Guddan update Friday 15 July 2022

Guddan 15 July 2022: Agastya says Niya just left. Her dad says she didn’t get up. Pushpa says sit down and have tea. Don’t worry. He says you will have to worry if I use my sources. Agastya says you can’t talk to my mom like this. He says control your son. I won’t let you show your face anywhere if anything happen to my daughter. Agastya leaves in anger. Choti says do you like the surprise? Choti says now deal? Give my mom and take Niya.Sona gets a call. It’s Niya’s father. She says what were you saying? We have nothing to do if NIya isn’t home. Don’t talk to us like this. Pushpa says shut up. ,Why did you talk to him liek that? Police inspector comes in and says you kicked your son’s wife out and she didn’t get home. You got him married again without divorce settlement.

She says do you have a proof? Inspector says we are looking for them and will take you once we find them.Guddan says first her parents, now police. Accept the deal. Arushi and Rashi come in. Arushi says thank God you are better now. Rashi says I would need pancakes. Choti says of course. Pushpa says now you will see how I twist this game. Sona says I was so scared police is gonna take you with them. This Niya is so useless. Rashi says we are going to play. Sona says what game? Money says will also play. Pushpa says to focus on work. Sona says you are right. Learn from jiji, she plots games for people. She says Money, jiji is getting angry. Let’s go.Pushpa says blindfolds Rashi. She says you are playing with me dadi. Pushpa says come here, I am ehre. Rashi is about to fall from the stairs. Pushpa keeps calling her there. Choti says statue Rashi. She hugs her and opesn her blindfolds.

choti says let’s eat pancakes and play later. Rashi leaves. Choti says you are disgusting. Pushpa says I didn’t behave with my MIL like this. Choti says your MIL would never have tried to kill you. Pushpa says how many people would you save and take care of? You have my one weakeness and I have many.Rashi says I made this GPS in my school project. It’s a flower. We can see each other’s location. Choti says very smartly. Time to use it. Pushpa leaves. Choti put the flower in the lunch box. She says I will find you mama. Agastya comes to Choti. He says where are you going? She says to get something from Rashi. He says I sent you a number, he will get you things. Choti calls him and his phone rings. He says here is your boy. I won’t let you go anywhere. He picks her. choti says I will be back. I won’t go. He says I won’t let you go anywhere. Agastya sprinkles flowers on her. He makes her eat. Agastya comes close to her. Choti says I can’t miss this chance to find mama. I have to follow Pushpa.

Agastya goes to the restroom. Choti sneaks out and locks him. Agastya says Guddan open the door.Choti sees the location where Pushpa is. Choti comes to a shed and sees a man there. Itás Agastya. Choti is shocked. Choti says you? Here? You says you locked me right? What is going on? Don’t lie please. You have to be in this marriage. I try to keep you safe and you are on some mission? I fought my mom for you. thank God Rashi found out your location. You are hurting me. You don’t care about this baby? Choti says how can you say that? I don’t care about my child. Agastya says forgive me. I know you are not doing this intentionally. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean that. Choti hugs him, She sees Guddan’s necklace there. Choti says maa was here. Pushpa must have shifted her somewhere else.

Pushpa throws water on Guddan’s face. Guddan says choti.. Pushpa says don’t take that name. My name is Pushpa birla. She won’t be able to find you. Guddan says she will find you. She can do it. My MIL was like my own mother. I met you and found out evil MILs like you exist. Your evil deeds will end. Agastya will find about you. Pushpa shoves her and says my Agastya won’t know anything ever. You can’t make him go against me.Agastya says to Arushi there is something wrong. Her eyes say that they are saying truth. Arushi says but her parents can’t be alive. Saru says I saw them when they fell. No one could survive. Sona says anything is possible. I feel like she isn”t crazy and her mom is alive. Agastya says what do you mean? My mom is trying to hide it. Why would she? sona says heart I only want you know jiji’s truth. Only Guddan is right for you not your mom.

Choti says I have to tell Pushpa again that I have Niya. Niya’s mom says to Pushpa please I beg you get us to Niya. I won’t know what to do. Pushpa says I don’t know where she is. I am very worried. She says please tell me. CHoti says how can she be so selfish. Sona comes and puts hand on Guddan’s shoulder. She says don’t think about it. You are so close. And that Niya is very bad herself. Choti says but her parents. Choti says but this isn’t right.Choti comes to the shed. Niya says where did you go? please let me go. she cries. Niya says I won’t come to your life again. I only want to go to my parents. Choti says I can’t forgive you but I can’t keep you here either. Because your parents don’t deserve to suffer like my mom don’t. Choti releases her. Niya grasps her. She says you made the biggest mistake of your life. She tries to rope Guddan. Choti shives her.

Niya’s head hits the wall. Her head bleeds. Choti screams and says nothing will happen to you. Choti goes out and asks about nearby hospital. she comes back and sees the building on fire. Choti screams Niya.. SHe is shocked. People gather around Niya. Choti screams and cries.Choti comes back home. She says what happened? How could I do such a big sin. What will happen now? She cries.

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