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Ganga remembers sagar’s taunts, to prove that the notice is wrong. she eyes her family sleeping, and is tensed for them. she gets back to researching and starting afresh, without caring what time is it, until its morning. she leaves to freshen up. raahat ma wakes up and finds ganga’s place empty and wonders where she went. she calls up, and gets to know that ganga is already in the legal office, and says that she shall come soon.

Location: Court room
Ganga waits, as she comes much earlier than even the office opens and waits for the day to start. raahat comes and then they find the ladies coming in. sagar too comes with the landlord, and then explaining all the appropriate legal formalities, she cites this legal notice as all wrong and illegal. the clerk is confounded into silence. sagar eyes her tensedly. ganga shows how there isnt any registered letter in raahat’s name, for leaving the house. the clerk orders the landlord to give the keys to raahat. he does so resignedly. sagar stands tensed.

Raahat maa profusely thanks ganga and the lord for this. they hug as she wipes her tears. raahat and her landlord leave for final formalities. the clerk gets a call and leaves. Sagar is about to go out, when ganga taunts him about his remarks, and how he had to fall flat on his face, due to his wrong assumptions and characterisation about her and raahat, and other women,in the house. he fumes, but resignedly hears. she asks what shall happen when she becomes a lawyer, and confronts him, and says that now she shall pursue her education too with work, and prepare herself to stand upto people like him, who think about characterising a woman like this. he thinks that this is what he wanted, and had to enact so that she took the decision of pursuing education.

While all are happy and thank ganga for this, the old woman comes and congratulates them on their victory. the landlord appears and asks them to pay for 3 months rent, which is pending, or else she shall have to again be dragged to the court. raahat says that she shall pay. after he leaves, the old lady asks them to settle up things. while the girls are tensed, raahat maa asks them not to worry and settle up things first. as all comply. raaht tells ganga that she is very happy that she has decided to continue her education. ganga says that she is happy too and thankful to sagar, who had he not betrayed her, she wouldnt have gone ahead.

Location: Sagar’s and ganga’s residence
Rudra explains to sagar, that what he did, will make ganga hate him forever. sagar thinks that this was necessary, as she was on the wrong track for having discontinued her studies. he says that this means she hates him so much, and he was hurt by her stinging words, but is happy that it motivated her to go ahead with her studies. prabha hears this evilly from a distance. Rudra praises him for his selfless act and asks if there is any hope to reconcile. sagar says that they both have gone ahead, and no doubt, there have been more differences, but everytime they united, but now there is a third one, and that ganga has betrayed him. rudra is tensed. sagar says that uniting seems impossible now. rudra denies, as nothing is known what might happen when, and asks him to be strong.

Later, ganga gets pulkit’s call, and attends to it. after exchanging greetings and niceties. he says that supriya remembers her, and then extends his full support to her and her future. he then informs about the award being rendered to the father. ganga is overwhelmingly happy to have heard it, and says that he deserved it too. she also tells about her decision to go ahead and study. he says that he shall give allfinancial support. but she says that she shall work too. he understands and doesnt force, but extends whatever help she needs anyway. she promises him, as he swears to always be by her side. he hears madhavi calling for him, and he cancels the call. ganga is happy. she is tensed as she thinks about something.

Madhavi serves tea to her husband, and he is about to take it, when ammaji comes, to have tea too with him. they discuss about the award ceremony. he gets a call, and its ganga, who freezes when she hears his voice. he hollers but doesnt get any voice. ammaji asks who is it. he recognises and instinctively says ganga. she hurriedly cancels. ammaji asks why ganga. he says that he felt it was ganga, and says that he didnt want to talk to her, as she is dead to him. ammaji is tensed too.

The next morning, raahat maa serves tiffin to everyone, and says that ganga shall go to college too. all are dressed yo go, when raahat feeds dahi to ganga, as a sign of good luck, before anything starts. ganga smiles and complies. all wish ganga best of luck. she says that she is going to the same college, where everyone knows and supports her fully. raahat gives her pocket money, and she is hesitant but then complies. ganga is highly thankful. raahat asks her to go and study nicely. they all leave.

Location: Ganga’s college
As ganga arrives, sagar too stealthily arrives to find her going in. she thinks that she was an idiot not to continue, and now she shall study hard and get success in life. sagar leaves content and satisfied, that ganga is on the right track. after he leaves, ganga finds herself the centre of attraction and people talking in hushed tones about her, and behaving odd and indifferent to her existence. Inside the classroom, ganga enters excited, but meets cold glances only, and wonders whats going on, as they are indifferent. she takes her seat. finally come friends come and ask her about her whereabouts, and ask where had she been. she says that she had gotten distracted, but now she is back to study with full focus. she then asks the friends, as to why the classmates are behaving so weird. she is asked to let be, as she is back, and thats what matters. her best friend comes in and she doesnt even greet her. ganga finds this extremely weird. the teacher arrives. after the teacher finishes the roll call, Ganga says that her name wasnt called. the teacher asks how is she here. she says that she came for studying too. he says that she has not been enrolled in the register. she is shocked to know this. she asks how is this possible, as she hasnt been able to come, but her name should still be there. the teacher asks her to go to the principal to clarify. ganga tensedly complies.

