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Maan stops Geet from stepping away from him.. and holds her arms saying did you see Geet.. I just did which you did not expect me to do.. Geet is speechless’ Now the ball is in Maan’s court.. He tells Geet looking at her piercingly that Geet you made the challenge and the conditions and now you will have to keep your promise’

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Geet though boldly declared her condition is now getting cold fleeted as Maan is now looking at her intently..

Geet 20 March 2020: Geet is now trapped with her own words and is baffled looking at his squinted eyes and determined expressions.. She tries to say smoothing but could not utter a single word.. she softly pushes Maan’s arms away from her and steps back.. Maan does not try to catch her back but keeps on advancing toward her with a determined look on his face watching her every movement with hawk like expressions’ He keeps his gaze at her face and keeps looking at her scared eyes and parted lips.. Geet is stepping back little by little and Maan is advancing toward her till she hits the wall on her back.. There was no place for Geet to go and Maan is almost upon her.

. Geet looks at his face cries his name as Maan.. Maan stops there and looks at those delightfully frightened expressions on her face’ Her wild wide eyes looking at him with fluttering heart… He looks in to those wild little fearful eyes with a slow smile and says hmm Maan!!! Geet smiles shyly and looks down as if with little at ease.. Maan smiles at those fluttering emotions in her eyes and says at least you called me Maan from Maan sir.. even though prompted by little fear of being intimate!!! Then he smiles at her and puts her at ease by saying at least for today this is enough for me’

Then he steps away from her and starts walking toward the door.. Geet takes the sigh of relief.. but Maan was not finished yet.. He turns quickly and steps closer to her and looks at her sharply and tells her in his best stern voice.. and if you dare to call me Maansir again.. his gaze then lifts to her lips.. Geet’s voice gets stuck in her throat.. He lifts his gaze to her eyes.. Geet meets his eyes.. He says with a little smile.. then you know what would I do.. Geet clearly got that message.. She says I know when to call you Maan and when to call you Maansir.. With a little smile Maan keeps on looking at Geet.. Geet looks at him but then feels little shy but she too had little smile on her face..

The elevator door opens and Annie gives Arjun an angry stare and walks out of the elevator .. Arjun looks at her with a smile and follows her in the parking lot.. He calls her… Anvesha.. Annie turns quickly and bumps in to Arjun who was walking very close behind her.. Annie gets mad at him and tells him heatedly that her name is Annie and she preferred to be called Annie. She points out that she is a client and he has to do what she tells him to do otherwise she will pull the account. Arjun tells that she has lot of attitude..

Annie keeps her tirade on saying he might not have encounter anyone like her and this could be the first time he is dealing with such people but as everything has the first time so deal with that. Then Annie holds his hand and grabs the phone from his hand and walks out from there.. Office of Khurana Constructions.. Annie walks to Adi and calls him adi bhaiya.. (awwww how sweet..) Adi says hi and she tells him that she has ordered a check to be paid to the people who are doing the lights arrangements for the wedding.

Adi tells her that he will go and check in the accounts and get back to her. Annie tells him that she will be waiting in Maan’s office.. Annie walks in Maan’s Office where Tasha is talking with a man from the printer’s office who brought the wedding card for the final approval. Tasha was telling him that she will show this to MaanSir and get back to him.. Annie walks in asking what do you want to be approved from Maanbahi.. Tasha says Maansir has made some changes in the invitation card so this man has come for the final approval’ Annie takes the card and says that Maan bhai may not have time let me just approve it saying she opens the card and sees only her name as the host and tells man that they have made mistake as Dev’s name is not there.

The man says no m’am they did not make any mistake as earlier they printed Dev’s name but Maan sir himself has asked to remove that name and reordered the printing.. Tasha took that news with sheer crookedness. Annie thinks loudly saying Maanbhai has removed Devbhai’s name but why.. Tasha looks at confused Annie and says slowly because of Geet’ Annie looks at Tasha and says what do you mean? Tasha as if surprised and says oh you do not know anything about it?? She says oh so many things happened and no one told you anything.. every one at the office knows all the details’ Tasha eyes Annie’s confused state of mind and tries to clouds her thoughts.. Fondling her ponytail she says.. oh that’s why I was thinking why do you like Geet so much’ If you knew what Geet did to both of your brother you would not want to see her face.

