Happy hearts update Tuesday 5 April 2022

Happy hearts 5 April 2022: The Episode starts with Kumar and Jyoti coming to meet Happy. She says sorry to call you at this time, Honey’s life is in danger, Meenu and Kabir are planning something big, I heard Meenu telling about her mission. Kumar asks did you hear anything else. She says no, so I m worried, Kabir tried to kill my mum, my mum was scared of him. Jyoti ays Rocky and I were also there to nab the drug dealers, Kabir attacked Rocky that day. Happy says they will be doing something wrong tomorrow. Jyoti gets a message and says home minister is visiting the school tomorrow. Happy asks why are they after Honey.Kumar thinks to fool Jyoti. He says you both don’t worry, nothing will happen to Honey, go home Jyoti. Jyoti says we should call off this event. He says come on, we shouldn’t get scared and face this, we have to increase the security and know their plans.

Harleen scolds Honey for running from the school. Rocky comes home and looks on. Madhu asks Harleen to stop it. Harleen asks her not to interfere. Rocky says enough, Honey will be here for just one week. Honey says no, I don’t want to go there. Madhu hugs Honey and consoles. Kabir and Meenu get angry on Happy.Meenu asks him to just focus on his mission. Jyoti says I think we should tell this to Rocky, he has a right, maybe their plan fails. Kumar says no, Rocky is thinking by heart, not mind, we should not tell him, he will get emotional knowing Honey is in risk, we have a golden chance to catch them, its our duty to stop this, you take my order, that’s good for our department, if you tell Rocky, you have to tell the committee that you failed this mission. Rocky comes and asks what happened, why do you look worried. Kumar asks him to read the file and concentrate. He thinks till then we will complete our mission. He asks Rocky to nab all the drug dealers. He asks Jyoti to protect minister’s family. He goes.

Happy says don’t know if Jyoti and Kumar got to know about their mission or not, I m tensed about Honey. She gets a call from Jyoti. Jyoti says Kumar didn’t tell Rocky about Kabir and Meenu, I can’t tell anything to Rocky, we don’t know their plan, I know the security agents will not focus on Honey. You have a connection with him, you love him, he isn’t safe. Happy says I have to do something, why is Kumar using Honey in this. Meenu sees Honey and smiles. Honey is with Sweety. Meenu asks the old man to hurry up and make stage ready. Kabir comes there and signs Meenu. He asks her to get Honey to stage so that he checks the remote signals so that they do the work and run safely.Rocky recalls Happy’s words and calls principal. Principal says Honey is fine, don’t worry, home minister is coming here, there is much security.

Rocky says why did Kumar not tell me about this. Meenu asks kids to stand. Kabir gets the position and asks Meenu to be alert. The remote falls down. Happy is in disguise. She thinks there is a bomb here, its risky for Honey. Honey says Sweety is my heroine, I will tell her, what if I don’t get a chance later. Happy calls Jyoti. Kabir stops Happy. Jyoti calls back. She messages Happy and goes. Kabir says you thought you will change your look and fool us. He injects Happy and goes. He looks for the remote. Honey gets the remote and presses it. He says what’s this sound. Meenu worries. She says maybe someone got the remote. Honey thinking about the beep sound. Meenu thinks Honey can blast himself and all of us now. She says Kabir, the beep sound is increasing. Rocky says Honey can fall in danger. Kumar says I know that, you trust me right. Rocky says yes. Kumar says I have increased the security at school, just concentrate on your work. Rocky says I have to go to school. Kumar scolds him. He says Honey is at the safe place, there is much security, get back to your job. Rocky nods. Happy shouts for help. She says I have to do something now. She tries to get free. Honey is with Sweety and shows the remote. He thinks its some toy. Happy goes to cut the rope by the magnifying glass. She gets free. She runs and shouts for help. She knocks the door. Kabir worries seeing Honey playing with the remote.

Kabir asks the kids not to play with the remote. Honey jokes. Happy gets her phone and says I had another phone, thank God. She calls Rocky.
Rocky calls Harleen and asks her to go to Honey’s school and pick him. She is with her friends. She says I m at his school, I will take him home, don’t worry. She asks her friends to have treat by her side today. She says Rocky worries a lot, Honey is fine, I will pick him after the school program. The minister comes and gets seated. Kabir signs Meenu. Happy says I have to hurry up. Meenu calls Kumar and says everything is going as per the plan, Honey’s bomb chip is activated. Kumar says we have no other option than to do this, we have to kill some people with minister. Rocky gets Happy’s call. She asks him to come to school fast, Honey’s life is in danger. She says I got kidnapped. He says stop making excuses, Honey is at home, you want to talk to me. He ends call. She says believe me, I m saying the truth. Meenu takes the garlands for minister. She asks Honey and Sweety to take the garlands and go on stage after principal’s speech.

Kabir says I fainted Happy, none can stop our mission from completing now. Meenu says some innocent lives will go but the world will get better, what happened with us and our child, this won’t happen with others. Kabir says we have to save the world from drugs. Principal gives the speech and praises the minister. Kabir looks on. Honey feels sick. Happy says please come Rocky. She shouts for help. Principal calls minister on stage. Rocky comes to Happy. She says Honey is in danger, we have to save him. They run. Honey and Sweety go to the minister and make her wear garlands. Kabir counts down. Happy shouts Honey, stop.Kabir and Meenu get shocked. Happy asks them to leave, there is a bomb here. Everyone runs out. Happy gets the beep sound and thinks how is the sound coming. He says sound is coming from Honey. She hugs Honey and worries. Rocky catches Kabir and tries to get the remote. Honey cries. Remote falls away. Meenu and Happy also fight for the remote. Happy gets shocked seeing Meenu’s fake baby bump. She recalls Meenu’s lie and gets the remote. She thinks to deactivate the bomb. She sees a water jug and puts remote in it. Meenu stops her. Rocky and Kabir have a fight. Police comes there and catches Kabir and Meenu. Happy runs to Honey. She hugs Honey.

Rocky asks Kabir not to see his son again. Happy thinks if I come in front of media, everyone will know my secret. Kabir says we are doing this to save the country from drugs, we will not step back from taking anyone’s life. Rocky says take him… Kabir is taken by police. Kumar waits for Kabir and Meenu’s call. Jyoti comes and says our doubt was right, someone tried to blast the school, Rocky and Happy didn’t let the blast happen. She shows the news. Kumar gets angry.

Madhu sees Happy in the news and gets shocked. Kumar says good job. Jyoti thanks him and goes. Kumar shouts. The bomb squad man asks Rocky and Happy to go out. Rocky says Honey is my son, I can’t go. He asks Happy to go. She says you can send me out only if you shoot me. Honey cries. Happy says I m with you. She tells the man about seeing red light on Honey’s neck. The man says please go out, the boy’s body has a bomb. They get shocked. Kumar shows the papers and says Meenu will go with us, this is our case now. The doctor comes and tries to remove the bomb from Honey’s body. Happy sings a song and hugs Honey. Rocky looks on.

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