Guddan update Sunday 15 May 2022

Guddan 15 May 2022: AJ says come with me. Guddan says where? AJ says when you have melted, let me make you mine completely. AJ brings her to the mandap and marries her again. The song aj se teri galiyan. He makes her wear mangalsutra. AJ fills her hairline. Dadi says thank you God. You reunited my kids. Don’t let any trouble come to my family now.Dadi says I am seeing my family together after so long. Durga says our life is back. Laxmi says the days would only be good now. Guddan says the holi would be so much fun tomorrow. Guddan’s family comes.

They have so many gifts with her photos. Guddan says what is all this? Kaushaliya says a fan sent all this. Bhushan says nothing makes me happier than seeing my daughter happy. Durga says we have Guddan’s biggest fan in this house only. AJ says but no, I didn’t send these gifts. AJ says let’s start the holi.AJ does holi ka dehen. Guddan tells Aarav the history of holi. Saru says I will make it truely colorful for you. I will fill your life with poison Guddan. My hate will open with the gifts your fan sent with love. There will be blood holi in this house tomorrow. People will run away from her face. After four years, tomorrow would be real fun. Laxmi says dadi I am ready. I look so good. Dadi says yes. Laxmi says you look very pretty. Dadi says never knew we would celebrate holi on TV. Laxmi says you must have so many crazy fans. Guddan says it feels so good to have people’s love.

A new girl sees Guddan and says my Guddan superstar is part of this family? Guddan plays with Aarv. He says why aren’t you letting me apply colors? Guddan says AJ will apply me the color first. Aarv says he’s an angry man. He doesn’t play holi. Guddan says that time is gone. Guddan and Aarav come to AJ. They apply colors on AJ. Guddan says we won. We applied colors on you first. It’s Vardan. Guddan says you.. AJ says I am also a player not just you. Kishor says yes we were part of this plan. Guddan says Aarav is in my team.Guddan says maa ji, why are you clean? She applies color on her and says happy holi. Guddan says I won’t let any bad time come to this family now.

Saru mixes glass pieces in the color that AJ has to pick. Aj comes. Saru hides. AJ picks the color. Saru says it would be fun when AJ injured Guddan’s face. AJ looks for Guddan. He has the color plate. AJ goes after Guddan. Durga makes him. The color falls on the floor. Guddan says I have my DILs on my side. You won’t win this time. AJ holds her and says I will win on this holi. Durga and Laxmi cough. Guddan runs. AJ runs after her. Durga says let me look for Aarav. Saru says they ruined my plan. Durga comes to Saru and says why are you looking at the color? Saru says this is such a good day. Durga says let me apply color on you. She sits down to pick the color. Saru says stop. Durga says what happened? Saru says there’s dust mixed in it. Let’s play outside. Durga leaves.

AJ and Guddan come to the festival. Guddan sees her photos everywhere. Guddan says there’s thandai her eas well. Thank you for planning all this. AJ says I didn’t do all this. AJ says then who did? A man says I will tell you. He gives Guddan a card. Guddan reads this is a gift from your greatest fan. Guddan smiles. AJ says who? He looks at the letter. Guddan says let’s go. Aj says who did all this? The gifts and all this. He knows your personal details. Guddan says I am a superstar. This is normal now. You lost the chance or are you jealous? AJ says this isn’t normal. Guddan says don’t worry. You’re trying to run away from your defeat? AJ says I won’t lose.

Guddan’s family comes. Saru says I have more plans as well. What if one failed. AJ says our Guddan will do a dance performance for us. Guddan and AJ dance on balam pichkari. Someone comes on a cycle. Everyone looks who that is. The entire cycle is full of Guddan’s pictures. It’s a girl. She dances with a fan in front of her face. She dances on a song I am your fan. The girl looks at Guddan and falls in her feet. She says I can’t believe this. Is it true? You are in my heart. Everyone is shocked. She says I prepared all these things for you. AJ says why all this? The girl says she is our star. Guddan says why did you have to do all this? She says I am Ganga Jindal. Your sister in law and the elder daughter in law of this house. Everyone is shocked.

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