Ganga enters the principal’s chamber, who gets tensed seeing her, after she gives her introduction and about her dilemma. the principal says that a lot has been speculated about her character, her being pregnant, and the father being unknown. the principal apologises, and says that being a matter of the college’s prestige, the board of directors decided that she cant be a part of this college anymore, and hence is rusticated. she is shocked.

Ganga is shocked to hear what the principal suggests, while she vehemently pleads for a chance. THe principal tells her that there is still time to rectify her mistake, and abort the child, as that shall soothe the society who shall forgive her too. she says that she shall talk to the board and she shall convince on her part, that she made a mistake, and regrets it and shall get permission to start studying but for that, she has to abort the child first. ganga is apalled and distraught. she leaves tensed and apalled.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga returns back in a haze, while raahat maa is tensed to see her. she asks whats the matter. when ganga explainswhats the matter, raahat is tensed. she asks her whats the matter, and is shocked when she gets to know. ganga however after listening to raahat’s advice is strong and adamant that she wants to keep this baby, as a sign of love that she had for sagar and is in no way a crime.

Location: Sagar’s residence
While they are bantering about how they shall play with supriya’s unborn child, when she starts experiencing pain, and supriya is found to have fever. all get tensed. prabha gets them all emotional, as she talks about how she too is a part of the family, and then goes to get soup for her, thinking that she shall mix in another dose. in the kitchen, rudra finds her mixing something, and stops her. she is shocked. he accuses her and asks what was she mixing. she starts going on an emotional rant as to not being trusted, and how he is accusing her, just because she isnt a part of the family. rudra asks her not to do drama, and instead prove her innocence by tasting the powder. she is stunned. he insists her to taste. she stoically asks him to go on now and tell what he is doing here, when he isnt related to the house and is merely sitting here. she leaves. he feels insulted.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, prabha mixes the original packet of poison that she still has, and viciously thinks about how nicely she is killing supriya and the child, inch by inch.

Location: College
The principal finds ganga coming, and is happy that she took the mature and practical decision so soon. she asks ganga to the chambers so that they can talk. ganga says that she wishes to talk here only, as she isnt ashamed of what she did. a crowd gathers, and the principal is tensed. she asks ganga not to sway in emotions.

but ganga remains stoical on her stand, and that she has decided that the child shall be born. all are shocked. ganga says tht she shall not bow down to the societal laws, at any cost and shall fight for her rights if need be, as there isnt any law that can prvent her from studying in college. the principal is adamant on her decision.

Location: Ganga’s residence
As ganga sits dazed, all discuss as to how wrong it all is, and think of various options, from changing college, to doing correspondence. finally they are shut up by raahat ma, who asks ganga what she wants. ganga is stunned and thinks that she knows whats to be done.

Location: Ganga’s College
Raahat maa and her family comes in ganga’s support, and raise slogans and protests, and assure ganga that they shall not let injustice happen to her. her friends too stand up for her, as they start generating mass support.a huge gathering follows. the principal is told about this, who comes out and asks whats going on. all get tensed. she orders them to go to their classes, but they dont budge.

she says that she shall call management meeting, to suspend them all, while they get tensed. ganga is tensed for them too. By the evening, the protest continues for ganga’s suuport. even by the next morning, ganga gives media bytes to the journalists. Then ganga is called in by the peone. raahat gets tensed. she tells ganga that she shall go too. the peon denies. ganga is confident and goes in.

Scene 3:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Prabha caters to ammaji, as sagar and his father returns from the award ceremony. all are happy. ammaji is happy and does the puja to welcome him in the house. rudra watches this too. she asks others to follow suit too. he also adds that the family is behind this achievement and the award belongs to them. while they are about to get going for dinner, sagar’s father gets a new case on the phone, and he says that he shall go for the new case. sagar and madhvi nudge rudra, who smiles too.

The next morning, ammaji finds sagar’s fathwer gone for work issues, and tells madhvi that its good that they are getting back on their feet after ganga’s fiasco.

Location: Ganga’s college
As ganga goes in, the principal lashes at her and reprimands her for what she did and how she instigated her classmates too, and now the committee shall decide her future. ganga eyes them, and then sagar and his father walk in to join the meeting. an awkward silence follows, as they face each other. ganga is briefed in along with the board of directors, who come with their legal advisor, as introduced by the principal, asking if she has any issues. she has belief in him.

Sagar says as a legal council of the college, along with his father, and expresses to ganga that they dont want this unnecessary drama to continue and should come to a mutual, and mature decision, as they arent concerned with anyone’s personal lives. she starts taunting sagar about their meetings. ganga refers to him as the judge and tells him that she hasnt done anything wrong. Niranjan says that he is here as the director of the board meet, and she says that she is confident of her future in his hands. the board tries to clarify, why they had to do it, and then ask ganga if her portests regarding it is right. she then asks niranjan and sagar if people cant be wrong, or only ganga cant be right. ganga starts talking about how its unjustful that the society decides whats to be done with a child, based on social prejudices, and asks them of their opinion only, and not the society, and if their answer is yes, then is being pregnant is the reason behind it

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