Annie looks really troubled and looking at that, Tasha glees in her heart.. Heightening the drama she says OMG you do not know anything about it’ Then Tasha says now it seems I need to tell you the whole truth.. She says you are wondering that why Maansir removed Devsir’s name from the card’ but the fact is that Maan Sir doesn’t even talk with Devsir at all.. Annie was totally devastated with this news.. Meanwhile Adi and Romeo reaches Maan’s office and were able to see what Tasha is upto.. Adi tells Romeo that they need to take Tasha out of Maan’s office. Romeo says ok and they enter the office.. Romeo goes over to Tasha and says on M’am you are here.. By God if we do not see you in the office for few moments we just cannot understand what to do with all the work..

Adi tells her that these files have been sent by Maansir and want her to work on that right away.. the work is urgent and he needs the report to be done by the evening.. Romeo tries to flirt with Tasha.. Tasha gets annoyed with him.. She starts to walk away with Romeo but Annie wants to stop her. but Adi reminds Tasha about the project in hand she gets annoyed at Adi but walks out with Romeo. Adi gives check to Annie who takes it but looks very concerned and thoughtful…..

Part 2 Maan and Geet walk in the house with few shopping bags….. Dadima looks at them and wanted to see what they bought. They go near dadima and sit near her and Geet pulls out few cream color outfits.. Dadima looks at that and asks Geet if there were any colorful outfits in that store. Geet says yes there were.. Dadima says but I am only looking at all the whites only.. Geet looks at Maan and he sheepishly looks down.. Dadima says from now on you will not do any shopping with Maan. Both of them look at each other as they did not like that idea at all.. Dadima lovingly scolds Maan saying if it was in his hand he will make every one white on his wedding day. She adds you know this is the happy occasion there should be some vibrant color

. She then tells Geet to take all the packages up in her room and wear her most favorite dress and show her how it looks on her.. Geet nods with a smile. Dadima says if I like the dress then you can wear that in any function. Geet agrees saying sure dadima. Annie arrives on the scene.. Maan and Geet look at her she does not look very please. Dadima says oh Annie did you do all the arrangements for light and decorations.. demurely Annie says yes Dadima.. Geet says Annie please come and tell me if you like my selection of cloths as it seems dadima did not like anything. And as you know all the latest fashion you would know better. Now come and tell me about it.

Annie just stands there and says Geet you could ask your own family about this. Geet’s face becomes pale.. Maan looks right away at Geet and knows that she is hurting. Dadima also looks at Geet and feels her discomfort. Annie asks still standing there. By the way where is your family? I have not seen anyone.. Geet looks at Dadima who was also upset for Geet. Geet says slowly.. Annie, I do not have any family. Dadima, Maansir and you.. are only my family’ dadima so sweetly says Yes my daughter’ you are my beloved and you do not need any other family then ours….. Geet has beautiful serene smile with dadima’s beautiful words.. But Annie was not satisfied. She asks with little hurt.. and where is our family dadima??? Where is Devbhai? It is Maanbhai’s wedding and he is not here and what about NT bhabhi?

Geet lifts her stricken gaze at Maan’ Annie squints her eyes and looks at Geet being upset’ dadima says they do not need invitation they will come by themselves.. Geet and Maan with dadima feels little uncomfortable with all this inquiry.. Annie thinks in her head.. one brother is getting married and the other brother is not even around and no one is bothered with the fact.. now what did Geet do that all are now against Devbhai.. Geet says dadima I will go and try this dress and she lifts one dress from the table and goes to her room.. Annie further thinks that both the brothers are not together and specially dadima is not upset with the fact so what had happen.

