am sorry. He says it’s okay I will cook another one. Guddan says you did it. He says you’re responsible for it. You go and bring destruction with you. Guddan says enough. AJ grasps her and says quite. Guddan recalls what he said when she left. Guddan says I am going to help baba. You don’t care about people anymore. I have no hope from you. She goes.Saru asks the servants to fix everything for the party. She says everything should be amazing. Laxmi says what is all this? She says I have called media. The media comes. The reporters ask if this Guddan’s ex-in-laws house? She had three DILs?

Guddan says to baba, let me do it. I will help you. The baba says you are rich people. You can’t cook on this stove. AJ comes. Guddan recalls AJ saying she can do everything. Guddan says I will do it, don’t worry. he says okay. The light goes off. Guddan falls. AJ holds her. Baba lights a candle. Guddan sits down to cook. AJ says I will cut the vegetables. I spilled the rice. She says wow realized too soon.Guddan says turn on this stove. He says I cut my vegetables. Guddan says you should have shown your talent at the competition. He says my talent isn’t fake like yours. Guddan says I will cut the vegetables. He says do this acting somewhere else. I will cut and even cook. Guddan stands up. He says go out. Guddan says can’t you talk normally? I will keep an eye on you. AJ says I am the super chef here. This is my kitchen. Guddan says this is baba’s kitchen. He says to cut the cucumber then. Guddan says you need me finally. They cook together.

Guddan says why isn’t it ready yet? He says they aren’t noodles. That’s rice.Guddan says I have to wait and protect my eyes too. She puts cucumber on her eyes and sleeps next to the stove. The lantern falls. The roof catches fire. AJ comes there and screams Guddan run. AJ pulls Guddan out and throws water on the fire. Guddan falls on AJ. AJ says you are still an idiot.You could burn. Who sleeps with cucumber on their eyes. You become such a superstar and still a fool. Guddan says I would burn what’s your fault? He says you are nothing to me. I don’t care.

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