Geet starlife Update Sunday 15 March 2020

MSK introduces Anwesha to Geet and Geet to Anne, they both stare at each other. Anne says..u gonna marry her?? MSK Anne says well i met her in the market today and i know her thots.. but they dun match..!! MSK asks what did u discuss and Geet explains.

Geet 15 March 2020: Anwesha goes off to her room and Dadi tells her dont sleep much.. Geet has cooked food today..!! Geet looks angrily at MSK n MSK grins n asks her to show the surprise n Geet hands over a empty bowl n MSK…asks whats wrong n Geet says… u never care…about wats wrong n starts to leave n MSK says..u said we wont fight..n Geet says.. but u din share where u went off from the office n that u hv a sister..!! Maneet arguing… n MSK says..i had to struggle hard to pacify Anne n now..u started…. n Geet says..well she agreed na.. now i wont agree.. !!

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Dadi comes to dinner table…n praises the look..n MSK comes n comments..that all food is of my choice..n Dadi informs…she has made for u.. n MSK decides to play prank n says..i dun like Pasta..n Geet is shocked….n says….well i used to like it..but not anymore..coz the day this was made something happened….n flashback of outhouse!! MSK holds Geets hand and she is not able to eat…n Dadi notices her uncomfy position…n asks whats wrong..

MSK says..whats wrong..!! Geet is stamerring..n MSK asks her to serve rice n she glares.. n then struggles to serve n Dadi n Anwesha look confused n asks… why serving wit one hand…n MSK too asks .. n Geet pinches him n he releases her hand.. n coufs n Dadi asks whats wrong…MSK stammers..!! Turn to serve sweet dish n MSK refuses to have it n Geet begs..n leaves..!! Geet self thot. .cribbing just coz i din talk he is doing this..

Geet in outhouse n MSK comes n she is about to slam the door n MSK holds on n she falls on him..n both stare….n Geet says..what u doing here…n MSK says…well i cant come but u can come out ..n Geet says..dun wanna talk to u..n MSK puts his finger on her lip..n says..who wants to talk..both close n then Geet realises n turns n says…. u ruined my whole days hardwork..!! MSK says….trust me…..n listen to me just this once …. if u believe me n Geet says..i trust u more than destiny n MSK takes her to terrace garden with Swing…n takes the desert…(chocolate dish) and starts to feed Geet n Geet takes spoon n Feeds MSK …n asks him how it is.. MSK cringes but says….is it possible that my mishtee makes something for me n its not good….its like u…

MSK apologises to Geet for walking off without saying anything…n Geet is silent n MSK asks wats matter n Geet says..dunno wat destiny wants…..and tat from the date i have met u i havent been able to make good relations wit ur family except Dadi n no one likes me..including Anne..!! Geet explains incident with Anne…! MSK assures n Geet says..from the day we hv met..we have faced trouble… from the day we met..u hv fought wit family n office… this way u wuld b left all alone n i wuld b the reason for this..n u will start hating me…n i cant bear that..!! MSK assures..saying..i m on th side of truth..n u too are on that side..n if u were wrong then i wont hv supported u…!

MSK tells stop being worried that i will b alone..coz i only care for principles and truth ..even if i end up alone.. and asks her to stop worrying for such small things…!! Geet comes n hugs MSK…n screen freezes

Anwesa comes to MSKs room n its dark n she is not there n wonders where he is..n just then MSK comes…n Anwesa says..we used to hv convos after dinner…. so sit down n we need to chat….n MSK says….right now…we should have a new session n says…’Start a session wit ur Bhabhi’ Anne resists but finally goes n its dark..n Geet gets scared ……seeing someone in dark n both scream…n then Anwesa switch on light n Geet says…..u scared of darkness …..n Anne says yes..!! Both crib that MSK loves darkness n teases us…!!

Anne asks Geet why do u call him Sir?? Geet is quiet…n then…Geet is happy she can crib about MSK to her…..n then says..MSK is too stubborn. n Anwesa says…i m more stubborn.. n i will prove it…!! Anne leaves n its next morning..n is chosing wallpapers for her room n MSK comes n asks for Geet…n Geet has gone to work…n Anne says..u hv to take me to market for shopping…but MSK opposes….and leaves for work n wonders why Geet left so early..!!

MSK at KC n wonders why all are at work so soon…n MSK asks Adi n Adi says thats coz we hv to sign a deal n we decided last nite n MSK looks at Geet n asks Adi..why din someone inform me last nite n leaves! Geet gives a file to MSK….n says..go in ur cabin n read n both exchange looks…

MSK opens file n Thanks is written..n wonders why Geet said Thanks…n both Maneet look at each other across cabin n exchange smiles…n MSK decides to ask Geet why she says Thanks..!! NT arrives…n MSK n she exchange look but MSK dun stop her… n MSK is in cabin…n calls Geet in his cabin…!! NT wonders why MSK din stop her!! Geet comes n sees NT n stops her… n NT says..i m a 25% shareholder n ur just a u cant stop me… only if MSK marries u…only then u can stop me..!! Geet stop u i dun need to wait for marriage….after wat u did.. u cant come here..n NT says…words u use are great but how n on whom will u stop me??

MSK is silent himself.. n Geet says..well thats coz he knows i can handle it…. n shows her the court restraining orders. (to stay away 5oo meters from Geet) ….n says..since i m working here u cant come here..n since i stay at Mansion u cant come there..n NT shocked n MSK says..n since Geet aint going ur turn…!! Police come n escort NT away…….

MSK tells NT..i told u …before that wit me here..u cant touch Geet…..n i warn u ..that if u dare to come near Geet..i will make ur situation…horrible..n Police take NT away!! MSK comes to Geet and says…i told u ..that i wont let her come close to u….so…n sees Geet scared n says…u said u wuld handle her urself..n hence i din stop her….but i wuld trouble u so much….!!
New Precap – Geet has headache..n MSK is worried n says.. headache in this condition..i told u to take care Geet n come lets go to doc..n Geet says she is fine..

NT comes to her house n is in tears n screams..while throwing things around….that she has never been more insulted ..n never felt more helpless….n then…sees a photo n says…now ur my only hope…come soon..!!

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