. Dadima asks her the arrangement about the sangeet but annie tells her that she is not going to do it anymore.. Maan feels concern and asks her what happened Annie? She was about to ask something but stops herself thinking that she needs to talk to Geet about his that why her two brothers are not talking.. She tells maan that she is tires but little rest will help her and she is going to take rest. After she is gone.. Maan asks Dadima as what happen to annie.. Dadima tells him why are you so worried about little things concerning Annie….. you know her that she must have got mad at someone outside and now taking it out on us….. Maan still looks too serious and skeptical but does not say anything further. Dadima says I will look after the sangeet arrangement and go to the wedding planner myself so do not worry.

Maan says how you will do all this things alone. Geet and I will go with you. He says I will go and get Geet. Saying he leaves to get Geet. Part 3 Geet is in her room dressed up in cream saree looking really pretty’ Her eyes are filled with tears’ She is talking to herself saying.. What are you thinking about Geet? This has to happened one day.. Anwesha was going to ask about Dev anytime and it happened today’ she says with tearful eyes.. What will happen when Annie will know the whole truth? Dev is her brother and when she will know the truth what will she think about me? How will she behave with me.. She is in total dilemma.. She says babaji I do not want to break Maansir’s family even further now what should I do??? At that moment.. she feels Maan around her and looks at the door.. Maan comes there and stands there and sliding the curtain keeps looking at her. She quickly brings a little smile on her face.. Maan looks at her sees her in the cream color sari and says it is Dadima’s superstition that the wedding should have some color..

He walks in the room and stands in front of Geet.. Geet asks him with her eyes how she looks? Maan moves his gaze bottom up and looks in to Geet’s eyes and slowly nods his head.. looking very pleased seeing Geet in his favorite ivory color saree. He takes Geet’s hand in his and envelops it lovingly….. Geet tries to pull her hand….. He feels something is not right.. He lifts his gaze from their hand to looks at Geet’s face.. He says Geet what is the matter.. Geet says nothing.. But Maan holds her arms and says Geet you should lie in such a way that you may not get caught.. as what ever you say but your eyes tell me something totally different.

He urges her asking what happen Geet.. Pl. let me know what is the truth.. what are you hiding from me tell me the truth….. Geet could not take his intense question.. she moves away from him and goes little farther turning her back to him. Maan looks at her with concern. Geet tells him Maan I want to be left alone please leave.. Now Maan was really concern.. He says Geet you are trying to hide something from me and asking me to leave you alone….. is that what was our understanding stands for.. Geet painfully thinks in her head that I was afraid of this.. now Maan sir may have to leave another person from his family just because of me….. She may support me and maan sir or dev and NT. If she supports Dev and NT then…..

As she took sometime to answer his question.. Maan comes near her and feels really sad and asks her if she really wanted him to leave her alone.. with tears rolling from her cheek she does not turn to him but just nods her head….. Maan takes couple of steps to go and then turns to look at her….. he says I would never want to leave you alone like this specially when you are so sad but if you really want to stay alone for sometime then I will not force you but respect your wish. I will not come to you but that is only just for a little while but you will have to smile in no time and that is my promise….. saying he leaves her alone….. Geet is still standing near the window crying her heart out….. she says sorry Maan I did not want to load you with my problems and that is why I had to sent you away from me.. Maan’s car stops and he and dadima get down from the car. Dadima receives a phone call and starts talking.

Maan comes around with a red folder in his hand and tells dadima let’s go.. Dadima says she will take this call and is right behind him he should proceed.. Maan starts walking.. He goes little farther and looks back at Dadima who was still talking on the phone standing near the car.. Couple of people are working on the window above dadima and are trying to join the big pipes and anchoring them to the wall…. suddenly the last part of the pipe gets out of hand of the worker and was about to fall on dadima….. Maan who was looking back at dadima sees that pipe about to fall and screams dadima.. but before he reaches there Arjun was there to push dadima out of the way of that falling big pipe….. Dadima was totally shaken with this sudden jolts and push… Maan is on run to reach Dadima but he sees someone else has brought dadima out of the danger. He lifts his eyes to see the man who saved Dadima.. He gets shocked to see Arjun…..

MSK asks Arjun … what u doing here?? Arjun says…this is my office…what u doing here….n i m MD of this company.. Dadi n MSK shocked ..n Arjun says..whats matter..n MSK says… ur planning my wedding…!! MSK shows bills n says. these are urs?? Arjun says..i gave to Anne.. how did u get it?? MSK says.. Anne is my sis… !! Arjun says…if i knew i wuldn hv taken this contract..n MSK Says… ur NTs bro ..n u must hv known all..n u want to ruin my wedding..!! Arjun says..i dinno..!! MSK u wont plan my wedding any more..!! Dadi says… i think Arjun is telling truth n he saved my life..!! MSK Says..i m thankful to him ..but i cant forget the past… Dadi says…i dun want u to punish Arjun for NTs mistakes…!! MSK says..i m sorry but i dun want Geets happiness to be ruined ..n so cant give him the contract n leaves wit dadi

Geet in her room n sitting on bed…n Anne comes…n Geet says..Dadi wanted to see me in this saree.. but she aint here stil….. but why u look so worried..?? Anne silent n Geet says..i wil make coffee for u.. go rest..!! Anne says..why u worried for me..??Geet says..ur MSKs sis…so… Anne says.. Dev is this familys member.. he is my bro…n MSKs too… then why MSK removed his name from invite list….. Whats the matter… that whole office knows n i dun… what game have u played?? Din u feel ashamed to break my family…. coz of this..ur standing alone without ur family….coz u broke my house..!! Now will u throw me out of the house too?? If i knew u had broke my family..i wuldn hv returned…!! I thot so highly of u..but…. u r so low….!! U broke my faith… Anne leaves n MSK breaks down..!!

MSK wonders… what will i tel Geet about removing the wedding planner….!! MSK sees Anne leaving in tears…. n wonders wats wrong..!! Servant says.. Dadi asked u to come to outhouse… Geet walking down outhouse wit Dadi n Geet wonders..that what if Anne supports Dev?? MSK comes n Dadi says.. its time to rehearse for the sangeet… n MSK says..but we changed the planner.?? Dadi says… choreo called by us.. so go rehearse…..!! MSK wonders why Geet is so silent..!! Maneet go to rehearse n MSK asks Geet whats wrong…. why she aint talking to him..!!

Geet says..whats there to think…. only long i will live life in fear.. n worry….till when?? MSK says… whats the matter…suddenly?? Geet says..nothing..n asks about why he removed the wedding planner..!! MSK says..dun worry about it……. n trouble urself… Geet says.. i can handle things.. dun babysit me….. i m ur would b wife n not a kid

Choreo adresses Maneet as… Mr n Mrs Khurana.. n says..time is please start n learn fast.. n shows the move..!! Maneet start… n MSK holds Geets hand…n Geet starts moving n stumbles on MSK…n MSK asks again whats matter…… n Geet says nothing..!! choreo puts music on n Geet keeps fumbling n MSK says..come tomorrow…. n MSK asks again ..whats matter?? Geet says..why u keep asking… nothing is wrong…! n says..i hv seen relations breaking n shall live thru seeing this one break as well n runs off..!! BG .. Mahi Mahi.. from Raaz starts.. MSK holds her saree pallu…

And closes on her..n as Geet try to go away.. hold her hand n run his finger on her back..n hold her in the down position… n MSK comes n holds Geet from back n do several steps..n puts her hand on his shoulder n his on her waist..n Geet removes n runs away n then on Mahi Mahi.. bas mera tu mahi line and Geet runs and comes to MSK…n MSK puts his hand on her waist n both in tango kinda position…. n then Geet runs her hand on MSKs shoulder n then comes n Geet hugs him…!!

The dance is over n MSK asks Geet..what is the matter.. why she is crying n Geet is silent n MSK lifts her n makes her sit on his lap n says….some days ago..we were in this position n u had said..that we wont let misunderstandings between us..n now u forgot ur own words n Geet says..i cant see u alone ..n i cant break ur family..n runs away..crying..n MSK gets flashback of Geet n Anne both cryng..n Annes question about Geets family n Devs whereabouts..

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